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  1. To society’s surprise, science is beginning to show that in the nature vs. nurture debate, nature is dominant. Genetics play an important role in humans, and it’s the same with dogs. Pitbull types were bred to attack and to defend for years. They were bred to be big and mean. So the violent Pits you hear about in the news, and the giant pits you see pictures of, these come from those fighting strains of dogs. Any dog can be aggressive. Pitbulls just happen to be more dangerous when they are aggressive because of their brute strength. It’s up to the trainer. Pits are naturally very loyal and loving towards their humans. Imagine you adopted an older, troubled child. You would have to work with that child, probably more so than biological children, to help them overcome their past and you may also have a child with genetic histories that you’re not initially prepared for. Adopting a dog is the same. They just require extra work. But there is NOTHING stopping them from being the perfect pet.

  2. Thank you for saying it….”in a weird way pit bulls are mutt’s “ yes they are and I love them to death! So many people are always arguing about this bull dog is mixed with this or that but in reality it is a mixed breed.

  3. First of all,I don't believe her one bit…But anyway,I've said it over and over again that they should be police dogs! Since they're always either being euthanized on sight or being shot on sight,they should just be police dogs! After so many cases of dog attacks,let them put their strength to fighting criminals instead. That way you don't have to put them down,and they're under the most secured eyes at all times,and they're doing good things for the public!

  4. My staffie is not only my service dog, she loves going to nursing homes! I also concur with the statement that it's how the dog is treated.

  5. I used to be afraid of dogs, especially pit bulls. My daughter brought home a pit bull she found running around in the streets. She brought home and I was terrified of him. Now, he is the love of my life, I don’t know what I would be like without him, his name is Tito!

  6. to the people saying pints should be banned because they are dangerous are idiots, because using that same logic we should ban humans because I hear more of people killing people than pits. killing people

  7. yeah i dont get why pitbulls are like represented like that i have a pitbull myself and he would hurt a fly so everyone stop hating on pitbulls they are great dogs they just need to be trained in a good manner and they will love everyone and still will protect you.

  8. My American Bulldog passed away a year ago from Lymphoma, it took me a long time to recover from his passing. Just wanted to let you know I adopted a Pittbull from a shelter a coupe months ago. Marcus (the Pitt) is the most loving, affectionate dog I have ever owned. He loves other people and dogs, his breeds reputation is a disservice to the breed.

  9. They do have a very high prey drive but if trained properly then the drive can be controlled. Huskies have the same prey drive as a pit bull and most people don't train them right and they end up killing a small animal or child. But I love pits, my neighbor has 2 and one is very good at escaping his pen! They are the sweetest but are very protective of me and my neighbor

  10. As soon as I get the chance I plan on going to the animal shelter and adopting a Pit Bull. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to get a dog until I move out but once I do I'm definitely getting one.

  11. Propaganda ..the lobby for these dogs is as strong as us gun lobby …sure they do have good qualities but pit bulls together with rotties are responsible for 67% of all deaths caused by dogs , also question why there is so many pit bull types in shelters ?

  12. We have an rescued APBT female. She is just the sweetest, gentlest dog imaginable. She loves everyone, people, dogs, cats and even ducks. We got her when she was 5 months old and she will be 2 in December.

  13. 'pitbull' refers to lines of dogs used in pit fighting for gambling. Dogs fight until one is disabled and the winners are called 'game dogs' … they have 'game' or fighting ability and stamina and temperament. The Vick dogs of Virginia were that type. Most Staffordshire Bull Terrier dogs (very different dogs from 'game type') are not that way. A 'game dog' is much more inclined to go after another dog (DNA in 'game dogs' gives them a propensity) than after a person. But a 'game dog' does not give up in a fight, even if losing. See ? Do not assume any dog you encounter is obedience trained at all because facts tell otherwise. Nearly no one trains their dog, relatively speaking (take it to completion of a 4 or 6 week training course).

  14. why not like pit bull? you know what lets change the name of this breed….lets change it to teddy bear, who agrees?

  15. Sorry but to say that pitbulls fight because their owners want them to is misleading . Some pitbulls fight because they love to fight. This trait has been bred into them over generations of selective breeding. Sure you may have one that isn’t aggressive but that doesn’t mean that this non aggressive trait that your pit happens to have applies to all of them. I don’t like that these videos don’t stress this fact to potential adopters of pitbulls. It’s irresponsible to sell them as nothing but lovable loyal furballs when truth is that you may get one that loves to fight in which case you will need to instill strict discipline and lots of training.

