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September 6, 2019

Red Dead Redemption 2 – NEW MULTIPLAYER TRAILER,
0:00:00.190,0:00:03.290 [Music]
RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 MULTIPLAYER 0:00:07.610,0:00:12.240
hey you what’s going on guys my name is RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 ONLINE
0:00:10.410,0:00:13.769 Zack be Gus and call me hazardous thank
you guys so much for tuning back in on RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 ONLINE TRAILER
0:00:13.769,0:00:17.730 my channel and welcome back to another
red dead redemption – video here on the RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 ONLINE INFORMATION
0:00:17.730,0:00:20.340 channel today guys and in today’s read
RDR2 MULTIPLAYER 0:00:19.170,0:00:22.350
dead 2 video we’re gonna be talking RDR2 ONLINE
0:00:20.340,0:00:25.500 about multiplayer and Red Dead
RDR2 MULTIPLAYER TRAILER 0:00:22.350,0:00:27.570
Redemption – online in RDR – so we’re RDR2 ONLINE TRAILER
0:00:25.500,0:00:30.240 kind of gonna frame this video in a Red
RDR2 MULTIPLAYER INFORMATION 0:00:27.570,0:00:32.399
Dead Redemption one context speaking and RDR2 ONLINE INFORMATION
0:00:30.240,0:00:35.370 speculating about Red Dead Redemption –
RED DEAD 2 MULTIPLAYER 0:00:32.399,0:00:37.440
there isn’t any confirmed information RED DEAD 2 ONLINE
0:00:35.370,0:00:39.510 for Red Dead Redemption to multiplayer
RED DEAD 2 MULTIPLAYER TRAILER 0:00:37.440,0:00:41.160
specifically that’s been lino leaked or RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2
0:00:39.510,0:00:42.420 confirmed by Rockstar yet there have
RDR2 0:00:41.160,0:00:43.950
actually been some leaks but there MULTIPLAYER
0:00:42.420,0:00:46.170 hasn’t been any confirmed news by 0:00:43.950,0:00:48.539
Rockstar itself I don’t even think it’s 0:00:46.170,0:00:50.160
been announced by Rockstar that Red Dead 0:00:48.539,0:00:53.640
Redemption 2 will have a multiplayer 0:00:50.160,0:00:54.750
mode it’s going to I’m 99.9% sure it’s 0:00:53.640,0:00:56.129
going to all their modes have a 0:00:54.750,0:00:57.840
multiplayer all their games have a 0:00:56.129,0:01:00.090
multiplayer it just hasn’t been 0:00:57.840,0:01:01.530
announced yet because then I think 0:01:00.090,0:01:03.000
that’s really the reason this game is 0:01:01.530,0:01:04.769
delayed I think the campaign and the 0:01:03.000,0:01:06.270
story’s done and things like that 0:01:04.769,0:01:08.670
they’re delaying it because of the 0:01:06.270,0:01:09.930
multiplayer I think that’s really the 0:01:08.670,0:01:11.040
whole reason this game has been delayed 0:01:09.930,0:01:12.689
so much but we’re gonna be talking about 0:01:11.040,0:01:14.580
reddit Redemption – multiplayer in this 0:01:12.689,0:01:15.479
video and Red Dead – online and I want 0:01:14.580,0:01:16.799
to know your guys thoughts on 0:01:15.479,0:01:18.509
multiplayer and kind of what you guys 0:01:16.799,0:01:20.310
would like to see featured in this video 0:01:18.509,0:01:22.080
like I said I’m gonna be going over the 0:01:20.310,0:01:24.030
original Red Dead Redemption multiplayer 0:01:22.080,0:01:26.250
and everything that has to do with that 0:01:24.030,0:01:28.200
game considering or consisting of all 0:01:26.250,0:01:29.280
the multiple game modes and how the 0:01:28.200,0:01:31.560
players are allowed to play 0:01:29.280,0:01:33.329
cooperatively with the outlaws to the 0:01:31.560,0:01:35.100
end DLC or competitively through an 0:01:33.329,0:01:36.930
online connection reddit Redemption 0:01:35.100,0:01:38.729
multiplayer doesn’t have a traditional 0:01:36.930,0:01:40.799
game lobby guys instead it starts out in 0:01:38.729,0:01:44.070
the free run mode just kind of kind of 0:01:40.799,0:01:46.619
