Q2 Rewind: Miles City’s bucking horse sale
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Q2 Rewind: Miles City’s bucking horse sale

August 11, 2019

miles city is gearing up to host its 68th annual bucking horse sale this weekend the annual tradition attracts people from all around the world for four days of rodeo fast-talking auctioneers dancing in the streets and a whole lot more in tonight’s queue to rewind we asked one longtime organizer what the bucking horse sale is all about [Music] embracing western heritage it’s this type of celebration we’ll pass history here the cowboy way of life around this country we embrace that to a great degree [Applause] it’s the annual bucking horse sale well it looks a little crowded but as I weeded through the crowd of 6,000 people I found out what the event was all about some cowboy Mardi Gras it’s where another place that you come to Western town like mile city is and be here through now four days with you know Street dance every night it gives you just a natural highest what it is you know people I think I’m addicted to you know just like you can be addicted to drugs this is just my natural high even though there’s will double our population here in three days you can still the identity still remains people go to a lot of places and see people walking out with the cowboy hat on and everyday you’ll see lots of them on Elm Street 2 mile city and 99 percent of those are real careful it’s not just a lunatic popped out you get some of the world’s best Bell predator shooters on the temple on the hill festivities of course I’m sure we’ll have some of the best three four five year old kids mutton bustin everybody say me too now of course there’s a lot more to the event than just fucking horses there’s also vendors live music partying in the streets and all sorts of Western Heritage activities and sometimes lots of mud it’s also one of the staples and by the way more fur tells us this year’s music lineup is also one that you don’t want to miss

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