  16. They are not for everyone. If you're not going to spend a lot of time with your dog, and even more time on top of that making sure he's well-socialized with other dogs and other people, this dog could become dangerous. I have an AmStaff/AmBulldog mix from a rescue. Everyone thinks he is so sweet, but it takes a lot of effort to keep bringing him to the dog park and to spend so much time with him. I think if I threw him in the backyard and spend 15 minutes a day with him, I'd have a dangerous dog after six months. Just my opinion. I'm not a dog expert. Btw, I really like the voice of the woman in the video.

  17. They get a bad rep. But like any large working dog it's always the owners fault. If the owner is aggressive then that is how the dog will be. Is the owner anti-social? Is the owner unbalanced? Or, is the owner very shy? Calm? Friendly? Having said that they are very strong…so the owner needs to be as well…something overlooked in many Pt Bull videos. The owner MUST be physically able to control the dog in an emergency. Whether it's aggression or just the fact that the Pit wants to run to meet another dog across a busy street. Most owners would be uneasy seeing a PB bolting towards their smaller dog. Even if the PB's intentions are good.

    I've met many people who are super afraid of ALL dog breeds. 🙂 Even my 2 year old Pug. :)) So i'd hat to imagine their reaction to even a friendly PB. 🙂 BOY would these people freak. They have when they saw my Pug…a "cute" toy breed. 🙂

  18. I have a five month old pit bull puppy named Nala. She is so calm and gentle and absolutely loves everyone. We are so in love with her. It breaks my heart when people cross the street to avoid her or yank their children out of the way for fear she will attack them. They are such misunderstood creatures.

  19. So here’s my thing.. I have a friend who has pit bulls and they’re the sweetest dogs, but they’re very strong and their “playing” is scary. They mauled my cat when he got out of his holding, he trampled a kid jumping on him and busted the kid’s head open. Like.. they have NO bad intent and the same goes for many large dogs. But Pitbulls, I’ve found, have been a lot stronger from my experience. Such sweet dogs though.

  20. Pro's They Love people, Easy to Train. easy to Groom ,can be Healthy.

    Con's They have a Very Mean streak of being Unpredictable Around Other animals ,Despite being well trained. (lots of Owners miss this) or wont accept it)

  21. My pit is a few weeks old and he is soooooo hard headed!!! Like omg he is out of control, and he bites on everything

  22. The firs one lookes more like amstaff. I have both pitbull and amstaff and they look very similar and you can easily mix them but this lady’s dog looks a lot like amstaff. It has a bit slimmer face.

  23. From reading the comments… I don’t get how people can be against blaming the breed and “breedist” laws and then suddenly turn on chihuahuas?? Like that is still being breedist XD so mean.

  24. Pit bulls rarely even attack people. Fools get them for protection, leave them to protect the house, someone breaks in & steals the dog……cause pits love people.

  25. I won't have a problem with pits when owners will be forced to get specific education and a license on raising a dog, similarly to driver license. Maybe not all breed will need that, for example I never had a problem with labs or pugs.

  26. A dog has no morality. No dog has ever thought about not doing bad things because it's bad.
    Pitbulls are feared because they are dangerous. If their owners are vicious cunts they will do horrible things.

    So pitbulls are feared but it's not irrational.

  27. I can tell this is NYC.
    The streets look familiar.
    And when she said the shelters are 90% pitbull. The percentage varies. Some places can be around 50%. Inner cities seem to have more.

  28. How would you account for all the child maulings and deaths attributed to pitbulls? All the so called responsible owners claim the dogs had "never done that before". I think the only place you will find an owner who is responsible is in a court being sued. With all the nice breeds out there, how can you consider a pitbull a good choice for a family? Just too dangerous, read the statistics for yourself.

  29. Pros: having a dog that loves you.

    Cons: may sofocate you with kisses, idiots are afraid of them, they may get stolen if someone breaks in your house.

  30. The pit bull breed is an amazing babysitrer😂. Today my baby cousin that’s only a few months old met my pit bull and he just licked the baby to death and she loves it!!

  31. This is a nice video but I'm still not a fan of pit bulls Pit mixes are fine but the pure bred pitbulls are not something I'm a fan of


  33. Legacy??? Right! Read about their legacy. Man-eaters were the coveted lineage of this breed. Never nanny dogs as people are led to believe. 90% will never bite but you cannot tell which are the 10% who will. People have owned and raised their pits, one woman had hers for 8 years, the other for 9 years without incidence, no aggression ever shown, only for the dogs to fatally attack their owners. Do your homework before you get one of these dogs for your family. I wish I had learned the truth about these dogs before it was too late. Pits are too dangerous and too unpredictable for anyone's home.

