Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon Transformation Split My Little Pony Custom
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Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon Transformation Split My Little Pony Custom

November 19, 2019

hi everyone and welcome to Evie’s Toy house so today we’re making another split pony I’ve made quite a few split ponies and I
think you guys really enjoyed them I have Daybreaker and Princess Celestia
flutter bat and Fluttershy and my latest one is for Pinkie Pie and Pinkamena
so if you guys have not checked out those videos make sure to check them out
after this video today we’re making one of the most highly requested split
ponies which is Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon so I’ve made a full
Nightmare Moon already but this time we’re going to make only half of her and
to make her I have Princess Luna here alright let’s get started
the first thing we’re going to do is take off the hair we’re going to be
rebuilding Princess Luna and Nightmare moons hair using clay so we won’t be
using this regular hair so I’m just using scissors and going to cut off the
mean and we’re also going to cut off the tail next we’re going to take off the
head so I’m just going to pour it off and as you can see there’s this neck
plug down here I’m gonna be using an exacto knife to cut all the way around
on the neck plug to take it out and the reason I’m doing this is because that I
need room for my long nose pliers to reach in now that the neck plug is out I
have my long nose pliers and I’m going to reach in and pull out the remaining
hair so it’s kind of glue and matted down inside so I’m just going to grab
whatever I can feel and pull it out as you can see here there’s no more hair on
top of the head the next thing we’re going to do is build a nightmare moons
helmet so we’re going to start with a flat piece of clay and put it all the
way around the face and smooth it down making sure that is very nice and smooth
then using an exacto knife I’m gonna cut it straight down the middle because we
only want this helmet on Nightmare Moon side and I’m going to start cutting out
the shape of the helmet so around this nose area there’s kind of like a curve
and also kind of an oval shape around the eye area
and then there’s two little kind of edges around the cheek area I’m also
going to cut around the horn just so that there’s some space there and also
around the ears because her ears actually stick out from the helmet next
for the body I’m going to be taking off the glitter so I’m wearing gloves right
now because we’re using 100% acetone and I don’t want my nails to be ruined so
we’re just going to take this acetone and rub it over the legs is going to
take off the paint also along with the glitter but that’s okay because we’re
going to repaint it both nightmare moon and Princess Luna wear a necklace so
we’re going to be making one using air dry clay so I’m just tracing it out here
on the clay and then we’re going to cut it out with an exacto knife and this is
kind of cool because it’s actually two different necklaces but only half of
each of one and once it’s cut out we’re going to put
it over the body and then bake it so that it’s nice and hard now to build a
hair on Princess Luna I’m taking a log of clay we’re going to taper it at the
end and we’re going to kind of curl it right over the nose and then we’re going
to flatten the rest over the top of the head and towards the back and of course
we need to cut it so that only half of it is showing on the princess luna side
before we paint it nightmare moons head I’m going to reshape the eyes first and
this is because I want to make sure the eyes are around the same area as
Princess Lunas eyes on the other side of the head so I’m using a light green
color here I’m going to reshape it so it’s a little bit more narrow and tilts
upwards a little bit more too now we can use our very very dark blue color and
paint the body and the head then paint it carefully around the eyes and also
down the middle of her face to make the main end the tail I’m going to be using
oven-baked clay so I just rolled out a flat sheet here I’m gonna cut out a
semicircle where he’s gonna fit on the head and then on the back I’m just going
to cut kind of a wavy line that needs at the end and then we’ve got to smooth it
after we cut it out I’m gonna do something similar for the tail I’m gonna
start with a flat piece of clay and then cut out the shape after baking it we’re going to paint the
main a nice dark blue color if I do this on both sides make it nice and pretty
and we’re going to paint the tail the same color for this custom I want to do
something a little bit different Princess Luna and Nightmare moons hair
is kind of cloud like it’s not really hair I think it’s more like a a mist or
a cloud and I kind of want to copy that and help it I’m gonna take some sculpey
translucent liquid baseball clay and we’re going to try to mimic that kind of
flowy Mane so I’m just pouring it into a pot hair and adding just one little drop
of lavender acrylic paint I’m going to mix it up really really well and on the
mane I’m just going to pour it right on the top and bottom edges and we’re doing
this on my baking mat so that it doesn’t stick and I’m going to kind of push it
close to the edges of the clay so that it’s touching and will stick and my hope
