Rescuing Wild Australian Horses | Fearless Adventures with Jack Randall
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Rescuing Wild Australian Horses | Fearless Adventures with Jack Randall

September 6, 2019

Jack does crazy things with wild animals to help protect and study the really crazy and maybe dangerous but Jack is a trained expert do not do what Jack does seriously approaching and handling wild animals can be dangerous really just don’t do it I’m in Australia Oh on a mission to understand how animals survive in the wild and help those that can’t about a third of Australia is covered in deadly hot desert not many animals can survive out here but some have been able to adapt pick him up very very gently totally totally harmless thorny devil that’s what it’s good it looks like it’s got these devil horns on the other side of his head there’s nothing frightening to me about this devil this lizard has a false head on the back of its neck to confuse predators it can change color to blend into the surroundings and it eats thousands of ants a day a little lizard of lots of spikes all over its body to live out here you have to be extremely adapted to the environment you look all around me there’s no water resource there’s no rain how does this lizard survive with such little water before any devil gets his water from the channels in its skin and managed to extract the tiniest amount of water molecules that are in the air grasses and also in the sand that’s an incredible adaptation but other animals are having a much harder time Brumbies are australia’s wild horses they were brought from england in 1788 to help explorers journey through the outback when trains were invented Brumbies were released and no longer needed now over 300,000 Brumbies roamed the desert some of them are struggling to adapt to the current drought this is one of the last water holes in this whole area it’s so dry this is the only water resource the animals are hunted the horses a lot more than report to thirst so they haven’t drunk for a week they are dying so they’re out here looking for water and we’re out here to rescue them and give them a chance to survive stand by I’m joining forces with Australian horse experts Brian and Anna they’ve devoted their lives to rescuing the wild Brumbies once they come down to this area they were hopefully won’t see us go into that pen and then we’ll close the gate and they’re the ones that will get rescued from these life-threatening desert conditions once the heads come up the rock that’s now they’re still drinking they haven’t seen her [Music] these horses can have a second chance now and can join good homes that will provide them with a lifelong supply of food and water join me again for more fearless adventures [Music]

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