Ricky Gervais Chooses Dogs Over Gods
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Ricky Gervais Chooses Dogs Over Gods

October 20, 2019

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  1. Here is a brief idea of believing in God, in simple sporting terms;
    God exists + you believe in God = Winner
    God exists + you don't believe in God = Loser
    God doesn't exist + you believe in God = Drawn Game (you did your best)
    God doesn't exist + you don't believe in God = Match Cancelled (no one turned up)
    If I you had to put all your money on the outcome, why would you gamble on something that you are definitely going to lose on
    Your time starts now..

  2. Not that impressed with big hammers, myself. If I had to pick a "god" to worship, I'd worship the sun. Makes sense, the sun does give us energy and light and warmth and produce nearly all our food (except maybe some funghi?). And no one said I had to anthropomorphise it or believe it to be sentient. Yep. I'm not an atheist, I'm a sun worshipper.

    But I pray to Joe Pesci.

  3. It's funny, because so many people have had experiences with ghosts. People can poo poo it of course, but someone that has gone through it realizes that there is something going on. What that is..??
    When I bought my first house, a very small house, only 1040 sq. feet, 2 bed./1 bath. So, you could walk from one end to the other in like 2 seconds the way it was laid out. Two weeks after I moved in, the only things I had completely unpacked were the kitchen items, and my office. I was in the back bedroom on my computer late one night after work, and out of nowhere came this HUGE sound of glass breaking and crashing. Not just a drinking glass type of sound, but a HUGE loud crash. I thought someone had thrown something through the plate glass window in the dining room. I was scared, but got up to see what was happening…..nothing. Nothing anywhere. It was obviously from inside the house, the sound, so for two hours like a crazy person, I searched over and over again, a 1040 sq. ft. home that was mainly in boxes, for glass. I looked outside just in case. I was in a daze and in confusion for a month. I thought I was going insane.

    A month later I called the old owner at 2:00 a.m. and woke her up. I asked her what was going on in this house. She laughed (she was a real estate agent) and said, "You have a ghost. Did you hear the glass crashing sound?" For an hour she told me about everything she had experienced, which I had not…yet, and she assured me that it was just a prankster. She believed it was the man that built the little house, whom she had known since childhood, and his wife had forced him to move to Colorado in older age. He didn't want to go and died 3 years later. This is when the activity started, right after he died.
    My cats could see it in the house, I could not. They would remain transfixed for sometimes 45 minutes at a time, tails bushed out and pupils huge, but they did not run. Then, they would just get up and move on with life. Things in my curio cabinet were moved..angels playing violin (I am a violinist), all moved into groups of three touching noses. This happened over and over and over again. I had changed the locks the first day upon move in, no one had come in…many things happened, but I grew to understand that whomever or whatever this was, they weren't dangerous. After about 5 years, things still happened, but infrequently. I thought "he" was gone for the last year. I sold the house 7 years into it all, and the one thing left I hadn't packed was the curio and the figurines. It had been a few years since they had been moved, but I came home the evening before move out to pack it all up, and they were once again moved into the groupings. I just kind of chuckled, and got kind of sad actually, because if that is a human ghost, he must have been sad to see me go. I got used to him and when I shut the door for the last time, I actually cried thinking he was there alone.

    So, if you can explain all of this to the millions, if not billions of people that have had experiences with ghosts, good and evil, then you can tell me that nothing exists after death. My experiences say something different.

    What I dislike about this set up is that we don't know the absolute truths of how all this works, and it's scary to be left in limbo like that. I have always believed in God, but sometimes lately, I realize that I am angry that HE isn't seemingly bothering to care to help. Not just in my life (which has been extremely difficult for 18 years), but in other people's lives as well. Throughout history people have suffered immeasurably. It really bothers me to the core. Whatever this set up is, it seems quite cruel if you ask me, however it works.

  4. God does not force us
    to believe in him, though he could. Instead, he has provided sufficient proof
    of his existence for us to willingly respond to him. The earth's perfect
    distance from the sun, the unique chemical properties of water, the human
    brain, DNA, the number of people who attest to knowing God, the gnawing in our
    hearts and minds to determine if God is there, the willingness for God to be
    known through Jesus Christ. It's called Faith…and by setting examples of Good deeds ..by what unconditional love is.

  5. This is… the same exact interview he just did lmao. Same with a couple of interviews Stephen has done with Tig Notaro. Same questions, same responses.

  6. Yeah, That's Right mr. a, You don't even deserve the capitals. I'd hide my face as well if I were you………………………………………………..COWARD!

  7. Jesus is Lord ….also you can believe in God and have a dog don't see the problem in having to choose one of them 🤷

    PS this guy is a very respectful atheist compared to other atheists….I totally agree that many Christians are unchrist like …the world just needs more love 🙏

  8. Choose both! Dog is God backwards and God gave us these unconditional and loving animals as our best friend because that is what God represents.

