Rival Stars Horse Racing Developer Update Ep.2 – Skills
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Rival Stars Horse Racing Developer Update Ep.2 – Skills

August 11, 2019

♫ Intro musicHi my name is Juliann Lum and I’m the product manager of Rival Stars Horse Racing Welcome to the latest developer
update video♫ Intro music continues ♫In last update we released a new breeding stud for Star Club membersThis stud has amazing stats and unique appearances, so make sure you try that!Here’s a little bit more on what we’re working on. We are making good progress with our horse customization update where you will be able to equip tack on your horses.We will have saddles, saddle cloths, bridles and more! so we look forward toSo we look forward to seeing how you use them and how you express yourself through these customizations.If you have any favorite colors or designs make sure you leave a comment below. Before customization comes out, I’m so excited to announce our next update: the Skills update. We know many of you love your horses and skills will allow them to have and edge in racing,or give you bonus rewards.You can win skills from special events so make sure you check the next one out!Here’s a quick recap of what you’ve just seen. We have the breeding stud for Star Club members, the horse customization update… as well as the new announcement for our next update: Skills. From all of us here at PikPok, thank you and we will see you again next time!♫ Outro music ♫

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  1. It would be better if the horses we breed would go to auctions and then we could sell them directly to each other, and we could earn some more money from that. Because we sell are horses for nothing and then when we need to buy horse we're buying it for bigger money and I think it's not fair

  2. I better go to work, sounds a lot like a money spending stuff, these upgrades won't be cheap for us players

  3. Pleas insert costumization of colors and equipage of horse! In future we can insert and make trotter horseracing! There are many people love horse racing but horse racing is trot and gallop. Thank you

  4. OMG I love this game I think you should use black and white stripes for some tack patterns.

  5. One thing that may be an interesting addition for star riders with this tack update may be a colour wheel so that those who subscribe get the maximum costomization capabilities.

  6. Excited for this update!! Blue would be appreciated 🙂 Also would be cool if in the next update we could have it so the horses are different heights and shapes like in real life! Like how you see some lanky racehorses and some are more stocky! Otherwise this update sounds great 👍🏻

  7. Baby blue. Would be nice to have more horse info:
    Coat colour, when you get the horse, live race wins. And be able to have retirement boxes for horses you don’t want to sell. Or maybe a pasture to put them in.

  8. As someone already said, I’d like to see a lot of aesthetic colors like pastels and delicate tones. I don’t like energized and flashing colors. Also it would be cool if you could turn around the horse/jockey while racing, not only from back and forth. And another cool thing would be interacting with the horses, cuddle them, feed them, wash them and have a different feeling for each one! Good job for now, can’t wait for the upcoming updates🤩

  9. I love all the horse colours, but the one that sticks out like a sore thumb is that white one with the orange spots. It looks very fake. Otherwise all the other pattern and colour combinations are realist and awesome.

    I would love to be able to swap my horses stalls around so I can rank them myself. Wait times for the higher breeds is really long and gold coins are tough to get so even more ads would be helpful. I have so much money and hay any gold coins it would be great if there was a converter for money to coins if its really high ratio at least that's another possible option.

    The horse animation is fantastic! I love the commentator too. 👏

    I had to come back for this addition but wondering if the 5min free takes a point away from your horse, as I have noticed that some horses with high initial stats when they maxed out are sometimes lower than other horses that had but less initial start. Can't figure this out but it's really annoying when you trying to get to the next level and have to sell a horse with a start of 126 that should have been 1 point higher than your 125 maxed horse with 1 point less initial. Does it depend on what length races you run or what because spending days to max out a horse for it to not be better than a lesser one to try get past level 12 is really frustrating.

  10. I think that when the training facilities are developed by level, the training time of horses should decrease. It gets insanely crazy on hours when the horses are past lvl 15+. And thanks a lot for the game, lots of fun so far!

  11. Rainbow 🌈 patterned would be good please and it would be good to have a more of a choice of horses at store and to be able to train the horses in mini skill games please

  12. Overall I think the game is really great. The graphics, racing, and breeding I’m having a lot of fun with. I do however think the game does have some balancing issues in particular to the cost of most things. I agree, the homestead payouts are too low for the amount it costs to upgrade all our facilities. With the amount of silver needed for upgrades in the later levels, we need a higher payout. Especially when we can only race a set amount of times, and those prizes are also very low and barely cover the cost of breeding let alone upgrades.

