Recognizing Hip Dysplasia in Dogs – VetVid Episode 014
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Recognizing Hip Dysplasia in Dogs – VetVid Episode 014

September 5, 2019

Recognizing Hip Dysplasia In Dogs
Hello, I’m Dr. Mike. Today, were going to talk about hip dysplasia in dogs. To cover
this topic, were going to visit with Anthony Cambridge, who is board certified in veterinary
surgery. Hip dysplasia essentially is a deformity of the hip joint. It can lead on to degeneration
of the joint, arthritis, inflammation, and pain. The vast majority of dogs acquire hip
dysplasia, likely as a result of an inherited factor. And that’s combined with factors such
as body weight, rate of growth, possibilities of trauma during development, and other factors
such as environment play a role in this. We commonly see hip dysplasia in breeds such
as golden retrievers, Labradors, rottweilers, and the German shepherd is probably the most
common in our practice. Most owners are going to recognize some type of discomfort. Often,
reluctance to play as a puppy, there going to see a change in the way the hind legs are
being used, often smaller dogs and younger dogs will bunny-hop using both hind legs together
to get around or especially going up stairs. They may recognize pain when the dog first
gets up after a period of rest, or they may see early exhaustion compared to other dogs
they’ve had experience with in the past. If owners feel that their dog is possibly suffering
from hip dysplasia, the simplest, best solution would be to see their local vet to get first
an examination, and then quite possibly, x-rays to follow. A veterinarian is going to examine
a dog to determine if it has hip dysplasia. Some dogs can be examined awake, however,
often it’s useful to sedate the patient to determine whether the hips
are lax. Laxity is the key finding in dogs with hip dysplasia. There is a test for laxity
that we refer to as the Ortolani and we can demonstrate that on this model. In the Ortolani
we push on the femur under sedation, the femoral head rises out of the joint, the femoral head
is now subluxated, we lift the leg up, and it clicks back in. Were feeling for that click
back in to tell us that the hip was actually out. If we confirm
this, this is hip dysplasia, regardless of what we see on an x-ray. As always, it is
best to discuss with your veterinarian the ideal treatment
options for your pet. I’m Dr. Mike, I hope this information has been helpful, and
thanks for watching.

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  1. My sister's puppy is a yorkie maltese and this morning I realized rosie had a hard time getting up and made a pain crying sound and when she would stand up she stared at the ground or idk exactly but she tends not to get up ever and if she tries she uses her front paws and lays down idk how to explain this but could jumping off beds be a reason to? Please reply. I"m really nervous But then she seems fine and then she doesent it kinda weird.

  2. My GSD doesnt have any of the symptoms of HD, however, I pulled her leg oddly the other day by accident (she pulled away while I was trying to lift it to check a tick bite) and I heard a pop. I put her on her back and checked the range like you did in 2:16, but heard no popping and felt no shifting. Still taking her to the vet, but I'm now very worried. Could this be an indication of HD? It's the first and only time her legs have ever made a sound.

  3. Well too late. I've had her for over a year now. Right now she's laying on my bed snoring and her tummy up in the air.

  4. I work my gsd/husky hard because thats what dogs are born to do. I'd never let her continue a life like this. Put these poor creatures down and adopt a new dog.

  5. I live in Las Vegas , NV. I made a bad mistake of buying a German Shepard at Pet Pros, one of our local pet stores. It's been 2 months and x ray he has an extreme case of hip dysplasa. Nevada Lemon Law only gives 10 days for owner to get a refund. Only option I have on the contract is a full credit for another dog which I do not want to risk. Do I have other legal options?

  6. Why would you give up your dog because of this? There are quite a few non expensive ways to help your dog maintain a good quality of life with hip dysplasia. The most important of which is exercise and stretching.

  7. Good to know. It seems like my dog hip is so far out that it's not grinding or not bothering him for now . It has improved by itself. The Pet Store gave me credits for another dog so now I also have a Huky.

  8. Please don't buy you pet from an online puppy breeder or a pet store… the shelter is full of dogs waiting for a good home… if you would see what this breeder do to this poor animals you would really think twice

  9. my vet says my dog has a narrow disc, causing her to not be able to walk on her right leg she is on anti inflammatory and pain med, she does have pain,.. Steroids would be the next step, my question is have you seen cases like this, and what is the success rate in your experience? she is over weight chihuahua

  10. nope –> dogs are born with normal hip joint. But over time due to many factors (as stated in the video) they can develop hip joint laxity –> usually due to high genetic heritability. Usually diagnosed at around 6 months of age, but signs can show as early as 3 months (in my 2nd to last year of vet school =) ) hope this helps.

  11. My GSD had hip dysplasia in both hips and I don't even care, largely because it's only mild/moderate. He has shockingly severe osteoarthritis in both elbows/elbow dysplasia AND exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI). At this stage, his hip dysplasia is his MILDEST health concern. I feel like a really bad owner saying I don't care about HD but I just don't when other things are so much worse.

  12. Hip dysplasia and other joint issues in dogs are so common today. Any way to help educate pet owners as to what symptoms to watch for is extremely important and this video does an excellent job on this. The sooner the health issue can be identified, the better chances that the pet will have a more pleasant life.

