Rambo Newmarket Halter® Review
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Rambo Newmarket Halter® Review

August 20, 2019

VIVIANE: Hi, I’m Viviane from Marketing, and
today I’m reviewing the Rambo Newmarket Halter. What I really like about this halter and what
is very unique is the fleece padding that goes over the nose and the crown piece. The halter also comes in a variety of colors
that can match all your other equipment and the color of your horse. Like all the Rambo products, this halter comes
at a great quality and great value. The nose padding and the padding behind the
ears is extra wide and extra soft for those areas that just sometimes need a little bit
more attention. This halter would be perfect for anyone looking
for a nice looking halter that is good for in the barn and also for turnout for horses
that are maybe a little bit more sensitive on the nose and ears areas. My horse is wearing it outside in a turnout
in a herd, so he’s playing with other horses all day, and this halter has not broken any
time, so it’s really very durable. To keep the halter nice and clean, you can
just either brush it off or, if needed, you can just wash it by hand, especially the fleece
areas with some soap. I myself am using this halter on a 17.3 hh
tall gelding. He is wearing the horse size. It fits him perfectly well, and if your horse
has a smaller nose, wider nose you can adjust the nose piece. And, as usual, you can also always adjust
the crown piece. I’m Viviane, and if you are looking for a
fashionable soft halter, then the Rambo Newmarket Halter is the best choice for you.

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