Red Dead Online | Horse Racing! Fails & Funny moments! | #1
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Red Dead Online | Horse Racing! Fails & Funny moments! | #1

August 12, 2019

Привет ребята! ^-^ Сегодня я хочу показать вам некоторые из моих гоночных клипов от Red Dead Online! о нет! СТОП!! 0_0 я не упаду :’D Ааа .. Эта игра такая красивая:) ^-^ ^0^ это не хорошие звезды .. xD Ой!

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  1. Here using translator Haha I am very cool the video, I hope you continue like this, you will get very far <3

  2. I LOVE THE HORSES AS MY LIFE ΒΘΤ…i know this game one of my friends have it and…ME: Hey can I play for a bit the horse, please?
    FRIEND: Ye sure but wait go to this place
    ME: OK
    One hour later … FRIEND: Hey am bored do you want to play something else?
    ME: But I didn't play
    FRIEND: Another time
    And only one time I play GREAT ;-;

  3. LIKE VERY MUCH RED DEAD ONLINE. but could you pls make vid more often? i have waited very long for a vid from you

  4. Great video! I can see why you love this game, knowing you and horses. Each race felt intense as I was on the edge of my seat, hoping you would win. Keep up the good work!

  5. ahoj archshiranui,mam rada moc hru the isle a vypada to tak že ty ju miluješ 🙂 a užívaš si ji na plno :)ale ja ne:(nejedou mi tam serveru takže nemužu hrat online ale sama :(nevíš jaktože mi nejedou online servery ? prosím 🙂

  6. could you play the "Testing (A)" LudicrousCunningfox made in roblox? It's the most releastic animal game i've ever seen! i mean look at yhe walk& run crycle

  7. oml this game looks awesome! and i realized that i hadn't watched ur videos for ages so (guilty as charged) srry! 😛

  8. Omg I just found this video xD and then I found out it is your video :O I am a fan of RDR2 and a fan of you :3 I am just waiting for it to come out on PC.

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