Rescued Horses Lovin’ Life at Oregon Sanctuary
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Rescued Horses Lovin’ Life at Oregon Sanctuary

August 15, 2019

I live here on the property with the
horses so my life consists of living in a horse haven its amazing I share that life with my dog, Sydney she lives on what she thinks is an 1120 acre dog park For me, Duchess Sanctuary is the culmination of a dream that I had
when I was a little girl being surrounded by horses and being able to help them and living in this beautiful place, surrounded by them is just the most magical experience that you can even imagine Duchess Sanctuary is a home for just about two hundred
horses located on 1120 acres outside of Oakland, Oregon every horse here has a name and a
personality and they have things that they like and things that they don’t like She’s another one of our rescued PMU girls at Duchess a large portion of our horses came from the PMU or Pregnant Mare Urine industry these particular mares here where safe
from that and also saved from slaughter and we want to make sure that they never
ever have another bad day until the end of their life this is BeBe right here This is Grace, in your face Grace they absolutely are ambassadors they’re
just an example of all of the rest of them that are out there in this country and around the world that need help it is important to keep the sanctuary
wild we’ve managed to demonstrate here that the horses and the wildlife and the
people can co-exist without interfering with each others
lives too much so we’re not gonna cut down every tree
and try to turn this into eleven hundred acres of
grass its the sanctuary for everything that sets
foot here or flies over here Duchess sanctuary wouldn’t be this amazing place without the help of our
staff and volunteers they should deserves as much credit as
anybody for how happy the horses are here I hope we are able to provide the absolute
best life possible for every horse that comes to Duchess So if you’d like to help us at Duchess Sanctuary you can visit you can volunteer you can donate and you
can help educate

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  1. If I lived there, I would volunteer all the time. I would love to visit someday, looks so beautiful, horses look so happy. You are an angel, helping these wonderful animals!

  2. So, I try to share this on Face Book and it's says it is blocked? Makes no sense. This is what I get when I try and post it:

    This message contains content that has been blocked by our security systems.
    If you think you're seeing this by mistake, please let us know.

    Yes, I let them know it's a mistake.

  3. love what Jennifer and all the volunteers/supporters are doing, gorgeous sanctuary the Horses look so happy and well cared for..

  4. each horse has a name? I would probably forget which horse is which, plus their name. it is great these horses have a great home though!

  5. This would be my dream life when I'm older! All I want to do is rescue animals! I really look up to you and would appreciate any tips and help on how you started this business. Thank you so much x

  6. I love what she is doing for these wonderful animals.Β Β  I really admire this woman.Β  When will humans realize that animals share all the same feelings we have?

  7. You are awesome what a wonderful dream to be able to make come true. I would love to paint some of your awesome horses. Maybe one day I could make a trip out there, but in the meantime do you mind if I capture some of the shots on here to paint. I would donate paintings to your sanctuary if it would help.

  8. because of how these horses are used, I will NEVER take Premarin. My own GYN doctor didn't know how Premarin was made.

  9. These people deserve a something that surpasses the Grammy. These horses…..they are so happy and living an amazing life. xxx

  10. there was a horse living in some ones back yard and every day i came past to see her one looked over the fence and she was so badly looked after i whent and knocked on the door and asked the owner is i could have her he said yes i had to pay him $500 for her my mum and dad helped and she only trusted me i have had her for 3 years now and we are going to our fist show tomorrow

  11. It is so great that people like you exist.Β  Thank you for givingΒ  .these horses such a good life and so much love

  12. This is the best video I've ever seen. Happiest horses on earth with security of a big heard they must feel super safe. When my boys retire, I'd love to put them on a plane and send them there. they'd love it!

  13. 45,000 wild n american horses are about to be slaughtered, to make way for 'mega' cattle farms…maybe you yanks should cut down on the hamburgers..

  14. You can tell that these horses believe they are in paradise. Thank you for everything you've done for them and the other animals you've saved.

  15. hey any tips you can give me i want to start my own here in calgary canada this is something i really want to do is to work with horses its my dream to save horses if you can help me with info that would be amazing a lot of horses here need help and from what you do i know you can give good tips

  16. Looks like the horse story books I had when I was a little girl. I would dream of living in a beautiful place like that!!

  17. OMG! What beautiful horses and beautiful land beautiful and care you give these horses. Thank you for all you do for these beautiful creatures. It's people like you who gives me my faith back. Bless you!

  18. It's *$%# that Horses, or any Animal even needs Rescuing from Humans. Sure says a lot about our Species!!!

  19. I had the privilege of volunteering for a few months at Duchess. I've NEVER been on a better constructed or better run horse ranch. It's as amazing and beautiful as this video portrays, and Jennifer is most definitely a wonderful ambassador and protector of the horses

  20. This is awesome that these horses have a wonderful life. They deserve to have the best life and love and plenty of playtime and a beautiful pasture.Β  These guys have that and more.Β  god bless you for doing what you do for them.

  21. Whenever I need a 'Trump-break", I come watch rescue videos from HSUS and oh, how it cheers and refreshes me. And reminds me what really matters. We are HSUS supporters, and it is now 2018 as I write. Bless you all for your wonderful work!


  23. She needs her own YouTube channel or be on animal planet or something she is an amazing person God bless her for saving all these amazing animals

  24. Wow ! You are such a biggest sweetheart and I love you so………..much. This is exactly what I wanted to do as well. thank you so much.

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