Raichak | Outdoor Games | Archery and Boating | Part – 2
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Raichak | Outdoor Games | Archery and Boating | Part – 2

October 23, 2019

We have to show him this later What if he charge us? We will give him one slap if he charge us How much? 500 Oh..there..that’s a Zipline What? Is it? No..Can’t be.. Looks like it Oh..yes yes yes… It is… It is… That’s the Zipline You’ll hit the trees and die This is Zipline Yes.. I don’t want.. So Scary Too far You’ll hit the trees You’ll hit the trees straight This is the Zipline Has to be.. Albert, you go first Tell him it’s too far It’s ok It’s more fun when it’s far It has to be far Ok, Mommy you go first I’m standing right here, don’t shoot me Mommy, don’t shoot us It went till there That means I should go more closer You’ll need to pull harder, ok? What if this breaks? Pull more Huh? Pull some more More Almost.. Aim a little higher so it will land downward Yes Ok, Mommy, we are counting your scores ok? 2-0 now 2 more shots remaining You got it How many shots? Lower your hands No.. Keep this down, ok? Lift your elbow up more Lift this up Lower this more Told you to go more down All the shots are too high I think mommy will win this one Too high Lower your hands more Not even one ok? 4-0 You’re 4-0 Albert, let me see if I can pull this or not Mom, you’ll get your chance I just want to see if I’ll be able to pull this or not When you went to but Diana’s panty how did you pull it? This big you said Diana’s panty You’re trying Grandma Grandma play Grandma go! Just think you’re buying that Trying that right now Life this up Yes like this Pull more, Pull more Pull more Yes Release it Mom, you have to hit one at least Lift this little bit There’re mosquitoes here Mosquitoes around Don’t let them bite Don’t let mosquitoes bite Lift your hands a bit Is it enough? It’s not straight Got it? No I missed 4 missed right? 4 missed I feel bad for that guy We are shooting away and he has to go and pick the arrows up Who told him to work here? There’re mosquitoes around So good Bend your hands a bit ok? Albert is angry What’s the point? 4 right? Mine’s on the black, right? Right? Yes Albert, didn’t pull a lot Have to pull harder It’s shaking when you pull harder Right? You have to pull very hard that’s why Pull more, Pull more Got it There’s no points on the white Is it? No.. it’s 5 points Have to hold here right? Don’t touch this ok? Don’t touch this? Lift your elbow Little bit down Little bit more This guy must be very good at this Tell him to shoot one and show us I’ll tell him to shoot one and show us later Tell him to show us Right Albert? Tell him to show us how it’s done Too high It’s too high Told you it’s too high You have to lift your elbow and lower your front hand Is it? Yes Pull your elbow more Put your elbow up and front hand low Over? Yes, over Tell him to shoot and show us once You show us once You shoot once and show us Do we have to give him the coupons? No idea I don’t even know how to ride a bicycle You don’t have to do anything It’s not here From where? From parking? Have to go outside? No from here How to go from here? There’s a bridge Just go below the bridge We have to go from the building? No no from here He said from here You want to do boating? Yes we want to From here You told us have to go that side No the road is that side No we want to do boating What did you asked him? It’s very scary One person is extra right? So I won’t go, y’all go You go, I don’t want to go Who don’t want to go? Me 5 of us will go Only 4 can go Kid will sit in the middle It’s not allowed It won’t be balanced Why not? No no.. if it’s not allowed then we won’t go I don’t want to go I’m scared Come mom we will go together No I’m scared Nothing will happen You go with John You two go first One person has to go with mom Albert go with Grandma ok? What? No, I’m scared to go with Albert What’s there? I can sit with Angela Grandma go, Grandma go We have to come back here? Do we have to come back here? Yes So how do we balance it? I’ll tell you You first come I’m scared No need to be scared Take your phone Phone is there Take it Take it? You can keep it here, nothing will happen Hold it, don’t drop it Keep it here What if it falls? It won’t fall How do we turn? Use this handle to turn It’s opposite directions You turn here it will go the other direction I don’t know anything You just peddle Mommy knows it How far can we go? Wherever there’s water Let’s go, we will go together Yeah both of you also go What about you, AhQ? You both go first You can also sit here right? No I can’t It’s only for 2 persons It only has 2 persons capacity There’s water inside No, it’s rain water Do you know how to control? Opposite Papa Opposite directions You control it Where is that guy? He’s gone home He’s coming, he’s coming Wait a second What about me? I’m holding it Papa… ***BEEP*** Albert, wait a second You have to get off first, he’s holding it, it’s ok It’s so scary Look at my parking It’s so hot Let’s ask him where are the other games What else are there? That one Archery is done, boating is done what else are there? From there? After that? What’s after that? What’s after that? River crossing River crossing, where is it? You’ll have to hang upside down and cross the river There’s a rope there You’ll have to hang upside down and cross Upside down? Oh yeah yeah..there’s the river crossing You saw? Rope Everything’s in here Yes, everything’s in here inside here You have to hang upside down and cross Yes That’s called River crossing That’s called River crossing Just tie a rope and cross the river Who wants to go for this Zipline? I don’t want You don’t want to go? Why? It will hit the trees I’m worried I’ll be too heavy for this I don’t think so.. What if the rope snaps? There’s no water below What if you hit the ground? If there’s water and anything goes wrong then you’ll fall in the water, but this is solid ground you’ll end up on the ground if you fall You don’t even know how to swim what’s the use of water? So we are not going for it ? Y’all go have a try If we are not trying this that means we are not trying that also right? River crossing is also the same What is that? how do we try that? Hang upside down Someone went to try the Zipline Let’s watch He’s waiting for us, he thinks we want to try that No, that kid went to try it Yeah, lets watch him first That means it’s manually controlled by them, you won’t be able to slide that far and hit the trees Not sure That kid went to try it Let’s see how it’s done Its too hot Tomorrow our legs will hurt for sure Feeling hot? Yes Look at me Look at me, I’m fully wet Even I’m fully wet, look You’re also wet I didn’t bring my handkerchief Let’s not try that Which one? I can’t even stand thinking of those ropes tying around you tightly and I’m always so full of sweat There’s one rope goes under here What if he did not tie it properly it will end up in here Again talking disgusting things It will block your breathing No in the mouth it’s even better At least we can breathe from the nose I think we’re done This one, that one and what else? Watch that kid

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