    I’m a subscription player, and I’m not sure I will continue as it is not very good value. Yes the exclusive coats are great, but the gold amount is not. You can’t do much with 50 gold, 100-200 would be better since gold is so hard to get in game, it would make subscription better value. Maybe you could also add extra race charges for subscription players?

    I would love to see a function in the storehouse for swapping one type of feed of same quality for another. For example, a gold feed, for another gold feed, or a silver feed, for a silver. This would help players when training, breeding and any quests which require to have a particular feed, which never drops, and can take many days to obtain. Maybe could also limit it to to a certain amount per day so as to keep it a little challenging still.

    Finally, please get rid of selling horses quests. It takes long and expensive hours training our horses up in the mobile version. Often we can only afford to do one horse at a time, and to then have to go and sell your best horse is upsetting after working so hard to level them to their full potential.

  13. Please, don’t make the tack cost us gold. We need something to actually spend (perhaps excessive) amounts of silver on.

  14. Love this game, graphics are amazing, if there was a lifetime subscription, I would probably get it, but I’m not committing to a monthly subscription. Overall though, a brilliant game.👍🏻😀🐴

  15. Please add purple everything and I will be happy haha

    Also, the skills sound intriguing!

    The biggest thing I would like to see in this game is more energy the higher level you go! Once we hit level 10 our energy needs to double to 20

  16. What about jockey silks in your country's flag or saddle cloth,brushing and bathing your horses,a friends list where you can trade,breed,sell horses and special races with your friends,training along side your friends horses,

  17. Suggestions!
    1. Match Races
    2. Chats
    3. Betting
    4. A popular race that is in season can come to rival stars horse racing! Like the breeders cup (but that’s later in November lol)

    Things to fix
    1. The waiting on the horses to finish breeding, if the stallion is yours then it should be free! Same thing in training.
    2. Bring in more gold!! It’s so hard to get gold (for me it is). And I can’t really even do to much on the game. I’m just waiting for my horse to finish training because I don’t have enough gold to speed things up!
    3. Bring in more races!
    4.((Ok this is bothering me so very much.)) Please please PLEASE fix the level restriction for the live events!! I have only 2 level 2 horses and that’s the only thing on this game I use them for. But I have at least 4 level 3 horses and 4 level 4 horses. THISE HORSES ARENT USEFUL IN THE GAME!! Sure the higher the level the better it will win big races, your right and that’s fine but I want do do something with them! I swear they literally do NOTHING but breed and run in the other races. So can you please let all level race in the live events? PLEASE!
    5. I get some bugs, but not often. Just saying!! 🤣

    All in all this is a really great game!! My rating is a 8 1/2 /10 👍👍 😁

    Edit: All of the colors on the EARTH!! Maybe some ribbons and braid for the horse(s).

  18. If you can add Arabian horses it would very great. I love the game, but for complete all the tasks it is very expensive, also breeding with your own stud.

  19. All the colors please!
    I do agree with other people saying that your stud horse should be free to breed with your mares.
    It would be great to be able to swap your items like Good Grain for Basic Grain and whatnot.
    I also hope there could be an update to exchange silver to gold coins. I've had to pay real money quite a lot to just get gold to progress in the game and it's getting annoying.
    I do love this game! I'm glad the people at pikpok are listening to their customers and adding new things in.

  20. Neons, pastels and bright colors are a must. Patterns matching our jockeys too. Consider flags too. I would love to represent my country on the track even though the races aren't online.
    Looking forward to hear more about skills. That's exciting news.
    Would appreciate more energy too since races cost more in the higher lvl races. 👍🏼Should increase with lvl

  21. I would like to have internal races between my own horses and have those races count towards training. Also I would like a ‘book’ showing each horse’s level one stats and also each levels training stats for all my horses, to make comparisons easier. please make the horses react less violently to a touch. In rl these horses would be familiar with their carers. Some affectionate response to a gentle touch would be cute.

  22. What about a Multiplayer Races Option so we can race against other stables horses this will make the game unbeatable

  23. Absolutely love this! It would be cool if we could see the horses we have breed as foal too! Can’t wait! You guys are awesome! 👏

  24. Add whip and the breeding of horses is unrealistic especially for Grade 5 horses. Pure business!

  25. Sounds like a fun update. I hope customizing is free like the jockey colors right now. An update I’d like to see in the game is coat genetics. Right now bred horses don’t look like either of their parents, which is disappointing because breeding with studs is 100% based on stats, not what they look like

  26. Include the whole rainbow with other colors like turquoise, hot pink, rose color, baby blue and pink, silver, etc.

  27. Hola amiga es super bueno el juego exelente felicidades una unica detalle si pueden mostrar los ultimos 500 metros seria genial y seria un mejor juego que existio

  28. Diamond patterns on yhe saddle pads would be cool, maybe some eventing style bridles too, Idk 😆 maybe colors that we could match to the horse's coat colors? Like the way the do in some riding disciplines. Red(black)/purple(bay&buckskin)/Blue(white&grey)/green(chestnusts&sorrel) like that?


