Prof. Wendy Pearson (horse physiology)
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Prof. Wendy Pearson (horse physiology)

October 21, 2019

My research is is generally involved in horse physiology. Horses have been part of human culture for eons and they’ve been a very important part in creating humanity as we know it now. So most of my research is involved in trying to understand better how these animals function and how we can interfere or intervene in some way so that we can make them healthier and more productive animals. My work is is very exciting on lots of levels we get to work with some very exciting and sometimes unpredictable animals and I get to work with some exciting and unpredictable graduate students. And so we have a lot of fun in our lab we do a lot of very varied type of things and it’s the variability that I think makes it so exciting for me and also for the people that work in my lab. The thing I enjoy most about working with horses is that they’re a very unconventional type of livestock. We have as a as a human species we have a very complicated relationship with the horse and I find it very exciting to be able to understand that relationship and and make it better through betterment of horse management

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