Project Me: The Horse Whisperer
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Project Me: The Horse Whisperer

August 18, 2019

[Footsteps.] [Music playing.] The first time I saw a horse, I was a little baby. There’s a picture of me that my mom has all over the house. And it’s me on this little pony at a pony ride. And my grandpa’s holding my arm and walking next to the pony. And even at such a young age, I just remember like that being such a great experience. What interests me most about horses is how they’re all so different. They each have their own personality. They each act differently to the same or different situations. I definitely could have studied other farm animals. I actually grew up showing dairy cows in 4H. Horses were always something different to me. They express themselves differently. And was just always able to relate to them better. At the WVU Horse Farm, we have eight horses there. And I work Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings. So I’ll go in in the morning and I’ll bring them all in from the field. And they get their grain for breakfast. And then, I just kind of set them up for the day. There’s a riding lab that comes in at 3:00. And so I’ll groom the horses, and make sure no one has any injuries or anything that needs to be treated. I’ve had experience with treating minor cuts, abrasions, any mild sickness— if they’re colicky, if they have a temperature. Horses are very expressive. You can tell when they’re relaxed. They’ll kind of lick their lips. They’ll blink. They’ll let out a big sigh. They’ll kind of rest their back leg and let you know that they’re comfortable with what you’re doing, they’re kind of accepting it, and learning, especially in a training scenario. My career goal is to reproduce thoroughbred racing horses. What I like best about the Equine Studies Department at WVU, is that it’s different from any other program that I looked into when I was looking at colleges. You can take a management track, a science track, or an equine-assisted therapy track which is different from the common vet school track that most other universities offer. WVU is special to me, because it gave me experiences that I never would have got if I hadn’t come here. It’s just–I’ve had a wonderful experience and I couldn’t ask for anything more. [Music playing.]

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