  9. Faith is an unreliable method for arriving at the truth. There isn't anything that you couldn't believe on faith… If you care about believing in what is evidently real and/or true then faith is useless. Faith is for fools.

  10. I don't believe Colbert is religious anymore. I reckon he deliberately debates the issue from the pro religion side in order to create a worthwhile religious debate on TV, as you can't have a debate with two people on the same side. Its a very effective way to get people at home thinking about their beliefs without alienating or offending them.

  11. The best thing to happen to religious people is them dying!

    How amazing does it sound to 'go to Heaven'! Presumably memories and personality remain intact. That's a guess of course, but the idea those evaporate on entry kind of defeats the point it seems to me. It must be rather frustrating that the man or handful of men 'god' told he didn't care to elaborate on the process. Not that anyone's ever had an answer but I presume 'believers' have some thoughts or ideas on how the process plays out. It seems extremely strange to me that anyone who 'knows' that within a handful of decades they're going to end up at a destination but haven't given it any thought or have theories and ideas on how it works. I can't book a trip, or know that I'm going to visit a location without giving some thought as what the place is like. If I were to consider the idea of spending eternity somewhere after life I'd certainly wonder and think about it. Anyway, in the absence of a fully detailed description, and billions of people not even caring to question I've thought about the questions I would have and the conclusions I'd come based on a complete lack of description.

    So first up, what an absolutely wonderful concept. So every member of your family that's died is there to see and be with, talk to and spend time with again. Amazing. I do wonder about the logistics. With there being tens of billions of people there I presume there's a pretty robust form of organisation to finding your respective past loved ones. But not only that, you'll meet your parents grandparents, their parents, in fact you'll meet every past relative going back to… bit of a grey area here. Is heaven open to early man? Is early man, still early man or have thousands of years amongst modern intelligent recently departed teached them to communicate? Maybe there are school and university equivalents. It would make sense. With eternity on your side, there's little excuse not to teach them.

    Speaking of learning and communication I wonder what religious people think the process is for babies that died, the aborted, or those that suffered brain damage back on Earth!? Are damaged brains fixed as if nothing unfortunate happened on Earth? And about dead babies and the aborted? Do they remain that way? Are they essentially Heaven zombies, wondering about without any form of personality? Or does a new arrived dead baby effectively continue in heaven where it left off on Earth… so personality develops, and they grow intelligence and presumably are taught like a child on Earth? Presumably abortion-babies go through a similar process! Which does kind of beg the question why religious people care about abortion or brain damage, or why they even mourn death. With the average life here on Earth being just a handful of decades isn't that a blink of the eye compared to eternity in Heaven!

    So back to dead people, scientists in particular. I wonder if there's a society for them, and every new dead scientist that arrives is immediately questioned about the latest in their respective field. I presume the likes of Einstein, Newton, Pasteur, Galilei, Archimedes must be positively excited to hear the latest from new arrives! I wonder if now that they're all together, with the latest knowledge at hand what they've come up with. Maybe god is a little more present and has actually given them the lowdown on the exact workings of the universe, reality itself! And if the ability to further development the mind/intelligence is present perhaps there are past cavemen, aborted babies, children that never got to grow up on Earth that have joined their ranks and are part of heaven's science community.

    And if they're not of interest, you have every missing person, famous or not back on the radar. I wonder if someone like Amelia Earhart is sick of telling the story of her Earthly demise? You have to wonder if there's some easy form of mass communication. It would seem a rather large oversight, surely an impossibility, to put every single dead human in one place and not allow some form of easy distribution of information! It seems petty but you have to wonder about passtimes, hobbies. Forever more is a long time. And after listening to every person in history you've ever wanted to meet speak, and learning every language for the hell of it, and meeting your ancestors back thirty, forty or fifty generations, you've got to wonder what the equivalent of a weekend break is? Are dead actors and musicians still entertaining the masses? I wonder how the music of Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, etc, has developed? I wonder if Elvis is part of a super group with Tchaikovsky and have gone in a completely new direction (I almost added Cobain, but presumably he rocking the underworld with Jackson!?).

    So many questions, yet it appears most religious people either haven't considered how the trillions upon trillions of years they'll spend there will be like. If only the reveal had bee put to someone with a least the intelligence to ask a couple of questions!! Still, it's early days yet, maybe 'god' is planning on new communication with a few more details seeing as we're a little more developed than the dessert dwellers he initially entrusted with his big secrets.

  12. At around 5:41 after he says he’d pick Thor, Stephen says “I said you couldn’t pick Stan Lee” does he realize that Thor was an actual god worshipped by Vikings and other Norse people, who idk for sure but, could still be worshipped today

  13. I won't lie, I really like seeing an Aethiest and a Christian getting along and chatting about this kind of stuff like it's nothing

  14. i like how this video has many interesting topics but ya know u only get views by picking just the right title to attract

  15. Dont get me wrong but here in europe, asking people personal questions like "why dont u believe in god?" is absolutely rude. I couldnt watch the video. It was so painful to watch.