  34. I funny like these videos because they are cons of having pit bulls that no one will discuss. My mother was almost killed by her uncle's pit bull that use to see her everyday. Stop giving a bias opinion and tell the while truth. Note that I do love pits but these videos are deceptive.

  35. They are big game dogs. Small terries are ratters larger one hunted fox. It is in there DNA. Most are dog aggressive. While they can be good to their owner they have snapped and kiiled people including their owners. Not to be around hamsters and such at all. May do ok with cat if you bring them up together but not so much after that. I know they CAN be loving BUT I do not TRUST IT enough.

  36. In my experience Pros – Loving, Loyal, Smart, Tough. Cons – Bossy, tough, strong headed, and just strong. They are a living animal and there is that 1% chance you will just get one rotten to the core. This is just a dog issue not a pit issue. But the real issue occures is when a pit bull does attack it does lots of damage. That said I've never seen a pit bull bit or be aggressive that didn't show 9 of 10 signs that dog is aggressive.

  37. Pros and cons of having pitbulls:
    Pros- they scare unwanted people off.
    Cons- everything else until they die.

  38. Pit bulls are literally the black community I think that’s why both get along so much (I’m black to let you know and own and love a pit bull

  39. My Ruby loves to attack people with kisses too much. She will knock you over if you not careful. She has even knocked me over and im 6'3 220 lbs. Still working with her to be more gentle with kids.

  40. my dads pitbull is killing his old dogs a lab and a german shepard.its ruining the relationship with my dad because he is blind to whats going on.the pit just beats them up all day he broke the back of the german shepard,he just keeps running in to them until tbey fall over. constanly biting them.

  41. When I used to work for Papa John's, I was attacked by a pitbull. The customer opened the door and his pitbull came running out of the house and jumped on me. I tried to push him off of me, but no matter how hard I tried, that vicious tongue wouldn't stop licking my face, so I finally gave up, hugged him and pet his head. I almost died from that crazy slobber head.

  42. We see how much control you have of him, pulling you down the sidewalk. They were bred and designed and have the capability to do damage, even though they can be gentle. As all dogs are, they are animals. I've met a lot of gentle and friendly pits and have enjoyed playing with them.

  43. @ 1:50
    The dog is walking the lady SMFH!!!
    Perfect example of a person who SHOULDN'T own a pittbull!!!!!!
    Learn to control your dog, amd delete this video!!!

  44. I agree with these, except the cons… because im pitbull and i disprove this but the pros are correct

  45. Ion see why everyone hates pitbulls,Every dog i've had was a sweetheart.They'll bark at you and give you a warning if you come too close to the yard,We didn't train them to do it they trained themselves to do that.We've owned them for 2 yrs or more, we haven't had a problem with them (We'll forget about the chihuahua stealing their food incident) Anyways,They wont hurt you as long as you're not hurting us. They gucci doggos

  46. there is a reason why 80% of pounded dogs are pitts.. people shouldnt own them ,, just like you shouldnt have african wild dogs, wolves,lions,dingos and hawks. because you can doesnt mean you should

  47. There are two cons that come to mind.
    They need a decent amount of exercise, so they aren't for people who aren't active or lazy.
    The other is that they don't make the greatest guard dog. They'll let you know when someone is around, but as soon as that person gets near them they'll turn into puppies and try to get as much attention as possible.
    The worst you can expect from a properly raised pitbull is some scratches from when they jump on you to get more attention.

  48. i just got my first pitbull and i love it! Hes such a goof and fun to be around..but i was told to get a shock collar for him to teach him to obey, is this a good idea? How many of you have used one and do you recomend?

  49. I adopted my first Pitbull a little over 4 years ago, he is the best dog ever… he is calm, my grandchildren can take him for walks and also feed him and give him commands. I have to say I will only have Pitbulls from now on… I love him so much!!!

  50. there are a lot of ignorant people commenting here, Pitbulls people addicts they love people and are overwhelming loving and affectionate and for this reason are not great guard dogs except people see them and may back away but most people do not understand why if a pit goes bad it causes so much damage, its not because of jaw strength it is because of how they bite, if they bite they shake and hold most dogs bite and release. smaller breeds bite far more often pits just can do a lot of damage if they do but are genuinely great great dogs

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