Rival Stars Horse Racing Developer Update Ep.3 – Horse Customization
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Rival Stars Horse Racing Developer Update Ep.3 – Horse Customization

August 14, 2019

? Intro music plays ? Hi Everyone Welcome to the next developer update video. In this episode, we will be talking about our next update which is – Customization ? music continues ? We are so pumped to bring you this update as it’s one of the most requested features in our community.you’ll be able to equip your horses withsaddles, saddle cloths, blinkers and bridles.You can buy them and equip them to customize your horse you can also win them from special events so make sure you get competing ? music continues ? Hi, my name is Nickki and I’m a production artist working on Rival Stars Horse Racing. We heard a huge amount of comments from the community saying that they’d be really interested in customization and we decided thatit would be really good to have them in-game.We have a concept department, who gives us sketches and finalized designs.I’ll often do a little bit of my own research just to see how the materials look like from what they’ve given meFrom there we model it out in 3DI like to try and get a bit of extra popping color when it comes to things like silksby having like a vast combination of colors overlaying in the texture and well, once that’s done I hand it off to one of my co-workers who will riganimate it and then will place it in-game.What I really enjoyed working on tackwas being able to make these really cool designs come to lifeI’ve rode horses since I was littleand being able to actually make something that is going to go into a video game is just really cool for meWhen the update comes around, you’ll be able to findcustomization in the stables right next to skills.Also, for our Turkish players,we’ve added Turkish language support.We’re super excited to see your customizations So, make sure you share in our Facebook group. Thank you so much for watching this video and we’ll see you again next time. ? outro music plays ? – Thank you so much for reading! –

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  1. Amazing news, PikPok! Thanks to all the developers!
    If interested, check out the "Black City Stables" for all news on Rival Stars on Instagram – cheers x

  2. Very happy about this upcoming update, although aren't those prices shown in the sneak peek a bit too high? Will it change?

  3. Hmm, I'm sure that's exactly what players want . . .

    They aren't interested in more energy so that you can actually do something in this game.
    They don't want to be able to somehow craft the feed that's needed for breeding and training.
    They love to wait hours or even days for a new foal to be born or a stall to upgrade.
    The only thing they want is some overpriced, colourful but useless stuff.

  4. wish this would come to the console version as well.. as I prefer to play on a big screen with a controller rather then on a small phone ):

  5. I just wanted to say that the care and detail spent in modeling and animating the horses is amazing.

    it's noticed and appreciated- it's what keeps me playing!!

  6. When is it coming!!! Me and my friends are IN LOVE with this game!!! You guys are awesome ?❤️?❤️

  7. When do you think the update will be out? Like, I can wait, but I just want a heads up :3, and also, I have an update suggestion! Maybe you could make the different breeding stable have different studs. I don’t like having to work with the same studs a breeding stable, it makes it so I can’t get the other colors of bourses unless I have to wait a long time, or use my gold.

  8. Love it!! Just dl'd the game and Im all in. Was just playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and wanted a horse game to play on my phone!! So this is great!! Ty!!

  9. I think maximum energy should be bigger according to the levels. Please consider it devs, because 10 isn’t enough

  10. I love the new update! I think customizable tack is a good way of showing your style and what you like! But I think the prices are much too high. It would take an insane amount of racing just to earn half of the money it takes to buy a saddle!! Having to spend coins trying to level and trying to save up 50k for a single saddle is near impossible to do!! I'm not saying that customization was a bad idea or trying to criticize this beautiful game, but I think the prices should be lowered to at least 15k.

  11. I'm very dissapointed about getting the equipaments. You have to buy the same color and types of equipaments to every horse and it costs 25.000 and above to get it. Very dissapointed….

  12. EDIT : PIKPOK REPLIED BELOW! This is no longer a concern. Just something I missed!

    So! After taking it all in – the tack is gorgeous but it doesn’t seem fair to have to buy the same individual pieces of tack for each individual horse. As a guy who has spent a good chunk of money on this game ( bought the 2day featured horse that was on sale too! Gave me a boost in the right direction and appreciated the opportunity.) – and will definitely continue to do so – I draw the line here.

    The way PikPok did the tack thing just doesn’t give people the WANT to invest once they realize they don’t EXACTLY FULLY OWN the tack they purchased?

    Example: I spent $20-$25 on tack launch day – the same hour tack was released. Only to find out I could only place it on the one horse I bought it for? That kind of defeats the purpose of me buying the tack?

    I’d gladly keep pouring money into tack – especially if we get new sets on a regular?
    Allow us to use the items on any horse with no restrictions. No one should have to restrict cosmetics a player bought in a game unless you are willing to drop the pieces significantly so that we could find comfort in this playstyle.

    Disclaimer: this is just for us riders who pour money into the game and have/want to. I don’t think tack should be free since it’s not a necessity – earned is acceptable?

  13. I made a video, playing the game with this update and it was so cool i love this update, THANK YOU FOR ADDING THE UPDATE!!!

  14. Please pikpokgames release date for into the dead 2 on nintendo switch 🙁 and exit buy in game.. it's not a game mobile ^^'

  15. Thanks for this update ?? But please remove those horse selling quests. Because of them I‘m actually not playing this game anymore. Training is sooo expensive and time-consuming, so I can only train one horse at a time to its full potential. Why should I sell it then? I’ll need it for competitions! Please change that. It‘s really annoying.

  16. WHY on earth do we have to buy all the things for each horse? It‘s so expensive, why can‘t we buy it ones and then we have it for all horses?

    Or you make it a bit cheaper, that would be good too.

  17. We should be able to use these customizations on every horse we own! These cost way too much for us to only be able to use on a single horse!!! Please consider making it cheaper or making available for every horse once it’s been bought.

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