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Pub Test Horse and Jockey Hotel – Homebush

August 20, 2019

so another week where a host of issues
dominated politics I thought I’d come down to the horse and jockey hotel here
in Homebush my electorate of Reid and talk to the locals about what they think
today we put a host of issues through the pub test what’s your name
Rory bluffing say it again Rory Bloomfield
Rory blown film I’ve missed it the first time and we’re about to you’re from Rory
Ireland I woulda guessed so John what tax to you hate the most in fact some
cigarettes haven’t at all as a businessman the PAYG really gets on my
nerves but it’s something you have to pay if I guess the tax that I hate most
is land tax own take lad text to stay feel like a quick interview
there’s no way mate the missile now I’m here in federal parliament is it fair or
not fair that you get chucked out of your jaw says absolutely not fair
absolutely not certain Joanna though I don’t we’re a
multicultural society they shouldn’t be there may get him out they should have
renounced and done homework before they even applied for the job no no no if
you’re doing a good job for the people what’s it matter if you were Prime
Minister for a day what would you do or Mike get rid of the dark blood rooms
hide looking immigration would you get rid of antics yes I
thought you’d say that here you have it that’s the podcast live
from the horse and jockey hotel in Irish we’ll see you next time we’re back here
in the main sign here

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