Ride Like A Girl – Official Trailer #2
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Ride Like A Girl – Official Trailer #2

October 22, 2019

– Melbourne Cup, 1965?
– Light Fingers. – ’88?
– Empire Rose. – 1974?
– Think Big? You let the others ride with different trainers,
why can’t I? – Because you’re not ready.
– I’m ready, Dad. – Michelle came last, Dad.
– Yeah, I noticed that, Stevie. – Michelle came last, Dad.
– Thanks, Stevie. Don’t say it, Stevie. You’ve got a fine career in the country. I don’t want a fine career in the bloody country. I want to ride Group 1s, I want to be the best. You’re out of your mind. Get married, go travelling and have kids. I don’t see you telling your husbands to give up. A girl’s never going to win the Melbourne Cup, mate. The only thing that matters is the odds you give yourself. I do want to see you settled down and happy. – It’s OK, dad. I found the one. – How many legs has he got? – Can I do this?
– I know the horse can. It’s gonna be a champion. Go Michelle! You’ve found it, little girl.

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  1. Yes yes yes yes The next Greatest movie Can’t wait Thank you To all who are making this movie will truly be Blessed to watch it

  2. Im in the movie. Im one of the children in the school. The schools not in this trailer but its in one or two of them

  3. My dad actually had a runner in the first that day and I was standing outside the jockey rooms and she walked past and said hello to me

  4. horse racing isnt good for the horse tho… half of the 20,00 foals born each year go to slaughter. Come on people lets make a change.

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