Rare twin foals delivered
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Rare twin foals delivered

September 4, 2019

We have Princess, who foaled on April 30th,
3 weeks ago. She had twin foals. Twin foals are an extremely rare event.  Henry was
born first, and William was born second. Bridgett recognized right away that twins need intensive
care. So she brought them into our neo-natal intensive care unit. I knew she was pregnant
and so it didn’t occur to me she was carrying twins.  It was a surprise for
me the night they were born. I did jump onto the internet almost straight away. I searched
around and I could hardly find any information.  Other than, it looked like there was a
1:10,000 in them surviving. But then once I got down to digging some more it looked
like only 1:500,000 horses actually carry foals.  So, of the horses born in the United
States, what I can find out is it’s 1:500,000. The extra service I got here from
the night I arrived was amazing. I mean, we were met at the door ready to bring the babies
in. Everyday new foal teams, new people willing to help, really terrific, terrific service.
Our vet students, and our volunteers, and our foal team that came in to ensure they
would get stronger and healthier every minute of the day One of the amazing things is that
Harry got a blood donation from Hercules.  Right after that blood donation, he got
Hercules’s strength and vigor and he was up and bucking and felt so much better.
 So, we need to thank Hercules for his contribution. As far as prenatal conditions
go and care, the isolation, the concern for the owner, keeping me informed.  I would
totally recommend this facility for any prim babies or babies with needs.  The staff
knew what they were doing, they were helpful.  They handled those babies confidently
but delicately and it was wonderful. They were getting better each day, so there was
hope each day that this day would come and they could go home. It’s very rare
to have twins do as well as these two have.

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  1. Wow…I did not know that twins were that rare, and absolutely did not know that the mortality rate once they were born was that high. Congrats lady, two gorgeous babies, lucky you!

  2. Owner knew she was pregnant…but didn't get her checked for twins? Owner shouldn't be breeding anything. o.O Glad they survived.

  3. Hi Jarack123,

    Thanks for your question and apologies for the delayed response! Qualifications for University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine programs can be found at cvm [dot] umn [dot] edu [dot] students

    You can also learn more about the University of Minnesota Equine Center featured in the video at cvm [dot] umn [dot] edu [dot] umec

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