Prix des Bénévoles comedy horse race with English subtitles
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Prix des Bénévoles comedy horse race with English subtitles

August 18, 2019

And they’re off! The 3,800m Prix des Bénévoles is underway With Sairastar and Sage Vega in the first two places who have opened up a slight gap on Tsahik who follows accompanied by Aproteksia and they’ve boxed in Sarabas who in turn holds a slight advantage over Astral de Garenne We’re heading into the car park turn And it’s Sairastar who leads the way just ahead of Sage Vega Aproteksia who has just joined them and those three lead, followed by Tsahik who himself is followed by Astral de Garenne we’re about halfway down the back straight Sairastar still in the lead, with Sage Vega, Aproteksia very close together, those three with a very slender lead over Sarabas and Jean D’as as well who follow closely behind the lead group And we’re heading now into the Castera turn At the turn, then, Aproteksia, Sairastar, Sage Vega make up the front three and they maintain their slight lead over Sarabas who follows, with Tsahik and also Jean d’As who’s not far back The runners are going… What are they…? There’s a faller Er… [Woman in background] But what are they doing, what are they doing? So, we’ve got, we’ve still got, we’ve got Kitkalino, Sairastar on the course [Woman in background] What are they doing? And… Blimey So at the lake turn… At the lake turn and coming back towards you in a few moments with Sairastar and Kitkalino who find themselves alone up front Er, Sairastar, Kitkalino, then [Woman in background]And apparently…[indistinct] [Woman in background] This is getting ridiculous! [Man in background] Have they fallen? [Others] No, no, no, no, no. No, they haven’t fallen [Background] They don’t know what to do any more [Woman in background] But they’ve got a map, they’ve been given a map, they’ve got the lot [Background] Look at those two, they’re having a laugh! Back in front of the stands where Sairastar has the advantage over Kitkalino Sairastar, Kitkalino, still in that order And we’re heading towards the… …the car park turn with Sairastar still slightly ahead of Kitkalino who follows and we’re heading into the back straight Sairastar, Kitkalino Opposite us, then, Sairastar, Kitkalino who are heading down to the turn now and a way back, a long way back, it’s Jean D’as and Sage Vega who have found their way again Here they are, then, the pair who’ll go into the last straight to square up in a head-to-head on the flat in a few moments after the last jump Sairastar jumps in the lead and now on the flat and will try to hold off a fightback from Kitkalino Sairastar, Kitkalino Sairastar who will hold the lead to the end Kitkalino will be second And so the last jump for the other two runners With Jean D’as and Sage Vega and Jean D’as who will hold onto third in front of Sage Vega

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