Refillable Watercolor Sketchbook
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Refillable Watercolor Sketchbook

August 24, 2019

Hey everybody! In today’s video I’m going
to show you how to make the most adorable little DIY watercolor sketch
book, using your Gel Press and this incredible paper that acts like leather!
You can even wash this paper – it’s amazing, and I’m going to tell you all about
it. This is my little finished journal, and here’s how it starts! So this amazing
Kraft paper is extremely tough. It comes in a bunch of different colors. I die cut it
to make this little journal cover but before I did that I got it wet and
crumpled it up to give it that leather texture that you see there,
and after it’s been wet or after you’ve even washed it (you can wash it in your
washing machine.) you can do all kinds of stuff with it then you can sew with it, or
you can die-cut it like I’ve done here. They do recommend that if you’re going
to make a bag out of it with your sewing machine that you sew with it while it’s
actually damp, but then because the surface is paper
you can also do all sorts of fun things like what I’m going to do today. So first I have this beautiful stencil
that I am just going to pick up this little tentacle pattern. I’m going to use
it as waves in the background for my little fish but either way it’s a fun
ocean theme, and because this paper is thick and it feels like leather you have
to treat it a bit differently than you do paper on your Gel Press but it picks
up all mediums beautifully just like any Kraft paper would. I love that you can
get this wet and change how soft the paper is and the more that you wet it
and crumple it up the more malleable and soft it will be.
The colors that they have are beautiful but I wanted my color to come from paint
for this little journal so I’m using the Kraft version but I’ll link you to the
colored and the craft versions of this paper below. Now I had used this same die,
which I’ll also give you a link to, to make a similar watercolor journal but I
had made that out of this beautiful dark blue suede. We actually made them at my
retreat and I found that this paper actually works better with dies that
score – this is a Bigz die, because with the suede because it was so much softer it
actually cut through the score lines on this die that allow for this little book
to expand so this paper works out much better for that.
Now for the pickup prints where I’m not getting that little texture from this
stencil, I’m just taking the ghost print and just randomly putting it all over
the inside of the journal. You won’t see much of the inside of the journal while
you’re using it because I’m going to fill it up with pieces of folded
watercolor paper after I add a little binding, but I didn’t want it to just be
plain either I wanted it to coordinate with the outside of the journal so it’s
just sort of an echo of what’s going to happen on the cover. Now I’ll just pick up the turquoise
paint – it’s actually teal not turquoise – this is probably my favorite Golden
color. It’s gorgeous and then they also have this vat orange and those are the
two colors in my craft room so I tend to use them together quite a bit.
I call it my HoJo color scheme! So I’ll use the vat orange to make some
little fishies on the journal cover. Now the fish stencil is a 6×6 stencil so I
don’t need to cover the whole plate and you’ll notice that I got my Big Daddy
plate out today! I don’t make a lot of videos with this plate because I like to
have it permanently parked at the place where my sister and I gel print together
a lot, but did grab it for this video because this
die that cuts the journal cover is 12 inches long.
Now here I’m just rolling up the journal cover just so I can randomly pick up
some little orange fish here and there and you just want to really press that – I
keep wanting to say fabric – you want to press the paper that feels like fabric
into wherever you want to pick up from this stencil but you can see even though
I only got this wet once and crushed it a little bit how it’s still soft and
flexible enough to pick up very detailed patterns like these adorable little
fishies. So I’ll just fill them in. Now I got a
little extra paint a little orange paint that’s what I was pointing to
from the outside of the stencil but I’m going to make that into a critter, too,
because you’re going to see what else you can do with this amazing paper.
Look how pretty those two stencils look together – I just love those two colors together! if
Golden ever stops making those two colors I will actually die! So the ball
is in your court, Golden! Keep me alive please! Isn’t that stencil pretty? I love
that. So now I will just take the remaining
wet paint up just on a scrap and I’ll clean this more thoroughly
later, or not which is my normal method, because it makes for beautiful little
accidental elements on your prints later. Now because this is paper, it takes all
other mediums beautifully as I said, and especially my Pitt pens. It does not let
the ink feather out into the paper and I’ve talked about this before – some
papers will cause pens to bleed it’s a certain combination of paper and a
certain combination of pen, but these are crisp and perfect on this amazing,
amazing medium! So I hope you try this substrate in your gel printing. This is
what it looks like when I’m done with my black and my white pen. This is what the
inside looks like with folded watercolor paper, and this is what the little book
looks like all closed up! I hope you’ve enjoyed this! Thanks so much for watching!

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