Rancher offering reward after horse reportedly shot
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Rancher offering reward after horse reportedly shot

August 25, 2019

Cheryl Crist, Rancher: I found him with a huge gunshot wound. RANCHER CHERYL CRIST IS TRYING TO WRAP HER HEAD AROUND WHY SOMEONE WOULD HURT ONE OF HER HORSES… 5-MONTH OLD SMOKEY JOE. Cheryl Crist, Rancher: I )ve been doctoring him daily but it )s going to take a long long time to heal. SAYING IT HAPPENED A MONTH AGO… WEEKS AFTER (ANOTHER ONE OF HER HORSES WAS SHOT ON HER RANCH SOUTH OF MOUNTAINAIR. AND SHE ALSO SAYS SOMEONE KILLED HER GOATS EARLIER THIS YEAR. Cheryl Crist, Rancher: I )ve lost three big goats: the grandfather, the father and the son of a very special breed and they were all poisoned. AT 71 YEARS OLD… SHE )S CARING FOR DOZENS OF HORSES… AND OTHER ANIMALS… ON THE 856-ACRE RANCH BY HERSELF. Cheryl Crist, Rancher: I don )t know. God )s with me is all I can say. AND WHILE SHE CAN HANDLE THE WORKLOAD… SHE FEELS HOPELESS WHEN IT COMES TO TRACKING DOWN WHO COULD HAVE INJURED HER ANIMALS… AND SAYS SHE )S ASKED LAW ENFORCEMENT FOR HELP. Cheryl Crist, Rancher: They have suggested putting cameras up but so far the batteries have been stolen, the cameras have been stolen. THAT )S WHY SHE AND HER RANCHING FRIENDS ARE NOW OFFERING A REWARD FOR TIPS LEADING TO THE ARREST AND CONVICTION OF WHOMEVER IS RESPONSIBLE. THE TORRANCE COUNTY SHERIFF )S OFFICE AND

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  1. Please stay on top of this story! The terrorists must be caught and brought to justice. Not only terrorists they are bullying a female senior citizen.

  2. Hopefully someone camps out where the shots are coming from, catches this abuser, and puts a bullet between their eyes.

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