Renegades Season 1 Episode 1: “Different” (Breyer Horse Movie)
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Renegades Season 1 Episode 1: “Different” (Breyer Horse Movie)

August 20, 2019

Rain, may I enter the forest to enjoy myself in the form of playing? Leaf, say it right please. Oh. Rain, can I play there in the forest? Sure, Leaf. Why must I speak in a relaxed and disrespectful voice? It is of much more ease, to me, to talk with respectful and clarifying words. I know, I know, I was born into the Unformals. The correct term is informal, to show how informal our herd is. Hey, Leaf. Greetings, Sunrise. A beautiful day to be enjoying ourselves in this place. Yeah, today’s a great day. D’ya wanna race? Oh, truthfully? You always win because of the length of your legs and the age difference between us two. Y’ can’t say no to a challenge! You know me too well! One day I will be the first to reach the finish line. You’re on. 3… 2… 1… Depart! Yeah, I win again! Good race, Leaf. It was a fine race even though you were a formidable opponent and I lost by many lengths. Or ya coulda said it was fun even though I lost. Yes, true. That would probably help me pass my half-yearling test more than what I said. Uh – hu. Now I must – I mean I got to – I mean I gotta get back to Rain. It’s getting late. ‘Kay. See ya later Leaf. See you later, Sunrise. Hey, Leaf. Greetings! I mean, hi Rain! Should we practice for your half-yearling test? Yes. It is of the utmost importance that I rehearse my informal speech. I mean, yeah, I should really practice. We’ll imitate a conversation that you and Ice will have together, but you can still call me Rain. Hey, Leaf. Hey Rain. What’s up? The sky… Oh! Nothing much. What do you do in your free time? I enjoy galloping around in the forest and leaping over piles of fallen branches. Nice. I liked to do that too when I was a foal. See you later, Leaf. See you later, Rain. That was pretty good. Just remember to use “I like” instead of “I enjoy”. Oh, true. That is a favorable idea. You can keep practicing on your own. I’m going to go chat with Tree. Um, okay. Like. I like galloping in the forest and leaping over piles of fallen branches. Hey. Hey, Ice. What is up? Nothing much. I’m going to rest. Maybe then all this Unformals stuff will make sense.

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  1. Yes! You should do a bloopers video, but as separate videos… for example: renegades episode 1 bloopers!

  2. CONGRATS ON 100 SUBS HEATH!!!!!! 👏🏼🎊🎉🎊🎉 WHOOP WHOOP!!!! (btw I’m posting this on all your videos… prepare yourself.)

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