Proof Necrosis is in the works
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Proof Necrosis is in the works

August 13, 2019

Jack: What? Megan: What? Jack: What? Megan: What? Jack: What..? Megan: What? Jack: Whaaaaat? Megan: Gatorade is in the shot! GATORADE IS IN THE SHOT! GATORADE IS IN THE SHOT!!!! “My name’s Chackaoofka and my dad knows God.” Jack: (singing) Making my way downtown something something and I’m home bound. DO DO DO DO DO! *entitled white boy engine rev* Jack: Yeah I agree. This is Kipp’s baptism. Some who call me… TIM! I now baptise thee in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit. I just caught this bad boy down at the big old lake down there you know it’s uh I’m not really that good at measuring weights so uh, I can’t really say, but uh I think this is gonna feed my family a real long time. I’m (some weird meme name idk) signing off. THAT’S ALOTTA DAMAGE That’s hot. Megan: This is where I like to MURDER horses… *seal sounds* Jack: There’s a blur! Megan: I’m the blur! *Jack dying* Megan: Louis! Don’t you get it? I’M the blur! I’m too lazy to finish this I promise it’s memes.

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    Guys this might be my last upload for a little while. I currently have no access to my desktop to edit, so the only thing I could get posted for a while would be speed paints (which I'm betting none of you are interested in). The only reason this is up is because I had it scheduled like…a month ago.

    Shout out to @Xotic (Jack, my bf) for always supporting and memeing with me <3

  2. I’m taking a stroll down your old videos and I found this gem and I’m wheezing. 😂
    I love this video so much.

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