Rival Stars Horse Racing Developer Update Ep.5 – Friend Gifting
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Rival Stars Horse Racing Developer Update Ep.5 – Friend Gifting

October 22, 2019

[♫ Intro music ♫]Hi everyone and welcome to the latest Rival Stars Horse Racing developer update video. Today I’ve asked a friend to join me because this update is all about friends You’ll be able to receive items from your friends, which you can use to breed and train your horses as well upgrade your facilities.[♫ Jaunty transition music ♫]Before we start we will also be releasing a halloween-themed customization set to celebrate the spooky season. This is Shaunak. He’s the lead designer on Rival Stars Horse Racing. Can you tell us a bit more about what we’re showing off today? We’re really excited to announce that in the next update players can connect with each other and share much-needed items. On the main hub we’ve added the new “Social” button and we’ve moved the live events into the “Race” section. Once you enter the social hub you can add friends to your friend list. Once you have a friend you can check out their prestige, horses owned, and their highest horse grades.You will also be able to send and receive gifts by requesting them from your friendsWe believe this is a great way for the community to come together and help each other out in the gameWhen an item has been requested your friends will receive a notification in the social hub telling them what you need.[Bell jingling sound]Oh, it looks like Juliann has requested for an item.[Swiping sounds][Coins jangling]Thanks Shaunak! When you gift an item to your friends you receive gold as a reward! Well that wraps things up for this developer update video. Thank you so much for being an awesome community. We’ll see you again next time![Swiping sounds][♫ Music builds ♫][♫ Music fades ♫]

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  1. I have been playing different horse games since 2001, and quite frankly only a few rank up to yours in format and style. I want to thank you for making a magnificent Mobil horse game that can be enjoyable for everyone. Thank you kindly.

  2. Please please PLEASE make an update to where you can breed and sell your horses with other players that would be HUGE for this game

  3. Yes! What a great update! Love it 🙂 Keep up the great work.
    An idea, can we have a paddock? Like and have fewer stalls but we can expand out paddock? We can also interact with our horses inside of it, and your friend's horses too! That way we can keep more and it'll be less crowded.
    Also can we please be able to move the stall order of our horses?
    Thanks 🙂

  4. w polskiej grupie z Rival Star Horse Racing już od dawna dziewczyny chciały coś takiego, ucieszą się jak nigdy 😁👌

  5. Maybe it's in the works but… can we get some foals? Instead of the dam nursing in the breeding stall for a while and then suddenly we have a full-grown new horse come out, maybe show us the foal (just the color even, we don't need to know stats yet) and then after nursing, it can be grown and have some stats?

  6. I love the part where he says

    You reserve gold if you gift item to you're Freind….I'm like……hmmmmmmmmmmm…..well then imma be broke lmfao

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