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  1. It’s better to free them than let them burn to death. They can run to freedom. Damn the owners of these animals left them behind

  2. You guys are awesome. I can’t imagine what you’re up against but thank you from Alabama! Please everyone, even if you are in a part of our country not impacted by these fires, DONATE to help sustain firefighters and rescue personnel save lives. They serve at their own peril. Support their efforts to help all victims of this devastation!

  3. Bless any one who in the middle of that, saved the animals. To people saying they shouldn't have just let them run, there was no choice. Animals have basic self preservation instincts and if there is a way they will find it. The alternative would be they would become surrounded by fire and died for sure at least this way they have a chance

  4. What's wrong with people I would be picking them up all the dogs and putting them in the car because those other dogs probably died the horses probably survived since its there instant to run to the water. The other dogs they can't run for long lets just hope the all animals serviced also blinders that made me smile there fly masks btw

  5. Horses are actually pretty fire smart (instinctually) and are good at finding a "safe" spot to ride out the firestorm.
    I have read MULTIPLE cases that if herds of domestic horses free during a fire storm MOST will survive.
    Better a few lost then all burned alive in their pens!
    Heck, in the forest service I was taught that if the shit hits the fan, look for gatherings of native animals like elk and deer. They are instinctually good at finding safer spots like unflammable green spots or creek beds to hide in till the flame passes.

  6. Painful to watch. Just grab the dogs and put them in the car! I don't even understand the thought process here. Rescuing dogs no matter the circumstances usually involves transporting them to safety.

  7. Whats the thing on the horses heads? Is it okay for them to wear it while running around? It looks like something they can't see through but I don't know anything about it. Anyone who knows let me know. Thank goodness for those who rescued the animals. I've seen videos of people in CA just letting horses loose. I was getting teary eyed because at least they are out and the dogs are safe.

  8. yup thats ABC idiots in action lmao…but they did save one dog, the rest will die as so will the horses without HUMAN HELP so sad and all the other critters~

  9. Humans are stupid.
    Grab those dogs by the ears and throw them in the car. Period.
    And if you ain't man enough to grab a horse and calm her down – then at least cut the mask off of their eyes then open the gate and let them run.

  10. Go ahead, you liberal women… Keep on demanding that your men turn into pussified panzies who don't know how to man up and can't handle life n death pressure…
    Let me know where that gets ya when you are burying what's left of your kids.

  11. I hope those horses and dogs survived and wished they would of took those masks off the horses head. At least they could see where they were going if they had been removed ! I Just wished they could of got all the dogs in the cars !

  12. hi everyone!I am finding it very difficult to believe that a camp fire got away from these firefighters and is now burning down all of California!!!? use your god given senses people! thanks

  13. That police officer was so gentle with those, this touched my heart in a big way. I love animals, and to see someone go out of their way to do this for them…

  14. It kills me to see all those horses turned loose when there were two nice big trailers sitting there and one had a truck ready to go— I’d see if the keys were in it! I’d only turn them loose if it was a last option and I wouldn’t leave the fly masks on because they may easily catch on fire and melt onto the horses ears and face and make them helpless to flee. I can’t imagine how painful that would be for a horse to have a mask burned to his face. They have a soft rubbery texture that is most likely not very flame -retardant in a fire.

  15. This fire is just heartbreaking. These people and pets had lives, homes, a community…all gone the week before Thanksgiving. Puts things in perspective for the rest of us…that no matter what problems we have this Thanksgiving it's not as bad as what these people and animals went through. Just saw a video that talked about 2 dogs that were left outside in a cage that died in the fire. Neighbor couldn't rescue them and he said their sounds he heard was haunting. If you have to evacuate and you think fire might get your property take your pets…if you cannot then open doors, fences and let them run free so they at least have a chance to save themselves!

  16. Animals have natural instincts. So they could find there way . You just gotta hope there is still an exit because some we're trapped. And the mask is translucent. They can see.

  17. The guys trying to get the dogs were confused..what the hell? Just grab them by the collar and take them. I'm a female and have grabbed a pitbull by the neck when he attacked my dog. Makes my skin crawl seeing these guys circling around the car and not being more decisive. So they only took 1 dog? There were 5 or 6 dogs left behind? Who did they rescue?

