Riding a horse from Moscow to Transylvania
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Riding a horse from Moscow to Transylvania

August 12, 2019

When Michael Pugh told me that he wanted to travel to Transylvania, I really thought he was pulling my leg. It took almost an hour for him to convince me otherwise. He wanted me to organize the trip. I have considerable experience of arranging programs of this sort, but never anything as audacious as this. The preparations lasted almost two months, and the first thing we did was buy the horses. This was no canter round a field. When riding a long way on horseback, you don’t need an animal, you need a friend. We carefully selected the horses, and our choice fell on the Karachai breed. The first leg in Russia covers only 250 miles, but the first is always the hardest. When Michael gets the hang of it, he’ll understand what he’s doing and why. Right now I don’t think he’s ready for this adventure, and doesn’t really know what he’s signed up for.

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