Raiding a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft – Part 15
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Raiding a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft – Part 15

August 16, 2019

Gooood morning, gamers! Surprise, surprise, another Minecraft episode. That’s right, everyone! “What- what?!?” “Is it complete?” “Is the giant meatball complete?” No. It’s not fully done yet. But, once the giant meatball is finally rebuilt, there will be no more suffering and pain in this world. Isn’t that right, Joergen? So, ends this serie- *chuckles* Hey! What are you doing on my property?! Get out! Wow, that’s so weird they just disape- AAH! Wha- I didn’t do anything!! He hacked your brain! *Laughing* Look at this dude just staring at a blank wall. Hey, Sven! Hey, Sven! Sven! *bruh snd efx#1*
Oh hey, Sven. How are you doin’? We got stuff to do, today. Come on, gamer, let’s go. Where are my boys at? Where are my gamer boys at? I gotta show you guys something really, really epic. That I didn’t realise until last episode. Alright, boy, get in. Get in. God damn it. Alright, boy, get in. This is – *chuckles* Ah- Sven! *sigh* Wait- Do I have a spare one? I do, okay. Sven, wait up! Sven, please! Stop! (Subtitle by *I am HeRe *in description at bottom)(watch my videos) There you are. My dude. People keep commenting how Sven has survived like five- six creeper explosions. Oh, wait, there’s another creeper. Alright, just wait here, buddy. I gotta show the bros. Where was it..? Ahh! Yeah, here we go. So, I got- Uh, where is it? This one! And I was like, “Oh, that’s not that good,” But, as you can see, it has fortune 3 on it. So, now, whenever I mine a diamond.. ..It drops two!! *wow :0* Two diamonds?! Almost everytime! Sven! C’mere, you have to see this. Why did no one tell me this? I mean you DID tell me. Dude, we’re gonna be rich! Sven, we’re gonna- Sven! Okay, sometimes it drops one. But, MOST of the time it drops two. This is crazy! Look two! Look two! Look- Sven, we’re rich! Look, NINETEEN diamonds out of that? Okay! Okay! Oh, dude, we could start a diamond business! Hey, can you sell diamonds in Minecraft? *chuckles* Alright, Sven get in. ‘Said get in. ‘Said get in. Did I say not get in or did i say get in. NO! RUN, SVEN! *sighs in relief* *sighs* Sven dies, the series is over. Remember, gamers. Remember. Today we have a very, very, very important mission *it’s that important* That’s why I got all these diamonds. Sven, plea- We stay here. Gamers stay here. Damn, I can’t believe how rich I am. Look at this. LOOK AT THIS DUDE! Look at this dude! Alright, I can officially not even stack them like this What do I want to make? I’m fully enchanted, right? What do I wa- I don’t know what to make, I got everything I want I got this weird little baby
*very cute babby yes* It doesn’t- It doesn’t do anything. Stupid baby… Sven, I’m not gonna lie, I lowkey kinda miss… Having water sheep around
*a soul for a soul* I know it’s- It’s good that he’s gone *chuckles*

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  1. Anyone els bothered about the fact that Felix called minecraft fortnite when he found out about the jungles

  2. Du kan sitta i en båt på land och falla från hur hög höjd som helst utan att ta skada snälla testa i en video de e aaaas kul🙏

  3. the yellow baby (known as the totem of undying) if you put it in ur inventory when you die you will have a 2nd life. it is consumed on use

  4. That’s a totem of undying if you hold that in your off hand and you die it revives you and you don’t drop your items n stuff

  5. That ‘Baby’ is if you die then you get a 2nd life but if you fall in lava or fall out of the world then it dosent work.

  6. Боже, как обожаю эти путешествия пьюди по майнкрафту :'D
    Особенно поорал с кепки
    Suka blyat

    God, I love these PewDiePie trips to Minecraft : 'D
    Laughed with headdress

  7. That thing you call baby if you Hold it in the Other hand you get another chance what i mean by that is that if you die you survive

  8. did anyone else notice that at 18:13 the fox just gets pushed by the baby fox into the fire right before the video moves on to the next part. F in the chat for the fox.

  9. This makes me cringe he didnt get the lapis block in the wool vindacater nor the diamond block in the hidding obsidian tree

  10. i find this weird because that wood house was spawned in my world ages ago and i didnt know what it was so i added lights and decorated it and made that my house

  11. U missed loads in the house

    In some rooms there was ladders leading up to upstairs bits with chests .

    And there is stairs hidden which u follow and there’s a chest at the end .

  12. Pewdiepie: its an good way to get carrots for Sven

    Me: do u mean jergen

    Sorry IF i speld wrong im from sweden

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