like free roam in GTA 5 with the entire 0:01:44.070,0:01:48.210
map open flare for exploration along 0:01:46.619,0:01:50.700
with hunting areas with the legends and 0:01:48.210,0:01:52.920
killers DLC and gang hideouts of which 0:01:50.700,0:01:54.570
players can take advantage of from there 0:01:52.920,0:01:56.520
players can establish player parties 0:01:54.570,0:01:58.619
with other players called posses or 0:01:56.520,0:02:00.600
choose to participate in various game 0:01:58.619,0:02:02.670
modes via the in-game menu or various 0:02:00.600,0:02:04.259
entry points around the game world there 0:02:02.670,0:02:06.149
are various multiplayer glitches that 0:02:04.259,0:02:07.530
also affect the gameplay as well in Red 0:02:06.149,0:02:08.700
Dead Redemption multiplayer we’re also 0:02:07.530,0:02:09.990
going to talk about some of the game 0:02:08.700,0:02:11.700
modes about some of the seven 0:02:09.990,0:02:13.320
gamemodes in Red Dead multiplayer one of 0:02:11.700,0:02:15.420
them being free room which is the entry 0:02:13.320,0:02:17.070
point into multiplayer where you’re free 0:02:15.420,0:02:19.500
to go nearly anywhere in the world with 0:02:17.070,0:02:22.440
up to 15 other players online on Xbox 0:02:19.500,0:02:24.540
360 and ps3 this is also where you can 0:02:22.440,0:02:26.310
pick your unique character mount which 0:02:24.540,0:02:28.380
is a horse and title in the outfitter 0:02:26.310,0:02:30.630
players menu and players are also able 0:02:28.380,0:02:32.790
to band together and form posses of up 0:02:30.630,0:02:34.530
to 8 players in these posses you can 0:02:32.790,0:02:36.450
take on other posses and have a gang 0:02:34.530,0:02:37.980
fight and during free roam you can take 0:02:36.450,0:02:40.050
part in gang hideouts and one of the 0:02:37.980,0:02:41.940
quickest ways of ranking up in Red Dead 0:02:40.050,0:02:43.470
Redemption 1 multiplayer is by 0:02:41.940,0:02:44.610
completing these gang hideouts and I’m 0:02:43.470,0:02:46.770
sure we’re gonna see something similar 0:02:44.610,0:02:48.810
to that in Red Dead Redemption 2 online 0:02:46.770,0:02:50.070
along with these gang hideouts their 0:02:48.810,0:02:51.690
hunting grounds scattered throughout the 0:02:50.070,0:02:53.670
world that you can gain XP from and 0:02:51.690,0:02:55.590
complete various challenges you can 0:02:53.670,0:02:57.420
press the Select or back button to open 0:02:55.590,0:02:59.910
up a menu where you can join posses and 0:02:57.420,0:03:01.800
fight friends or switch game types there 0:02:59.910,0:03:04.050
are also three modes of free roam 0:03:01.800,0:03:06.360
there’s normal hardcore and friendly 0:03:04.050,0:03:07.980
players cannot kill other players in 0:03:06.360,0:03:09.480
friendly mode other than just like 0:03:07.980,0:03:11.040
stealing their mount and driving them 0:03:09.480,0:03:13.080
off a cliff like if you’re in the same 0:03:11.040,0:03:14.640
stagecoaches them you can kill a player 0:03:13.080,0:03:16.710
that way but otherwise you can’t shoot 0:03:14.640,0:03:18.120
your player or other players in the 0:03:16.710,0:03:22.050
friendly mode it’s kind of like passive 0:03:18.120,0:03:23.520
mode in GTA 5 and in normal mode you can 0:03:22.050,0:03:24.840
kill players and in hardcore mode as 0:03:23.520,0:03:26.700
well but something to note is that with 0:03:24.840,0:03:28.530
hardcore mode expert targeting is 0:03:26.700,0:03:30.540
required so basically aim assist is 0:03:28.530,0:03:32.040
turned off in hardcore mode that’s about 0:03:30.540,0:03:33.720
it you still have a mini-map and things 0:03:32.040,0:03:35.760
like that and a heads-up display but 0:03:33.720,0:03:37.500
your targeting you just don’t have your 0:03:35.760,0:03:39.660
