Riding Horses with Mongolian Nomads | Best Job Ever
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Riding Horses with Mongolian Nomads | Best Job Ever

August 17, 2019

CHRIS: I’m in Mongolia to
discover what it means
to be a modern day nomad. Wrestling is traditional
in Mongolia. You know, what it
physically difficult? Yes. Was I scared? Yes.
Did I lose? I was slaughtered. What made it special was at
the end of that whole day, I had this man speaking to
me in Mongolian, and sharing
his philosophies of life. You need to be able to ride
on horseback to be a nomad. Children learn to do this,
literally in many cases before
they even learn to walk. I had never been on
a horse in my life. There were no instructions it
was get on your horses and go! In that moment it felt like
there was no separation between
myself, the horse, the earth, the land, the culture,
it all blended into one. And I will remember that
for the rest of my life. Mongolian life is extremely
difficult but you don’t hear
a lot of complaining. I don’t even think they would
define it in those terms as hard
or difficult, it was just life. Could I survive as a nomad
for more than a month?
Definitely not. But just a glimpse into
their experience will help to dissolve the wall between
ourself and others. We can walk away feeling that
this Mongolian wrestler, this
Mongolian herdsman or nomad, is just like us. Captioned by
Cotter Captioning Services.

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