Recap – Women’s Rugby vs.  Dartmouth
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Recap – Women’s Rugby vs. Dartmouth

October 30, 2019

Beese was brought down one of the
captains for this crimson team to offer Bargell with the juke. She’s got
one woman to beat Jukes back to the outside Bargell in for the try and she
scores the first Harvard points of the afternoon.Crimson will take the lead it’s 5-3. Advancement by Dartmouth on an excellent boot. That one going with the wind and now Harvard with a nice little run here
breaking through could be a chance early on
yeah Milan Roberts really tearing up a Dartmouth defense and finally getting
dragged down 22 out. Big Green get a turnover at a big part of the field huge
moment Dartmouth taken back away Harvard with a chance here trying to get
in for the try and I think she did there was Sofie Fella who broke through. It didn’t
take long for Harvard in this second half to score and the Crimson will
retake the lead. Won 50-32 in the regular season meeting back on September 21st. Crimson in good field position here. Agada trying to break through
seen teams advance the ball up field a lot quicker and this half than they were
before and Agada in for the score a try for Agada Harvard responds barely taking any time off the clock and we draw back even at 17. A quick kick by the big green sends it in the direction of Roberts Roberts lost it chance here
for the big green quick transitional type play. As she got taken down Back for Groth. Groth to the middle
powering trying to get avoid dual possession they’re almost. Now it’s back
for Mior. Mior it’s off to Roberts Roberts into space Harvard will have a
look and they’ll get in for a try it’s Sarah Lipson in the senior who scores for
the Crimson a quick one at that that’s exactly what they needed
now it’s 34 22

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  1. Bias… At its best! At the very least, put the score out honestly. Cheers to Dartmouth! On to the Next time, when it counts, Harvard.

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