Rambo Deluxe Fleece Review
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Rambo Deluxe Fleece Review

August 10, 2019

CAROLYN: Hi, I’m Carolyn, I work in Marketing,
and today, I’m reviewing the Rambo Deluxe Fleece. I love this fleece, because of the great double-bonded
fleece. It makes it super cozy for those really cold days, and it’s particularly helpful if
you’re hanging out in the indoor with your friends and watching them ride, so that you
can wrap yourself up and keep yourself nice and cozy. My favorite thing about this is the classic
coloring, and you can even get it embroidered to make it more special. My horse just came up from the South, and
while he’s not clipped, he’s really not ready for this New England winter, so it keeps him
nice and warm and cozy while I’m warming up and cooling down. I also love how durable it is. Mine is years
old and it still looks new. It also has double front closures, a tail cord, and double surcingles
to keep it extra secure. Like any Horseware product, it’s really high-quality
and very durable. This fleece is a great choice for anyone who
has a clipped horse or is riding in colder climates and is looking for a durable, beautiful
fleece cooler. Caring for this fleece is really easy. You
just machine wash cold and then air dry. It runs pretty true to size. My horse is an 81,
and he has a size 81 for this fleece. I’m Carolyn, and the Rambo Deluxe Fleece is
my top pick for a classic cooler this winter.

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  1. The stripes really got my attention 🙂 not very many striped blankets out there! finally something new that i actually like!

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