Hamm assists to like typically you do in 0:03:37.500,0:03:41.460
rockstar games there’s also some 0:03:39.660,0:03:43.170
competitive modes besides free roam in 0:03:41.460,0:03:44.730
Red Dead 1 online and then these 0:03:43.170,0:03:46.350
competitive modes the gameplay begins 0:03:44.730,0:03:48.030
with either a Mexican standoff or 0:03:46.350,0:03:50.340
free-for-all with all the players 0:03:48.030,0:03:51.810
beginning in a circle or a team faceoff 0:03:50.340,0:03:54.420
with all players in their respective 0:03:51.810,0:03:55.680
teams line facing the other team there 0:03:54.420,0:03:57.480
will be a short countdown then a 0:03:55.680,0:03:59.160
firefight will commence in which all of 0:03:57.480,0:04:00.810
the players will start shooting at once 0:03:59.160,0:04:02.460
most of the players will die right off 0:04:00.810,0:04:04.500
allowing the remaining players to find a 0:04:02.460,0:04:07.020
choice location such as a sniping spot 0:04:04.500,0:04:08.850
to fend off their attackers once the 0:04:07.020,0:04:11.010
standoff ends and everyone from one team 0:04:08.850,0:04:13.290
dies the actual game you are playing via 0:04:11.010,0:04:16.049
either the gang shootout mode hold your 0:04:13.290,0:04:18.150
own mode or grab the bag or etc starts 0:04:16.049,0:04:19.919
there also a variety of weapons to be 0:04:18.150,0:04:21.989
found in the chests around the map and 0:04:19.919,0:04:23.820
during gang matches players will be 0:04:21.989,0:04:25.500
assigned a new player model 0:04:23.820,0:04:27.060
during free-for-all matches and in free 0:04:25.500,0:04:28.890
roam players will be allowed to use 0:04:27.060,0:04:30.720
their own chosen character model the 0:04:28.890,0:04:32.640
players selected mount is only usable in 0:04:30.720,0:04:34.500
some game modes and team-based matches 0:04:32.640,0:04:37.140
all players will be assigned to one type 0:04:34.500,0:04:39.180
of force to keep the game fair guns are 0:04:37.140,0:04:41.160
also assigned to any game type except 0:04:39.180,0:04:42.900
free room and in any competitive mode 0:04:41.160,0:04:44.670
the players are assigned to a 0:04:42.900,0:04:46.170
predetermined set of guns for the round 0:04:44.670,0:04:48.000
to get an idea of what guns you will 0:04:46.170,0:04:49.680
receive look to the dummy in the pre 0:04:48.000,0:04:51.420
game lobby if you unlock a gun by 0:04:49.680,0:04:53.730
levelling up it will be available to you 0:04:51.420,0:04:55.560
in free room and then lastly we also 0:04:53.730,0:04:57.930
have cooperative modes in Red Dead 0:04:55.560,0:04:59.460
online as well cooperative play was 0:04:57.930,0:05:01.410
introduced with the outlaws to the end 0:04:59.460,0:05:03.270
DLC and you have to download it before 0:05:01.410,0:05:05.340
you’re able to play the mode but it is 0:05:03.270,0:05:06.570
something to note that the DLC is free 0:05:05.340,0:05:08.340
so if you guys want to play it right now 0:05:06.570,0:05:10.110
you are more than welcome to 0:05:08.340,0:05:11.700
and in this cooperative mode a group of 0:05:10.110,0:05:12.960
up to two to four players will work as a 0:05:11.700,0:05:15.120
team through one of the six missions 0:05:12.960,0:05:16.410
available if a player’s health drops to 0:05:15.120,0:05:18.600
the point of dying they will begin 0:05:16.410,0:05:20.280
bleeding out and be unable to shoot or 0:05:18.600,0:05:22.230
move they will have a certain amount of 0:05:20.280,0:05:24.000
time as represented above their heads 0:05:22.230,0:05:25.860
before they bleed out and during this 0:05:24.000,0:05:27.780
time a teammate must revive them or they 0:05:25.860,0:05:29.490
will die if a player dies they will be 0:05:27.780,0:05:31.470
