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  1. I haven’t been able to play as often (Daily like I used to) because of the military but I may have to get back up to speed on my favorite game haha. ??

  2. When will it be out?? This looks so cool and you sould add like a little city that you can ride in that be really cool and trails you can go on and maybe wild horses that you can take pics of and catch that be cool

  3. i'm french, je ne comprend pas tous comment changer de selle, ou la couleur des chevaux si vous pouviez m'aider sa serais super

  4. Please make the customizations a one time purchase. Spending those colossal amounts for each horse is pretty crappy.

    Also fix the achievements problem, none of mine save. Get the same ones every day, every race….

  5. U should add a filed for your horses to run around in And u can get cool pictures by watching them interact with each other and watching them run around play with each other and u take cool pictures of them

  6. amei o jogo:3 so acho q a gente podia personaliza a nossa personagem pq eu achei a minha muito feia ;^; so isso mesmo de resto esta otimo

  7. Would love it if you could choose your own names for your horses, and have it commentary friendly, so you're not forced to pick names that resemble fruit or pasta ect…lol, and equipment for your horse that you buy with your arms and legs are reusable, when you sell a horse that's equipped with the items you buy for them, it goes back into the item selection area like a bridle, with a number next to it, so you can reuse it on another one of your horses. would also be sooo good if you could customise your own horse coat colors, i got a black horse but the top of the tail is white with chestnut border, grrrg 🙁 anyone on board with these ideas?

  8. I. SO EXITED I LOVE RIVAL STARS I PLAY EVERY DAY's the best game and I can't wait!
    3.u guys are creative and amazing at making all of the detailed in the game
    4.thank u for making this out standing game!

    (Leave a like if u agree and please I'm not begging for likes)

  9. Me encantan los caballos dsd niño tengo historias d caballos m8 familia en PR juganba en el hipódromo…me encanta el juego gracias por hacer mi pasión en un juego

  10. This is all awesome, but is there any way to make the genetics/color coat combination outcomes more realistic? It's a little frustrating to breed two paint/pintos and get a solid bay or chestnut. Or breed two bays and get a palamino paint with a bald face. It's a little too wacky and random.

  11. Would love to see a bit of interaction with the horses added in. Even just being able to pet them or brush them or something.

    And it would also be nice to have a bit more character customization, even just hair style and colour would be nice, just something to feel like the character is actually our character and not just a limited, chosen, pre designed, template.

  12. Please make it to were you can race your friends, make racing’s and tracks, and sell your horses to friends or breed your horses with your friends that would be really cool

  13. You should add a shortcut to see the lvl 1 of each horse straight away even when you’ve already trained it! It’s awful to always go to the breed section. And you should let us view the experience of the horse so that we know what’s left to the next level. Also sharing horse with friends! Would love that♥️ Keep up the awesome work, you developers are amazing, best app on the store!

  14. need to add friends in this game its absolute gold this game , we can also share horses and help speed up things for eachother x

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