Queen talks to a horse, while Camilla feeds them sweets during visit to Brixton
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Queen talks to a horse, while Camilla feeds them sweets during visit to Brixton

August 31, 2019

The Queen and Duchess of Cornwall have paid
a visit to the Ebony Horse Club in Brixton in south London. The pair toured the facilities,
meeting some of its young riders and feeding the horses. Marmalade. How old is Marmalade? Fifteen.
Fifteen. That’s pretty good. The Queen actually paused to introduce herself
this special horse. Hello. And after giggling away, Her Majesty watched
a special riding display. From all of us, thank you so much for joining
us today and for watching our display. Your Majesty, Your Royal Highness, my lords, ladies
and gentlemen, the Ebony Horse Club! It’s amazing that the Queen’s interested in
all the work we do and also I think the last time the Queen came to Brixton was many, many,
many years ago so yeah it’s amazing. It’s an experience that people like myself, who
were once a member of the club, is able to experience and also the children who just
started with the club, and it just lets everyone know the hard work we’re doing and the great
people who are interested. The Ebony Horse Club has been open since 1996
and aims to help improve the life skills and aspirations of some of the most disadvantaged
young people in the area. The Duchess of Cornwall has been President
of the club since April 2009.

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  1. One thing I have noticed about the Brits is the fact they can criticise their own Royal Family, outsiders enter at their own risk, because there will always be a certain favourite?

  2. Camilla to Marmalade, "You look familiar,are we related?" Marmalade to Camilla, "Neigh,lass,I'm certainly NOT…now trot on". Queen to Camilla, "No luck? You ought to go on Who Do You Think You Are?". I thank you. 😉

  3. Hahahaha…how right you are.Though Americans in particular seem obsessed with Diana…& now William & Catherine.Or rather I should say SOME Americans.The US had it's own version of the 'royal family' in the shape of the Kennedy's.I guess it just is what it is.

  4. Well of course…as we age most of us become less caught up in the hype.I'm not a monarchist/loyalist but I am fascinated by royalty as it's been a part of my history for 1000 years.I guess the same could be said of the Kennedys,on a lesser scale.

  5. "…giggling away…" ? *rolls eyes* I very seriously doubt that accurately describes what actually happened as the Queen walked away.

  6. Lame chump, pure elementary material ! Bet you're a brownie who skipped class at some inner city P.S. something or another !

  7. Is it strange that most of the kids there are black? Is this how Britian will be in the future, full of, well non white Britons? I dread to think so.

  8. what masterbate in frount of the people, drage my knuckles on the ground & jump up & down screaching , I'll try, but you know I'm an Australian

  9. "what masterbate in frount of the people, drage my knuckles on the ground & jump up & down screaching ,"
    This is why we deported you to that island.

  10. just to let everyone know does it matter what you look like my pony is "marmalade" and she is helping people less fortunate than our self and ebony are doing a great job and yeah what is happening to Britain every one is selfish and cant except people who are different is it painful for you lot to be kind or do you get joy for being the ass… every one at ebony are nice black or white they are all nice all have hearts and feeling imagine the pain what they would feel by seeing these cruel comments feeling ashamed of who they are every one is welcomed to this country how would you feel to be that person I think you are all mean and if marmalade could speak she would tell all of you to F*** off  because she hates people who are horrible she loves every one of who they are not for what they look like  and her thoughts on you lot would be cruel, heartless people !!!!!

  11. Please sign and pass it on. Thank you.

  12. I have a disgust of this Camilla, unbearable woman, only with her tiring appearance. Repulse! She will never be a respected queen like Princess Diana, or Queen Elizabeth.

  13. That is so cute! The children seem so happy and the Queen is getting along with the people and horses! I love being an equestrian.

  14. May be the horse take her holy
    mother by mistake,for humans
    have read history and they know
    a British king or Queen can not
    be but a world eater tyrant…

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