  18. agenda 21 and agenda 2030 at work. Georgia Guide Stones, Kalergi Plan, Barcelona Declaration etc.
    Directed Energy Weapons are REAL and IN USE! The UN and NATO have been spraying the population like cockroaches for several decades calling it 'geo engineering'!
    Houses dustified while surrounding trees still stand… smart meters!

  19. That is all just so heart wrenching! All those families, human and animal, losing everything. Many losing their lives, I'm sure. So, so sad! Thank you, for doing what you could. Mother Earth is rebelling.
    I know that in BC they spray a herbicide, I forget the name but like roundup, anyways, it kills the trees that would otherwise make a natural fire barrier, like aspen, to make way for money making varieties, like pine. They're trying to stop the practice but there are always people with deep pockets who tend to make the decisions. Not for much longer, I hope.

  20. The K-9 cop was awesome. He was so sweet to the older dog. How wonderful was he when he was petting him and being so gentle with him. He is a great dog guy. Much aloha to everyone in this video. I have never been in a position like this but I know for a fact I would never leave my animals trapped. If I couldn’t bring the horses I would have freed them. They say that it’s innate in them to find safer ground, but I don’t know. The dogs however I would have taken them with. I never know w why people wait till the very end, but then again I’ve never been in that position.

  21. Beautiful blue heelers. So confused so scared. Didn't know either of the men. Just had to blindly trust they were there to help

  22. The PARADISE CALIFORNIA COUNTRY FIRES was badly burned away including other destruction. ……..and HOLLYWOOD'S STARS should help invest to REBUILD all around AREA and GROWTH on that disappeared land on EARTH. ……

  23. So sad, but at least they’re not trapped in blazing fire, You guys are Heroes 🙂🙏 in my book all the 1 st responders and ABC crew, hope they made it out😟😔😢😪 God Bless all the families 🙏 you’ll be in our prayers

  24. I bet you anything those men have no idea how their own pets are, homes, maybe even families because they haven't had a second to stop. I bet you as well a few of them especially if fire fighters are volunteers. So let's not be so quick to judge their actions. They're doing the best they can with the time they can and all that is on them.

  25. Thank you all so very very much for saving this dogs and others pets and risking ur own life during the greatest disaster ever with wildfires. You all are true heroes XXX

  26. The blinders are to protect their eyes from bugs, at least here where I live. And yes it's better to release them. Yes take the dogs please! Just grab and go!

  27. This made me sad. But atleast the animals have a running chance instead of being locked up and trapped. I always feel bAd for the poor animals, and people as well. These officers are amazing. True humanity.

  28. Horses, even domesticated, have a better chance at running loose rather than trying to herd them in the trailers. Same with dogs, if you haven't noticed there have been a lot of stories out there that dogs go back home after the fires are out.

  29. Grab a bridle and saddle up a horse and lead them all out. Where is a cowboy or a cowgirl. Those animals that are slow load them up and go.

  30. I cant imagine the panic of that beast comingvtowards you but i also cant imagine leaving all of those animal locked up with no way of escaping. Thank god for these guys 💖

  31. Aside from the smoke the animals had no burning fuel next to their pens, might have survived. Hard to say what to do. I could never leave them, would die rescuing them instead. U would have saddled the horses and ridden them out, if they were my own. But yeah, people were at work. I would have found a way to sneak home past the cops and free my babies. Fuck everything else.
    Not judging anyone, just saying what I would do. Poor babies.

  32. I was a school bus mechanic for over 30 yrs. and drove on occassion. The image of that school bus will haunt me till I die! I cannot imagine that bus not being filled with kids or maybe the elderly? I have been called out many times in the 80's and 90's to evacuate nursing homes during floods. My heart is broken thinking of who was on that bus! God Bless them!

  33. How can people leave there beloved pets behind I would find my way back to them and let them go it’s sad 😢 to see these kind of things

  34. God bless every person on this Earth who does their bit for animals …I pray God meet their needs and bless them in Jesus name.Amen

  35. You didn't take the things off their eyes how are they going to see to know where they're going you could have at least remove them that part was cruel they can't see I don't understand that

  36. I know you rescued them are you guys scared of them if you would have talked to them Channel they would have let you remove them horses are very intelligent

  37. So proud that you got the dogs but I wished you taking the blinders off the horses my gosh they couldn't see where they were going

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