out of the game and forced to spectate a 0:05:29.490,0:05:33.810
teammate until the next checkpoint which 0:05:31.470,0:05:35.970
are usually frequent if reached players 0:05:33.810,0:05:37.740
usually choose a loadout in the pregame 0:05:35.970,0:05:39.900
lobby by walking up to a gun set 0:05:37.740,0:05:41.700
represented by a dummy and selecting the 0:05:39.900,0:05:43.140
one they want as their weapon set there 0:05:41.700,0:05:44.760
are four low deaths available there’s 0:05:43.140,0:05:46.410
the minor loadout the soldier loadout 0:05:44.760,0:05:48.210
the marksman lota and the gunslinger 0:05:46.410,0:05:49.110
loadout the weapons they choose will be 0:05:48.210,0:05:50.430
with them through the rest of the 0:05:49.110,0:05:52.290
mission however they can pick up the 0:05:50.430,0:05:54.390
weapons from fallen enemies as well and 0:05:52.290,0:05:56.280
players retain their selected player 0:05:54.390,0:05:58.050
model so those are all the multiplayer 0:05:56.280,0:05:59.610
modes there’s free room competitive and 0:05:58.050,0:06:01.740
cooperative and I can almost guarantee 0:05:59.610,0:06:03.630
we’re gonna see some variation of all 0:06:01.740,0:06:05.070
these things in a Red Dead 2 online in 0:06:03.630,0:06:06.600
future videos guys I’m gonna break down 0:06:05.070,0:06:08.190
oh you know the different types of 0:06:06.600,0:06:09.870
competitive modes and cooperative modes 0:06:08.190,0:06:12.540
and different free roam details 0:06:09.870,0:06:14.040
information news and features that are 0:06:12.540,0:06:16.230
gonna be involved in Red Dead Redemption 0:06:14.040,0:06:17.670
2 online but we just have to wait and 0:06:16.230,0:06:19.770
see until a new multiplayer trailer 0:06:17.670,0:06:21.750
drops like I said there is no confirmed 0:06:19.770,0:06:23.340
news right now for Red Dead 2 online the 0:06:21.750,0:06:25.410
gameplay you guys are watching are the 0:06:23.340,0:06:27.060
Red Dead Redemption multiplayer trailers 0:06:25.410,0:06:28.710
I thought I figured it would be good to 0:06:27.060,0:06:30.810
play those so you can guys can get a see 0:06:28.710,0:06:32.250
kind of what multiplayer looks like in 0:06:30.810,0:06:34.590
Red Dead Redemption I was trying to play 0:06:32.250,0:06:36.840
it on my ps4 using the PS now streaming 0:06:34.590,0:06:37.440
system and the quality is just awful so 0:06:36.840,0:06:38.910
rather than 0:06:37.440,0:06:40.050
show that gameplay to you guys I’ll show 0:06:38.910,0:06:42.000
you guys the Red Dead Redemption 0:06:40.050,0:06:44.160
multiplayer trailers and I’m sure we’re 0:06:42.000,0:06:46.050
gonna see trailers just like this coming 0:06:44.160,0:06:48.270
up in future Red Dead Redemption to 0:06:46.050,0:06:48.960
multiplayer trailers by Rockstar Games 0:06:48.270,0:06:50.310
themselves 0:06:48.960,0:06:51.480
thank you guys so much for tuning in to 0:06:50.310,0:06:53.190
the channel like I said if you guys 0:06:51.480,0:06:54.660
found this information helpful drop a 0:06:53.190,0:06:56.370
like and subscribe to the channel if you 0:06:54.660,0:06:57.450
guys are new thank you so much for 0:06:56.370,0:06:58.800
tuning in I hope you guys have a 0:06:57.450,0:07:00.180
fantastic day let me know what you guys 0:06:58.800,0:07:01.590
think about Red Dead Redemption 2 0:07:00.180,0:07:03.810
multiplayer and different features you 0:07:01.590,0:07:04.830
guys want in Red Dead 2 online down in 0:07:03.810,0:07:06.480
the comments we’ll have a discussion 0:07:04.830,0:07:08.280
thank you guys so much for tuning in 0:07:06.480,0:07:11.120
I’ll see you guys in the next Red Dead 0:07:08.280,0:07:32.190
Redemption 2 video adios amigos 0:07:11.120,0:07:32.190
[Music] Red Dead Redemption 2 – NEW MULTIPLAYER TRAILER,

