Reaction to New Full Frozen 2 Movie Trailer! Elsa’s Magic? The Horse? The giant troll? OMG!
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Reaction to New Full Frozen 2 Movie Trailer! Elsa’s Magic? The Horse? The giant troll? OMG!

August 25, 2019

what would you think about like .. if say
the trailer to frozen 2 just came out (squeals of joy) OMG she’s back! Keep watching guys it’s
finally official the real official frozen new trailer who know the full version, not just a little
teaser trailer or anything… the official trailer… we were just
about to do something but it popped up like eight minutes ago and were like OMG
we have to see this Oh no she’s sinking… Elsa is sinking OMG there is a water horse guys… the horse is made of water but I don’t know how she was running across the water … how is she under there now Look Ash, she is swimming underwater and OMG the water horse came over…OMG and after the wave collapsed on her… Oh my that’s just O.M.G! wait there is like a flash of lightning on the water and then the horse came over, but then there is another flash of lightning and the horse is gone this fall the past is not what it seems you must
find the truth Guys.. the trolls ran after Kristoff and then
the trolls said that the past was not what it seemed showed a picture her as a kid
Elsa and then all these lights are going around her… what do you think about all these
lights? Cool… Then they have to go north and across the enchanted lands … go across? find the truth? into the unknown oh no Anna, be careful. Olaf Oh what’s that fire? be careful… OMG guys… Be careful Anna (whispered)
Guys all this fire is flashing off and then they are in the fire going to fight… what… this is so much more epic than the first one.. guys all this fires flashing up – they think Elsa’s powers were too much for this world … what? they actually feared Elsa because her powers were too strong … well I thought it was just
plain old ice powers, didn’t you Ash? Yeah mmm-hmm just plain old little ice…. like
I can shoot some ice .. let it go let it go… go… OMG now we must hope…. What, what is this hope! What’s the enough! they are enough what’s going to happen to Elsa – Oh Anna.. I won’t let anything happen to her what, what, you won’t let anything happen to her Anna.. what’s this giant troll … just like booming out out of the rocks OMG ! Frozen…. seriously you just leave us hanging like
that …. huh … well I know its just a trailer, and there is an ogre coming… Oh Ashy what do you feel? oh my gosh
straightaway that song really creeps me out and her standing by the wave’s OMG! what do you think? comment down below what you think might happen? actually what do you
think is gonna happen? i think Anna is going to battle a monster… Huy yaaa

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