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Putting On Your Protective Gear | Inline Skating

October 16, 2019

Putting on protective equipment In this video, you will learn how to put on protective equipment that is necessary for inline skating Before seting off, make sure you have the following equipment: knee and elbow pads, a helmet and wrist supports or braces Firstly, the knee and elbow pads. Undo the straps in order to put the pads over your joints. Tighten the straps so that they aren’t loose and that the pads stay in place. Bend your arms and legs to make sure that your limbs aren’t being squeezed too tightly and that you can still bend your joints unencumbered. Secondly, the helmet. To adjust it, place it on your head. Your helmet should come down to the middle of your forehead and cover the entirety of the head well It shouldn’t fall down your forehead or slip onto the back of your head. Fasten the strap and adjust it using the buckles under the ears or under the chin. Around the ears, the straps should form a Y shape. You should be able to fit two fingers underneath the straps under the chin. You can then adjust the tightness of the band that goes around the head, with the tightening wheel at the back of the helmet. shake your head lightly to make sure that the helmet doesn’t move too much and stays in place. Thirdly, wrist supports or braces Don’t put your wrist supports on until after you have put your skates To learn how to put on your skates, you can watch our video ‘How to Put Your Skates On” Place your thumb inside the wrist support making sure that the protection is on the underside of the hand and on the palm. Fasten the straps To check that you’ve put the wrist supports on properly, clap your hands together to make sure that the protective pads are in the same place and hit against one another. Then, interlace your fingers and pull down on the protective pads to pull the wrist supports over your hands and knuckles If the wrist support isn’t in the right position, take it off and follow the steps again. You’re finally ready to roll! Over to you!

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