  16. Stephen is trying his best, but in vain.
    ,,The fool has said in his heart ,There is no God'. They are corrupt, and have done abominable iniquity; There is none who does good."
    Psalm 53:1
    ,,But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned."
    1 Corinthians 2:14
    Who seeks God, will find Him. Who doesn't seek God, will not find Him.

  17. I stood up to the school principal and told him that my son was not going to receive Religious instruction. He said my son would be all by himself because EVERY child took it. I said I didn't care, it's not the States responsibility to teach my child Religion. Move forward 12 months… over half the school students had stopped talking Religious instruction and the school had to find all those students something else to do with their time. You don't always have to be a sheep and do what everyone else is doing. Sometimes you have to stand up for what you "don't believe" in.

  18. Ricky is not an atheist. The shock value of it is what he gets off on. There are no real actual atheists. True atheism directly implies that life has zero meaning. I cannot think of a worse hell than that thought itself. He is not, and no one truly is, an atheist.

  19. I love how every time Ricky comes on the show Stephen turns into a missionary and tries to convert him. And every time Ricky just says "no thanks."

  20. And that is why if you twist the word dog and god are the same. Unconditional love. They are always there for you and will give their life for you.

  21. Love it. Atheists tend to be too smart for their own good. It's so difficult to get religious folk to stop spitting lines to reassure themselves and instead think about why you believe in magic.

  22. In England, I'm glad to say, we look at religious people like they have a mental illness and treat accordingly with compassion 🙂

  23. I have never seen Stephan so defensive…so to hell with his fear based ideals and so-called comical defensive reactions. I was shocked when he reveled his narrow minded belief system about Jesus, when he made Rickie feel so uncomfortable that Rickie thought as though he had to apologize and say things he wouldn't have said….

  24. Great clip. If you want to see Ricky Gervais debate religion though watch him debate it with the actual head of the Church of England. https://youtu.be/vJosQdY6P_A heard this live as they crossed over in a radio studio. Unplanned and brilliant.

  25. This reminds me of when I had insomnia and dyslexia. I was an agnostic and would just lay there thinking…."does Dog really exist?"

  26. Colbert is not religious, he is just another sociopath that beliefs religion is a nice tool to control and troll all the low IQ idiots just like the priesthoods do that made up these bullshit religions they claim were given to them by a deity.

  27. I love when these two get together and how Stephen Colbert has an open mind but sticks to him beliefs, alot of respect for that. It's so fascinating that people still believe in their different God's. We are a toxic species that look to religion as a superiority and allows us to have very ignorant views on very real problems.

  28. It's okay not to know….. the fun part is knowing this…..God's never been lost…..that's why nobody can lay claim to having found him.

  29. “What turned you around there kid!?!’’

    Pmsl hahahaha Ricky is chatting more like an adult than he is AMERICAN PRESENTERS WILL NEVER KNOW 😂

  30. If I believed something, I would be Buddhist – the most harmless religion ever. That ppl can kill & commit genocide in the name Buddhism means cruelty can be done in the name of ANY religion.

  31. I've watched every clip of Gervais on Colbert and Ricky mentions he is an atheist in every one. Please tell me again how you hate people's beliefs being forced on you….

  32. Stephen is a Catholic and also an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church Monastery. He teaches Sunday school. It's obvious he wants to convert Ricky… LOL

  33. It's weird but Ricky is almost addictive. His laugh, I've noticed I start laughing as loud, and lean forward my eyes scrunched up grinning and lean back. You can't physically do that and not feel good. Seriously! And then he's always interesting. Except he's wrong on Trump. Ha ha. Trump is single-handedly saving America. In his 2nd term he'll launch a Truth and Reconciliation Campaign whereby the 120+ ultra-corrupt Congressho's will be exposed and 1 by 1 hauled into court. Too many have gone from a net worth of 1/2 million to 20+ mill in 4 or 5 years through bribes, kickbacks, blackmail, pay-for-play. Just look at how much Joe & Hunter scammed off Ukraine, and that's typical of Dems.

    Gervais shd acknowledge the seismic shift Trump has brought about. All for love of country. Ha ha…

  34. The advert befor this video is about making teeth white an the woman in it has oviusly yellow teeth. Then bang they ar e sparking white because of the product. Oviusly her teeth where made to look yellow juat for the advert. I wish someone would do a real advert about making yellow teeth white. .. Im looking for a product that actually works.. If any one knows of a actual product that actually works. I be interested…

  35. I think a long time ago when people thought the earth was flat and the earth was the center of the universe some scribe somewhere had dyslexia and put down god when he meant to put down dog and here we are today with religion.

  36. It took an 8 year old just one hour to work it out and yet millions of people around the world are still struggling to understand.

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