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Richard Shrake Training Tips

February 28, 2020

Welcome, I’m Richard Shrake from Sun River
Oregon, the originator of Resistance Free training and riding. I’m right here with
and we’re going to give you some training tips on working with your horse. One of the
things we do know about horses is that when they’re relaxed – and their neurons in their brain
are connected to those nerve endings – we have an animal that is not only in what we
call a “green zone” but he’s an animal that can retain training. So, we have all of our
students take the time to release what we call “beta endorphins” which are a natural
tranquilizer on the horse. Before they actually ever go saddle them up and really work with
them. So, one of the things we do know is if you just take your hand – and you’ll notice my
thumb here is kind of like a turkey drumstick – and if I take it and I just rub underneath
the eye of the horse and very slowly just rub the eye quietly in a rhytmic way, not
only will that release the endorphin but then I can take my hand and go right above
the eye. And that’s an area right there that that natural tranquilizer, as it works and
it’s released, puts that horse into that wonderful quiet soft zone. Another place that really
helps relax that horse and release that natural tranquilizer is right here in their cheeks.
Rub both hands very quietly – notice he blinks his eye and starts to give me a little ear
here – he says “I’m a little fussy but I’ll just slowly start that relaxation” and then I wait
for the head to drop like that and the next thing you know, this horse is into that green
zone which means he’s very, very, very, very trainable. The other place that I like to go to is – if
you get the time – is go right here at the poll. And as you gently rub both sides with
your hands, this horse will start to soften. See him start to just lick and chew and drop
that head very quietly. Any time your horse is relaxed in a green zone, he’s trainable
and I just like to say thanks for giving me the time to share with you a couple training
tips on Resistance Free training and I hope that you’ll try them because I know they work.
Thank you for watching

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  1. Richard Shrake, I miss my lessons with you. You taught me so much about horses and riding. Those are some memories I will never forget. Excellent Trainer. I only wish I was able to keep riding. My mom is Doneva. Remember?

  2. Hello Richard it's a voice from the past. Thanks for teaching me the difference between; Riding the horse and taking the horse for a ride. You asked me once You said "I had worked with many horses and many riders with their horses But I had never seen a horse 'love' their owner as much as this mare loves you , what is your secret?"
    Had you ever figured it out yet? 🙂 I miss working with Raffela she had given me the best years of my life I had to put her down because she had a stroke. I had never been the same since. I had buried her on the farm next to the old stallion Harbazan. 
    But The secret is You give them your heart & let them give it back to you.
    Your Friend & student ,
    Rhonda Boeger

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