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  1. The social engineering programmers of the Genius Women on The View just want to see how gullible Americans are.

  2. I don't give the useful idiots the benefit of the doubt anymore. If you're a socialist, you want millions to die. It's justvnot possible to be ignorant of the fact that it will happen. The proof is everywhere.

  3. MR. PAUL that person running her mouth so much I wonder if she is a legal citizens of USA ? My BIBLE says a little folding of the hands an your corn crib will be empty . That's pretty simple . When you tell the world come to the USA because every thing is free , how long would it be before the country would be 100% broke ? Dummercrat don't believe that . 😐 for the record 1950 through 1960 were a lot better than now . PEOPLE had respect for each other not like today .

  4. That woman has nothing worthwhile to say . She is a bigmouth , individual that probably couldn't make a sandwhich . She is RUDE ,DISGUSTING , AND PROBABLY SMELLS BAD .

  5. The View is exactly what's wrong with women in society. That was a gross depends. Excuse me "Miss 47 yr Old" before can be treated with the respect you feel you deserve, you need to earn it FIRST.

  6. Socialism and the left are selling fake “free” stuff … nothing is free and they relying on it only being paid for by the rich, not knowing the real truth is that everyone including them, will pay dearly for it in the end.

  7. THE THING IS YOU DON'T LET SOCIALISM IN- IN THE FIRST PLACE BECAUSE IT BREEDS OPPORTUNITIES FOR THEM TO DO WHAT THEY WANT, PERIOD! Stop being ignorant panel of whoppies! It's not rocket science and you still DON'T GET IT!!!

  8. Rand Paul got his a** handed to him. The only things that breed thuggery are Republicans with their head up tRumps a**

  9. The Globalists are Socialists. Corrupt Democrats and Corrupt Rinos are almost alwaysGlobalists. President Donald Trump is Anti-Globalist. He is a Nationalistic Patriot.The Globalist politicians and the Fake News media are partners in selling the USA for money. They are both corrupted.

  10. All totalitarianism breeds thuggery, including Socialism. I'll do Randy one further and and claim it is evident from the last forty years that No-Regulation Libertarianism breeds Socialism, as the totalitarians seize upon that no-regulation anarchy to implement their tyranny. If the Republicans would again have essential fairness regulations to enable Capitalism for all Americans and not have it exclusive for the corporations, that would take all the wind out of the sails of the Socialists. The New Deal protections were not Socialist, and we weren't Socialist during the forty years when Congress enforced it with sister legislation to ensure fairness for all Americans and not just the big corporations. The Founding Fathers made us a Democratic-Republic governed by the Rule of Law with a Separation of Powers in government because they knew if we were an Anarchist state with no laws, though the People would initially have maximum freedom, it would only be a matter of time before a tyrant exploited his maximum freedom to permanently bind everyone else while he remained free. Just as Anarchy leaves the door open for a tyrant to implement "Democracy" exclusive to himself, so too does this no-regulation, Economic-Anarchy Libertarianism permit for totalitarians like corporate governments to implement "Capitalism" exclusive to them. Just as we have laws to ensure we remain a Democratic-Republic with the promise of liberty for all Americans, so too do we need laws to ensure the benefits of Capitalism are available to all Americans and not exclusive to the corporations and special interests. Anarchy is neither Capitalism nor Democratic-Republicanism. The best defense against bad government is not absence of government. The best defense against bad government is the presence of good government through the rule of law. Be neither No-Regulation Libertarian nor Over-Regulation Socialist, as both are anti-Populist, anti-Democratic-Republican, and anti-American, and are both favorable to the rule of, by, and for corporations.

  11. What does Capitalism breed? Cheats and Corruption! Trump is a perfect example! The Left doesn't want pure Socialism! They want relief from the burden that the Greedy have put on them! Universal Healthcare would cut costs for them by 50%! If Conservatives think that's bad, they are not really Conservatives, they are greedy insurance providers, or drug company shills! The Left wants corruption out of politics, period! The Right should want that too! So why did they elect the most corrupt president in US history? It's beyond reason! Trillion dollars deficit with no way to pay for it, except tax the middle class, or cut safety nets like Social Security and Medicare! Brilliant! It's making America Great Again for the filthy rich!

