Rescuers Risked Their Lives Daring To Save This Donkey From Drowning In Fast Rising Floodwaters
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Rescuers Risked Their Lives Daring To Save This Donkey From Drowning In Fast Rising Floodwaters

February 25, 2020

time was running out floodwaters had
already claimed this poor donkeys home and it was trapped all the owner could
do was call for help as he watched his beloved animals struggle to stay afloat
was there no one who could save it and the donkey was stranded in part because
the United Kingdom and Ireland had been battered by a massive storm an
extra-tropical cyclone that had broken rainfall records across Europe when it
hit in 2015 as a result storm Desmond became the fourth storm of the year to
earn the distinction of receiving a name and heavy flooding soon followed across
the countries in England Cumbria and Lancashire received the brunt of the
deluge however floodwaters also struck the
Scottish border as well as Ireland’s West Side and Midlands and Desmond’s
winds and heavy rainfalls resulted in ma’am
rivers broke their banks cliffs fell to the landslides and roads were thrown
into chaos in southwest Ireland’s town of killer Glen
moreover storm Desmond buffeted everything and as the wind whipped up
the overflowing waters of the river loon it created a potentially disastrous
scenario for those living nearby such was nearly the case for one local
resident that was because storm Desmond’s winds played their part in
putting a much-loved donkey at extreme risk the gales first blew down the fence
surrounding the donkey’s field then destroyed its shed in no time at all the
animal was surrounded by rising waters luckily for the donkey its owner was
able to call the local Animal Haven Animal Rescue or aged a our organization
for assistance but when the charity’s rescuers arrived on the scene they
realized that the problem was greater than they anticipated indeed they’d need
a boat to save this stranded donkey furthermore Susanne Gibbons a har s
founder was desperate to find a solution no answer from civil defense tried all
three numbers anyone got contacts Gibbons wrote on Facebook
can someone please find a boat he won’t last much longer
with no success she kept calling out for assistance Code Red
today’s emergency please help me there’s a donkey stranded in deep flooding in
Cortland I need a boat and men to help after a flurry of social media post
though Gibbons called the calor Glen rowing club thankfully Michael Fleming
answered the line he was my last chance and phone call to beg for a boat
Gibbons wrote on social media he listened and he drove down to meet me I
knew straight away he had the guts to do it along with an a har rescuer named
Declan then Fleming quickly jumped into action thankfully the donkey had found
some high ground and seemed to be waiting stoic Lee for help it seemed
that the rescue would happen just in the nick of time and despite the danger the
rowers didn’t hesitate to throw themselves into the rescue they were
there to help however they could no negative attitude just come on girl
we’ll give it a go Gibbons described and give it a go they did what’s more
despite the treacherous conditions the rowers reach the donkey before the
floodwaters could claim it but although there was still the problem of getting
it to safety the team had a plan they’d come prepared with a life ring and a
length of rope the rowing partners got the life ring around the donkey’s head
easily enough but the hardest part was yet to come they had to pull the
struggling jackass through the water with the boat using the ring and rope as
a tow it was the only chance they had of course Gibbons and the donkeys anxious
owner cheered on the rowers as they hauled the waterlogged animal through
the flood in addition Gibbons was blogging the entire rescue to a Jr’s
nervous Facebook followers we have him pray we get him to the shoreline she
wrote and while it was a struggle eventually the donkey made it back to
land safe and sound Gibbons and the donkey’s owner moreover
couldn’t have been happier with the rescue and were both grateful to Fleming
in particular for his assistance he braved such dangerous water to help us
save him Gibbons said you’re some hero they also had a surprise for Fleming as
a gesture of appreciation the donkey was given a new name we’ve named him Mike
Gibbons told social media there could be no other name but perhaps Fleming’s
biggest reward for a job well done was seeing his namesakes
enormous smile and once Mike the donkey was taken to a safe place
event was able to give him a medical assessment he has a small bit of fluid
in one lung but our vet said he will recover
Gibbons reported he’s now dried with towels eating a hot mash all cozy and
warm and our vet has seen him and started him on antibiotics to prevent
pneumonia she said all he needs is loads of TLC and considering how much love and
attention went into Mike’s rescue it’s safe to say that he’ll be getting all
the loving care he needs of course once Mike was safe the HAR followers all
collectively breathed the sia online relief
awk dear God tears are tripping to here even though I know he’s safe one person
wrote your Saints and deserve a medal for going above and beyond to save this
donkey said another so thanks to the efforts of a har and the calor Glen
rowing club Mike got to return to his loving owner happy and healthy we loved
every moment saving Mike Gibbons concluded I think I speak for all of us
he was so worth the danger just to see his little face on dry land I hope you
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  1. I love the smile the donkey does, when he is out of the water, priceless. Well done to the guys who saved this very lucky donkey. 👍💕🇬🇧

  2. I am so grateful for those who care enough about animals to do what is necessary to care for them, especially in difficult circumstances.

  3. God heaven brave rescuers saved the precious donkey…thanks guys for saving the precious. The rescuers deserves the golden metal for the gear up to save. Thank you muchy much

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