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Putting Air Jordan Sneakers on a Horse | Ten Feet Tall

August 10, 2019

(bass music) – [Narrator] I wanna be Ten Feet Tall! (man laughs) – Just puttin’ clothes on him. – Makes me feel bad for horses. – Why? – That they don’t have
cool clothes like us. – This is my lucky horse. – The thing that’s not
fly about that horse is the shoes. – I don’t care for them much either. – I’d like to take a
fresh new pair of shoes. And stick it on a horse, if I could. – Like SKETCHERS Shape-Ups? – Better. – Like Heelys? – Even better. – Crocs. – Even better! Michael Jordan shoes. – Who? (laughs) – Some hot, new Jordan’s. We’re gonna take those shoes, put them on a horse. – Can we put Michael Jordan
the Shoes on a horse? No brainer. – No brainer? Patrick Ewing, who’s he? – Basketball player. – Yeah, I know. We’re kind of looking
for something specific. We’d like to put one of these, some of these on a horse. Here are some Jordans. These are the first ones? – Yep, these are the ones. – Michael Jordan wore these shoes. – And this will fit on a horse. – I’m sure it will, you know. Four on him or two on him. – I’d like four, one for each hoove. – So let me get you a
couple sizes of these, okay? – Perfect. (laughs) – Now we just need some horse hooves to put these shoes in. – Let’s call Jean, she
has a bunch of horses. – She’s got them all. – They’re small though. (phone rings) – [Jean] Hello, So Cal Mini. – Hey Jean, it’s Mike and Alex. – Jean. – [Jean] Hey guys. – I have a couple of
Jordan shoes in the trunk. And I was wondering if we could come by and put them on one of your horses? – [Jean] Absolutely, come around. – So Jean we got some nice shoes here. (laughs) – Some brand new Jordan ones. I think I’d like to put these on one of the horses. – Oh my goodness. – So I think, so we can have the horse’s hooves still on the ground, so it’s like they’re just walking normal. – Exactly. – We just saw a huge
hole out of the bottom of the shoe. – Isn’t that really expensive? – Yeah but– – Horses deserve nice things too. – Absolutely. – I’d like these horses to look swaggy but I don’t want them to get hurt. – Very good, I think that would be a very safe approach to it. – And swaggy. – Did he just smell them? – What? I think that we should just eyeball it. Here we go. Really bore it out, you know? – I feel wrong, feels kind of good though. – I never used this before, in my life. – Me either, but how hard could it be? Whoo. That’s hot. (laughs) One down, three to go. Do any of these horses stand out? Do you have one that you
think will work better? – I think you can pretty
much take your pick. – I’d like to not pick these dead ones. – [Jean] They’re sleeping. – She’s got something on the rear there. – [Jean] That’s actually a
little boy, that’s Indigo. – Indigo? I choose this one, because it’s nice and it has a heart on it’s butt. I got some sick shoes
for you to check out. I’m gonna put this one ya’ okay? You’re gonna like it. I’m gonna pick this guy up. Let’s get in there. – [Man] Look at that fit. – It’s nice. (laughs) (bass music) – That was tight man. I think we realized everything is entitled to a little fresh swag. – Pow, pow, pow. Oh, he sorry, it’s cool. It’s a joke. It’s just for pretend. I’m not a real gangster. I’m very lax, like low key guy. Like to watch a lot of Netflix. Like, it’s just for show. (bass music) – [Narrator] Click on the left
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  1. I'm not a sneaker head but this made me sad. Might as well burn a few twenties while you're at it


  3. This vid pissed me off for people that can't a afford nice shoes not only drills a hole but BURN IT like give it a away or give it a use

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  5. My heart just died when I saw the Jordans burn😓
    Amen to the air Jordan's, my Lebrons 12 and my Lebrons 13. Rest In Peace my good friends.

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