is that because this is translucent clay will come out a little bit translucent all right so here is the baked piece of
Maine and it looks pretty good from the front on the back lead liquid clay did
leaked down a little bit but I did trim it off and I think that’s okay because
I’m going to repaint this side to be a little bit darker with the darker purple we’re also going to do the same for the
tail but the tail is wavy so this is gonna be difficult to pour the liquid
clay on top so what I’m gonna do is take some masking tape and just tape little
pieces all very rounds to give myself some surface for the liquid clay to go
on so then do this all the way around now
we’re just going to pour that clay on top of it so this is what it looks like after
baking I actually had to do this two or three times in different sections
because the tail was a so wavy that was hard to keep the liquid in one place but
I think it turned out pretty okay there are some places that I’ve got thicker
than I liked in some places was the bit thinner and again on the backside it
doesn’t look as good right now but we’re gonna paint over it with a dark purple
color all right so to finish the pony we’re
going to paint princess blue nose hair so this is going
to be a blue color I’m gonna paint the shoes on her hooves
of silver blue color and we’re also gonna paint princess
looma side of her necklace now on to Nightmare Moon is on paint her
helmet first and be using this purplish blue color and we also going to paint the shoes on
their hoods the same color and also her necklace to finish the necklace we’re gonna paint
a crescent moon right in the middle and I’m using a light green color for this now to finish the eyes we’re going to
paint in her irises using a darker green color and then with a brighter purple
I’m going to draw in her eyelashes so I’m going to draw a straight line across
the top and give her some lashes and then paint in her eye shadow next we’re
going to paint in her black pupils and dot it with white and that’s a final
touch I’m going to give Nightmare Moon her cutie mark so this is the same cutie
mark as Princess Luna so gonna start with the bluish cloud in the background
and then a greenish crescent moon alright everyone we are finally done
this custom actually took a really long time because I was essentially making
two ponies at once let’s start by taking a look at Princess Luna so this side is
Princess Luna and as you can see her hair has been completely transformed she
now has clay hair and as you can see I didn’t modify her body at all so I left
her eyes and left the paint on her body and I didn’t repaint it however I did
replace her hair so her hair is made of clay now and you can see that she has
her bangs I kind of go up the front she is wearing a crown and her hair is more
of the flowy type I know a lot of times her hair actually flows to the front but
because we didn’t want to cover one side of her face I mean it flow backwards and
this was actually really really cool it was a difficult to make but I like the
way it turned out so I had regular oven-baked clay on the bottom the blue
part and then I had a liquid semi-transparent clay on the top so this
part is softer and it’s still kind of bendable which is really cool I added
these tiny little beads to kind of look like those stars and I think that made
it look really really neat all right so let’s take a look at
Nightmare Moon side so Nightmare Moon is much much darker her body is almost
black it’s kind of a very dark bluish purple black I redid her eyes little bit
more slanted and it looks a little bit more angry also um gave her her helmet
this time I didn’t paint it on instead I made it out of clay so I can see the
three dimensions on it and of course I also made her little shield up on the
front but as you can see only half of it is the shape and the other half is the
one from Princess Luna of course down here there are hooks there Shu colors
there Shu cutters are actually two different colors one’s a bit more
silverish blue and once more of a purplish blue and I also gave her her
own cutie mark is the same cutie mark as Princess Luna but I just thought she
looks better if she has her own the main in the tail on this side I repainted it
so that it’s a little bit darker than the other side so this one is more of a
dark purple I added this glitter and I think in hindsight I shouldn’t have I
didn’t look at as cool as I thought it would I don’t even know you can see it
really it’s kind of just um a smattering of kind of black go there on it and just
to compare I want to show you my other Nightmare Moon so this one was the other one that I made before and as you can see this one is completely painted she
doesn’t have the clay helmet or the clay necklace I think I prefer having the
clay for the helmet what do you guys think and also just to compare I have my date Daybreaker and princess celestia and so as you can see she is much much bigger and her hair and her mane and tail is
completely different I had his more texture and look to make
it look like plains and it is so much bigger and also her eyes are just a lot
more angry this one has a bit more of her eyes are a lot calmer but I think
they look really cool together alright everyone so let me know down below in
the comment section what you think of my split princess luna and Nightmare Moon
you guys like this video make sure to subscribe and I’ll see you guys next
time bye

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