Reggie Couz feat. Old Spice feat. Reggie Couz | Old Spice

March 1, 2020

Fellas My brethrens. I gotta tell you about this 48 hour Sweat Defense. I said Sweat Defense. This dry spray is everything. Does it really work? Let me explain. If you’re asking me bout how I never sweat. That’s that Old Spice Sweat Defense kicking in to help. Always keep me shower fresh, keep me shower fresh. I like me smelling clean. And that’s why I get the best. Antiperspirant This thing was heaven sent. Finally I can just walk outside I don’t have to worry about stench in my armpit. Cuz that’s disgusting. I love you Old Spice. Just because of you, I never think twice. Are you feeling the connection? It’s the greatest sweat protection. Is really all you need. You’ll be pleased. *Old Spice Whistle*

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