  12. According to Socialists, the destructive, murderous, disastrous results of Socialism are never true Socialism! Socialists are insane and we can not live with them.

  13. The view is NOTHING BUT A GROUP OF MEN HATING WOMEN THAT KILLS BABIES AND MEN . = They are against love for they are haters .So who wants to adopt the views of the men and baby haters at the view .?

  14. Those bitches are an absolute scourge on humanity. And to think one of them (I think it was Joyless Behag) said that people shouldn't be allowed to critcize them because they're so "important."

  15. Rand, you are right, but you're soft as well… You need to deal with these people completly different; do what the president did! Be strong because you're a decent person!

  16. Rand, you are right, but you're soft as well… You need to deal with these people completly different; do what the president did! Be strong because you're a decent person!

  17. Rand, you are right, but you're soft as well… You need to deal with these people completly different; do what the president did! Be strong because you're a decent person!

  18. Rand, you are right, but you're soft as well… You need to deal with these people completly different; do what the president did! Be strong because you're a decent person!

  19. Thankfully the political hits on Trump and Kavanaugh failed, however the Democrat mafia did successfully take down another target General Flynn, and went as far as raiding Roger Stone's place early in the morning with CNN camera's rolling. I used to think differently about Democrats in general, when there were centrists and moderates, but today's Democrat party does not resemble the Democrats of old. I used to hear much criticism of Democrats and thought it was a bit harsh, a bit over the top, but after the past almost three years, my eyes have been opened to what the Democrat party is, nothing less than a political mafia, that operates above the law, thugs with no regard for laws, criminals in suits in high places. All that matters in the mob is power, money, and loyalty.

  20. Why do socialist always want to control people. Do they really think there ideas are so good that they can force everybody to do what they want. When I think of socialist country’s or high welfare countries, I get depressed. So why do people want to be down and oppressed? Sickening

  21. Hey Rand instead of lecturing about socialism why dont you explain why you defend Putin whenever you can? And why did you go to Moscow last year on the 4th of July and make negative statements about our country on foreign soil?

  22. You know what breeds thuggery Rand? Organized Crime infesting the government pretending to be a Republic. The Mob shoot see people. Hmmmnn

  23. Socialism is a meaningless term used loosely nowadays for political purposes. To me, I just want my social security check to come in on time each month.

  24. I'm butchering the actual quotation, but Hayek summarised socialism as impossible except by means that socialists themselves object to. Being for socialism and against totalitarialism is like being for unhealthy diet and against an unhealthy body. The two are directly interconnected.

  25. I don't know why in the world anyone would appear on the view. The hosts constantly interrupt you, and when they lose their argument (practically always) they retort to pandering to the audience to get help.

  26. China loves eating cats and dogs Google it. They also eat cats in Switzerland. Also Google it

    Stop going on shows like the view it's a waste of time

  27. The title alone is totally stupid, lots of european countries have a social democratic system.
    There is a difference between Socialism and Communism, and what is wrong with having Medicare for all and Dental care also, 5 weeks paid vacation for all, we do not lose our house when we get sick, we get sick pay, etc…etc.. This Rand Guy is a total lier, he has no idea, just doing this to get money for his book.I know I live there….we have Millionairs too but people can live of their wages.

  28. Government of Denmark is a coalition of 7 party’s 4 of them have Socialist in there name; Social Democrats, Social Liberal PArty Socialist People Party and the Social Democratic Party

  29. Rand Paul is an idiot. Bernie is a Democratic Socialist. Not a socialist.

    Bernie still wants private hospital and doctors. They payors are the tax payers, but the government isn't taking over the doctor or hospital, those are still private.

    Man these guys are stupid. No one cares about your book and for profit health care system.

  30. Rand Paul brings up Denmark

    Rand Paul: Denmark isn't socialism, it's capitalism with a strong social safety net, ie universal healthcare and free education

    Socialist: Um ok then Let's have America do the same then please

    Rand Paul: No, because that's socialism and its wrong

  31. Rand Paul: Denmark isn't socialism, it's capitalism with a strong social safety net.

    Socialist: Let's do that then.

    Rand Paul: No, because that's socialism

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