  13. great video helpful yet hurtful we all hate to see our other kids ( quadrupedal ) hurt in any way …but we do what we can and, what we got to do to make them stay at their best !! there love is so unconditional ….  

  14. Hello Dr:
    My Akita is only 2yrs old, but sometimes he get leg cramp on the left side, when I massage it I feel the nerve switch back to where it suppose to be.
    We go hiking/walking 3times a week.
    Do u know why he gets leg cramp?

  15. Under the commonly found in these dogs section, what about mastiffs? He's also mixed with something I believe Labrador .
    My dog has been limping on one of his back legs (although not very severely until today)
    I started urging my mom to take him to a vet the first days I noticed it (a few weeks ago)
    But today it's different. He seems to be putting extra effort into not using that leg BUT not only that it seems the front leg on the opposite side is bothering him now as well. Maybe that's because he has to put extra weight on it since his hind leg is off the ground. I keep asking my mom to take him to the vet but she says that it will cost like $5000 to get it fixed, which we just don't have right now. ( which I don't believe in the slightest, I think MAYBE it could be as high as $2000 but even that sounds unreasobable.)His other hind leg and front leg seem to be fine. Anyone with any useful info please enlighten me. This is the first dog that I have ever really considered mine and I hate to see him suffer. I can't even stop a tearing up just writing this.

  16. please help my working dog get hip surgery. Anything helps I'm begging for help thank you and good day

  17. I have a 14 year old miniature Schnauzer who developed signs of hip displasia about six months ago. It deteriorated until she couldn't squat to poop or pee, without falling into it. Then it got to the point where she had to drag her rear legs behind her inorder to be mobile.

    I couldn't stand watching her struggle just to walk. I prayed about it, and eventually came up with the idea of disolving 100 mg of Gabapentin in two quarts of her drinking water. Almost overnight, she quit dragging her legs. As time went on (about three weeks now), she is able to walk again. It is still difficult for her. She can't jump up on the sofa, and she has trouble with the poop squat and sometimes comes back in with a poopy butt, so I have to clean her up.

    She can now run when she gets excited. I lift her up and down on the sofa. But if she really wants to get down, she does, although its more like a crash landing, but it doesn't seem to phase her much.

    She is her happy little self again because of Gabapentin. This is not an advertisement. Just a testimony of how God heard my prayers for my dog who has been with me for fourteen years. None of our prayers go unheard.

  18. My dog bunny hops the stairs, but the stairs are big and tall and she is a German shepherd puppy, would that be bad? And also when I pick her up after she sleeps I think I accidentally held her somewhere and she cries

  19. Please share. He's already been rehomed once and he's only a year old, he's a part of our family and unfortunately we'll have to consider surrendering him to the SPCA if we can't raise the money ourselves to have his hip replaced. Any help at all, even a share is so appreciated. Thank you. ❤️

  20. My 5 month old lab puppy walks fine but runs with both hind legs hitting the floor at almost synchronized time. Is this normal as a puppy?

  21. Someone help 😭😭😭😭. My 3 year old German shepherd, Gunner, isn't acting normal. I think he may have hip problems… he won't run to catch the ball, he isn't sunning at all and.. just seems… "off." I'm really worried… and I'm just a kid so I can't do anything! My dad is taking him to the vet soon… I hope he'll be ok… :,,,,,,,'''(

  22. Hello doctor! Sir I m from india and I have a jarman Shepard female dog and she have wounds on hip . I have tried so many medicine but can't success plz help me sir plz

  23. Hip dysplacia was never an issue in dogs before 1930's. When the production of commercialized kibble garbage began we could see HD cases in large breed dogs sky rocket. Almost all health issues found in K9's today are a result of kibble crap. This is simple math people. Balanced organic raw diet is the key to all your dogs problems. One supplement you should add and one only to yoyr balanced raw diet is FERMENTED COD LIVER OIL. You should be taking it as well. Make sure it is fermented! Thank me later.

  24. So he just confirmed that they don't need to do any X-ray to figure it out yet they still do it and charge us and end up putting the dog under sedatives to check for hip dysplasia regardless of what the X-ray said. This is why so many people wait to take their pets to the vet because not everyone has cash to spend on random test

  25. My golden is only 7 years old and the thought of putting him down is just heartbreaking and surgery is not an option because we can’t afford it. I’m heartbroken and I don’t know what to do

  26. Just found out our Golden Oshie has hip dysplasia. Great video for understanding exactly what it is and how it affects our pup. Thanks!

  27. My friends just got a Border Collie puppy she's about 6 months old &her front and back legs don't move independently. She moves just like a rabbit. she has no 'gate' to her movement. She is the runt, born first and none of her other siblings had this issue. We tried putting her in a tub with high water to see if she would swim and she was having trouble. Any opinions?

  28. My rescue keeps going upstairs even if he is having hard time hopping on steps. Is that bad for him or is it a good exercise for his hind legs?

  29. I like the Fitbone. It helped me in recovery after surgery.

  30. I had a girl rott at about 2 year , her Hip dysplasia kick in , but I reduce her weight and fed her fish oil and she live to be 8 before her kidney shut down , she was a smart rott that came from a puppy mill , no regret ,still in my heart ,joy 1.

  31. man 10 years ago there wasn’t clickbaiting or rambling about nonsense. straight to the point! good ol days eh?

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