Riding a Horse to Find Magnolia Liliflora Blossoms for You 遛马寻花,摘下开得正盛的辛夷给喜欢的你们|Liziqi Channel
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Riding a Horse to Find Magnolia Liliflora Blossoms for You 遛马寻花,摘下开得正盛的辛夷给喜欢的你们|Liziqi Channel

August 12, 2019

Ha~a Yu~ye (tell the horse stop) Jia~a (tell the horse go) mm, nice,good boy. Grandma let me wear you a flower It’s Magnolia liliiflora Good, looks beautiful (Laugh out loud) Magnolia liliiflora , water, crystal sugar Flour, lard, sugar, purple yam extract Flour, Lard, purple yam powder Fermentation for one hour Magnolia liliiflora flower and shredded vegetables Honey Magnolia liliiflora flower sauce Rice starch powder, peanut, flower sauce Magnolia liliiflora Crispy Cakes Fried Magnolia liliiflora flower Magnolia liliiflora Chinese omelet Magnolia liliiflora tea Try my Omlette Pardon? I don’t understand Let me make you a shredded veggie roll Have a shortbread, grandma

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  1. Hoa đẹp, người đẹp, phong cảnh đẹp 😘😘. Cuộc sống viên mãn, chúc cj mãi đẹp như loài hoa ấy

  2. i just love this beautiful lady. Every time i watch her vedio cant wait to see her in a reality.she is my dream girl.

  3. Талдан гүлді аларда қызыл түсті киіммен алады ма…
    Аллаһ береке берсін қытай келіншекке .

  4. I thought magnolia is posinous for human 😅😅 don’t know that you can eat it looks delicious I will try it thank you 🙏

  5. Im addicted to your videos 😍😍😍, she is so beautiful. And have a great cooking skills.. Love her 💖

  6. I just discovered this. it's absolutely brilliant . she is not an actress , but i would bet big she was auditioned or specifically sought out for this project . These productions are of outstanding quality done by absolutely TOP professionals. I'm sure the Chinese government is behind it. nevertheless it is truly beautiful and inspirational stuff. True Chinese artistry , of which they have a long tradition like no-one else.

  7. Every time watching this videos about this peaceful place moves my heart and drives for striving being humble thanks a lot Liziqi god bless you

  8. I was just Thinking How great it would be to See you Ride a Horse and I was Going to Request it! :"D and oh wow! You did it! How amazing!

  9. Ohh my god what a place and what a smart girl I just love all the videos so peaceful place and so lovely natural what a love u r so lucky I feel so jealous if I could be there so nice I also want to go there

  10. Видео снято профессионалами, девушка главная героиня фильма кажется шеф – повар, природа красивая, выращивают все возле дома, не надо ходить на рынок за овощами и фруктами, магнолии какие шикарные, берите пример с этой девушки, я бы тоже хотела бы быть как она

  11. Si eso no es el paraíso entonces debe de ser muy similar!! Eres una todoterreno chica, le das a todo!! Saludos desde España!!

  12. Thích cuộc sống của chị Này ghê.. Bởi vì tui là một người sống nội tâm.. Nên rất thích những nơi yên tĩnh..

  13. MUKBANG doesn't have anything on you. Your channel is the best.
    I love how you are so clean with your food, always washing and cleaning your meats as ne vegetable. I just love your cleansing of food period and every dish you make is always. Keep up the good work in the same peaceful environment. LOVE IT, LOVE IT!

  14. Good grief, you're too harsh on those reins. Soft hands, not hard. More leg and seat. If the horse isnt responsive then you need more groundwork. Felt like watching a movie actor who never rode a horse before.

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