PUPPET HORSE TOY Making | #DIY Make toy at home | Craft with Aayu Pihu
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PUPPET HORSE TOY Making | #DIY Make toy at home | Craft with Aayu Pihu

August 30, 2019

Hello friends I have learned to make a new toy That too puppet horse Do you want to see? Come I’ll show you. Look See he’s dancing I have named it horsiiee This looks so beautiful right? To make the puppet horse we will need foam sheet, wool straw scale, scissors googly eyes brush, marker hot glue gun fevicol and glitter. Firstly, with the help of a scale we will mark 10 cm to make the body and we will draw the line with the scale. and we will measure out 5cm for the face Now we will cut it 10cm for the body and 5cm for the face. And with the help of a hot glue gun we will fold it and stick. We will make a pipe shape and cut off the extra part and we will stick it properly with the help of hot glue gun. See, we formed a pipe shape. Now we will make a cone shaped head. and we will stick it with the help of hot glue gun And we will cut it in a round shape just like a cone. And we will cut up it’s ears in a bunny shape, and make the four foot marks Now our body parts are ready. and now we will take a straw to make the legs we will cut the straw into 8 equal parts for the legs. we will cut one straw for the neck and one for the tail. Now we will take the wool wool will be little extra than the straw we will cut it in 2 equal parts. We will make 4 marks on the body to add the wool so the legs can stand. see, I poked through with the wool and in this, we will add 2 small parts of the straws In the bottom where there is foot mark we will make a hole and poke the wool through and will stick it with the help of a hot glue gun or we can tie a knot from the bottom See, one leg is ready. Similarly we will make all the 4 legs Now on the top front side we will punch a hole where we will join the head and will punch a whole in the back for tail We will cut a long a piece of wool this time because this will be attached to a straw and our puppet will be ready. now we will poke through the hole with the wool and tie a knot And we will add the spring straw make a hole in the head on top and bottom we will poke the thread through that too We will make one hole on the bottom and one just on the top and pull the thread through the hole See, the spring straw looks just like the neck right? Similarly we will pull the string from the back hole and then put the small straw that we cut. To make the tail we will take some wool and wrap it around our fingers 4 5 times and make fluffy fluffy hairs of a tail and I have cut the wool from one side to make fluffy hairs we will fold on one side and put some glue gun on and add the hot glue gun to tail straw too and we will stick it in place Did you see? The tail is ready. If you don’t have a hot glue gun you can use some fevicol too it will just take some time to dry. And now we will put on his ears that we have already cut and place the googly eyes. If you don’t have the eyes you can draw it on with a marker. To make the tail, we will take some wool we will wrap it around our fingers for 4-5 times I have already cut the fluffy hairs and fold it from one side and add some glue gun See our horse is ready? Now a little work is left. We have to join the head to the straw so that it remains stable and it dances just like a puppet. We will put some hot glue gun on the straw and fold the straw around it for 5-6 times Did you see? We made such a beautiful puppet on our own Similarly you can make puppets in different shapes and play with them. Now we will decorate it a little For that we will put some fevicol add the fevicol in the design of your choice and put glitter on it. If you want, with a white black combination you can make it into a zebra and make many more animals. It is very easy. Don’t forget to like the video. And I know you will subscribe. Now try and make your toys on your own and tell us in the comments if you liked the puppet Come on Aayu Pihu your toy is ready Come fast and see I made you such a beautiful toy for you.

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