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  1. Welcome back to another Red Dead Redemption 2 and RDR2 video here on the channel for yall today! In todays video on Red Dead Redemption 2, new multiplayer trailer, RDR2 multiplayer info and RDR2 online information! (RDR2). We have a sweet Red Dead Redemption 2 Online and RDR2 multiplayer video here for you guys today where we talk about all the Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer game modes like RDR2 Online free roam, RDR2 online competitive like team deathmatch and more, and also Red Dead Redemption 2 Cooperative play game modes and RDR2 multiplayer Cooperative game modes. If you guys have any recommendations or suggestions for Rockstar to add to their new RDR2 Online mode then leave them in the comments section below! I will be uploading a lot more Red Dead Redemption 2 Online video and RDR2 Multiplayer videos so be sure to subscribe to the channel for more and if you found the information helpful, then DROP A LIKE! See you guys in the next Red Dead Redemption 2 video 😀

  2. Man I remember having a us calvery clan and one day we found ourselves in Mexico fighting this Mexican army clan at tarquemada, we fought for control of the hill top town just in freerome. Hopefully we can have great created moments like that agian.

  3. Thee most rdr2 related clickbait title, then 40 seconds in confirms theres nothing official. Hmmmm that's a thumbs down. Smh. Are you and RedBandit buddies????

  4. The title was click bait and you basically just described the Multiplayer content of the first Res Dead Redemption.

  5. Even though i knew there wasn't a multiplayer trailer I still clicked just to see what you'd say smh you shouldn't clickbait it just makes you look bad not tryna hate but doing things like this will just turn around and bite you if you want honest to god youtubers that cover Red Dead Redemption 2 watch RedBandit or LegacyKilla?

  6. alrite bro, just want to be like gta with missions and rank up, its gonna be a massive map so we will have loads to do!!!!

  7. I just want player customization free roam choices, and hopefully own some kind of property. That's really all am begging for.

  8. I'm sick and tired of all these clickbait videos.
    Seriously, you should be ashamed of yourself for constantly uploading clickbait garbage, and then immediately admitting it's just more "speculation". The titles are always purposely misleading, and the videos are always a huge waste of people's time.
    I'm shocked you keep getting so many likes for this shit.
    Telling people that it's just more speculation AFTER you lured them in with clickbait titles doesn't make it ok.

  9. Title: Red Dead Redemption II Online Trailer
    :45: “There is nothing confirmed for Red Dead Online, so I’m just going to speculate.”

    I personally like speculation videos about games, but i refuse to support the trend of clickbait titles. Your video may be good, but I will never know. #dislike

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