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Relationship & Animal Mating | Sexual Conflict – Documentary

October 21, 2019

In the majority of cases, life is more risky
for the males, because they either succeed or fail, whereas almost all the females breed.
That is why evolution has made the males bigger and more aggressive. It is the female who
must choose the best genes, because her eggs are few, limited and valuable, and what’s
more it is they who will have to look after the young. For a male, the cost of an error
is insignificant, his sperm can easily be replaced. In humans, for example, a woman
produces just 400 eggs in her entire life, but a man releases 300 million sperm in each
ejaculation. The Magellanic penguin is colonial and monogamous,
so while some males are with their lifelong mate, others, still single, try to find a
partner. But it is not easy. While others triumph, he is scorned. Despite the insistence of this male, the female
rejects him because he does not have his own hole in which to lay the eggs. No way is she
going to risk reproducing with someone who is not even capable of getting there in time
to grab a decent home. And without a home sweet home, the girl simply
isn’t interested, no matter how much he insists. For the female, it is very important that
the future father of her eggs has his own living quarters. So if this male wants a mate
he’ll just have to get here a bit earlier next year. Almost all animals have one breeding season
a year, but there are two species for which this is not true: rats and humans. Human females
are always sexually active, and childhood is long, so the couple needs to be a stable
unit. And that is of enormous biological importance because it is vital for the survival of the
young. This is Papua New Guinea, and in the Highlands
a marriage is taking place. The bride shows off the money the groom has paid, in addition
to thirty pigs. The bride and groom are from different villages, and now the two families
are gathered together, the bride price can be handed over. In all human cultures, the union of the couple
also involves the families and the clans. Without the support of their social groups,
a new family would get off to a very bad start. Once the deal has been made, the bride’s
family takes their share of the food and goes to their village. The longevity of humans means there can be
prolonged contact between generations, favouring a lasting biosocial and mental evolution. After the formation, however temporary, of
the couple, and as a result of this, reproduction brings the birth of new individuals. For the majority of mammals, the adaptive
success of the males is based on breeding with many females, then giving little or no
help in raising the young. So, the females are often left to look after the children
alone. This female bear has to teach her two cubs
how to fish for salmon, but at the same time must avoid any encounter with a male, who
would not hesitate to kill her cubs so she will again come into heat. The cubs would not be able to survive in the
future without the lessons they learn from their mother during the first three years
of life. During this time, even their own fathers would not recognise them, and would
kill them. The maternal bond is without doubt the strongest in nature, any mammalian mother
would give her life to save her children, and would be capable of facing any danger
for them, she is a super-animal, ready to sacrifice all. But if she died, the young would not last
long, so evolution is on the side of mothers who know when to beat a hasty retreat. A male is fishing rather too close, so it’s
best to leave. The elephant seals are not exactly model fathers
either. In their obsession with defending their harem, these colossi push, oppress and
even crush the young who, as the almighty sultan rushes past, are often separated from
their mother and get lost. They are the pups born the previous year, and they will continue
to breastfeed for four more weeks, breastfeeding, before their mothers go into heat and are
again mounted by the stud male. Up to ten per cent of cubs are killed, crushed
by their father.

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