  30. I would love for an update if you could friend other people and use their horses for breeding or racing. It’s sorta like you rent their horse for a chosen time.

    Breeding can be also frustrating because I’ve been wanting to breed a black/black paint for sooo long but I can’t. I’ve wasted so many materials trying to breed this particular horse color. Maybe make it less expensive?

  31. Some of the quests include selling horses with high levels, which is really annoying since we have to spend a lot of time, money and items to train them…maybe you can add alternative quests so we don‘t have to sell our best horses to level up 🙂 That would be great!

  32. You should improve the breeding system by not giving out foals with random stats and coats but which matches the stud's and the mare's genetics.

  33. Thats great can't wait but i think a few things should be fixed. Like when you're breeding your own stallion it should be free!! Also i feel like upgrading and leveling up horses in the later stages should be easier to where you don't have to buy a whole bunch of shit

  34. I LOVE at his game SO MUCH!!!!

    Can you please put tack in pink purple and blue??!!

    Hope you read this

  35. Pikpok please answer I am just wondering why did you remove the maze runner game i really want to play it so could you please bring it back for a little bit in the app store again i would love if you do if not can you please say why you removed it thanks!

  36. it's a great game but yeah the horse genes of a mare and a stallion should increase the chances of a more unique foal! and the customizable sounds awesome but yeah I agree with everyone's comments but this the greatest horse racing game on a phone! 🐎

  37. Hi, I am having great trouble, I unfortunately chose the PC version of your great game, since the update it swallowed my level 13 stable which I spent $500 on, I have asked the help line for some reasonable gold compensation to help get my new stable back to where I was, their reply below,
    Tim replied:

    Hello Gregory,

    Thank you for getting in touch.

    As per our previous email, I am very sorry, we are unable to provide support for Android emulators.

    We only provide support for mobile and touchscreen devices, this is primarily because we are unable to guarantee that the game will run correctly on an emulator. As per our previous emails, as you are using an emulator these cloud save systems may not work as intended, if at all, and for that reason among others we cannot provide support for any of our titles using emulated hardware.

    We apologize for any frustration that this may cause.
    Firstly I don't know if mt request was denied, if I ask it bumps my thread to the bottom of the queue. I am being reasonable, nowhere did it warn of any issue before I started or spent my money hence gold compensation is warranted. I don't want to go down the Consumer Affairs road and I would like to continue to play and am happy to spend my retirement dollars. Please advise on what you are prepared to do so I can move forward. If we can reach a mutual outcome, I can live with a reduced loss. Depending on the outcome I after I complete my current stable I would like to move to a stable platform, I have PS4, and PC, what do you recommend so I don't have this issue again, please respond ASAP, Ty in advance, Greg


  39. You could do different flags on the saddle pads, so people would be able to represent their country racing? Just an idea

  40. Hello! I have a few ideas. First, jockey silks should be possible to set for any horse. In real life racing, every horse has it's own. And second, head masks. There should be possiblity to choose their color (like silks)

  41. U should add another camera view thats jockey view while racing its gonna amazing i pre registered this game and this game is Awesome I'm playing this game daily and its just awesome horse game ever u should improve more to get this game a stage 💯
    Love from india ♥️

  42. star club members should not be 12$ a month. i would love to be a member of that but the price is way too much. that's how much i pay for netflix.

  43. I would like running martingales as one of the tacks and be able to get gold easier and add more gold to the story quests

  44. This is just a idea

    Maybe you could make every thing the same with the breeding and stuff but make it show jumping just a idea.

    If any one read this thank you for taking the time to read my idea

  45. Which special events offer skills? Also, what are these skills and what must you accomplish to earn them? I can click on the skills button but none are available to equip and the app gives no instructions or info on this.

  46. There should be an addition where you include famous race horses that are/were well known. and you could race against them or something

  47. Hi, I downloaded ur game, and I’m in love. My only request is to make it so u can trade ur silver for gold. I play ur game more than Roblox!!

  48. I’d love for you to change the silver in races to gold in the regular races instead of the live events

  49. I absolutely love this game! But it would be better if we had more energy and we could race online and be able to trade with your family and friends!!i hope you read this and like it to! 😊💙

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