Ride the Pacific Surfliner to the Del Mar Races
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Ride the Pacific Surfliner to the Del Mar Races

September 6, 2019

(Instrumental) We’re at the opening day at Del Mar. We’re going to the Del Mar Races, Opening Day. I love riding the Pacific Surfliner because it’s the best ride on the coast. Avoid traffic, we can have cocktails on the way down there. It’s a very social atmosphere on the train, because everyone else is going. You have to do the train experience, because we’ve driven before, and the train just makes it all that much better. It’s convenient. It’s fun. Cheaper than Uber. It’s fast! Too much traffic getting in and out, it’s a lot easier to do this. The traffic that we were passing on the way down was at a standstill, as far north as, probably, the middle of Oceanside, and so this is totally worth it. They have this convenient bus service, and it’s so easy to get from the station to the track. I just feel like it’s 1920s again, you know, getting dolled up, get dressed up, take that train down, have a cocktail… It’s a much safer way to come back home. We got to converse, we got to enjoy the ocean. It was just a very fun, great experience. Definitely would do it again. (Instrumental)

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