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Renwick & Sons grooming kit review | Your Horse magazine

August 22, 2019

I’ve been using this high-quality
grooming kit from Renwick & Sons for a couple of months now. The kit comes in
its own case and each brush is handmade wooden backs and beautiful leather straps
that can be adjusted to fit your hand perfectly. You can even have your name or
your horse’s name embossed into the leather on the straps to make it
personalised. The currycomb is easy to use, easy to hold in nice circular
motions it removes dust and dirt even massages the horses, which they seem to
like they seem to be quite relaxed after I’ve used the currycomb on them. The
dandy brush is a little softer than other dandy brushes that I’ve used but
it still effectively removes mud – dried mud from the neck, legs and parts of the
body, it’s easy to hold, comfortable as I say it does get rid of dried mud. The
flick brush makes light work of removing dust and dirt after you’ve used your
dandy brush I did find this one a little bit tricky to hold and ended up kind of
gripping onto the bristles rather than the back of the brush I do wonder if the
back of the brush was a little wider it would stop this happening? Now I really
like the face brush it’s got two halves to it – one half is slightly harder
bristles so if you have any dried mud around the cheek or the ears makes light
work of getting rid of that and then you can flick it round to a slightly softer
bristle to remove any dust and any leftover dirt. It’s quite a small brush
which makes easy-to-use around the face without
annoying your horse too much. I did get on quite well with this one. The body brush
is a good size and shape, fits your hand perfectly, very easy to use, coat felt
nice and soft after using this particular brush as well. Really not much
to not like about this brush, I got on one with it. The tail and mane brush I
really liked the look of this brush it’s a t-shape and it’s got two sides to it –
one side is a comb which you use for untangling the hair and the reverse of
that is a more of a traditional brush which is meant to be anti-static and
have antibacterial bristles. When it came to using this brush I didn’t find it
that easy to use on the tail the t-shape didn’t really work with the action that
I used to brush the tail I found it quite tricky to use however on the mane
I found it much much easier the downward strokes were easy, the comb made light work of
getting rid of any tangles, any last bits of dirt and mud came out easy – just
didn’t get on particular well with it through the tail. I really loved the
finishing brush – super soft bristles coat felt really nice after it been used and
it produced a nice healthy natural-looking shine to the horse’s
coat. The hoof pick is easy to hold well though I didn’t find it that balanced
it’s quite heavy at the end where the actual pick and brush is. I got on better
with it the more I used it but initially I found it a little bit top-heavy. The
pick part of this particular product does work really well gets rid of all
the dirt, stones really effectively. The brush – not as effective but
and that with all hoof picks with brushes on I just find that they don’t work
particularly well in that context There’s no getting away from it this
grooming kit is beautiful it’s well presented, it’s got everything you need
to groom your horse effectively and it does a really good job. There’s just one
or two brushes within the set that, for me, could work a little bit better but on
the whole if you’re on the lookout for a high-quality bespoke handmade grooming
kit you won’t go far wrong with this one

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  1. Fantastic review and I found it super helpful when looking for a new grooming kit. Just placed an order for my own Renwick & Sons kit – thank you!

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