Rival Stars Horse Racing Developer Update Ep. 6 – Foals
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Rival Stars Horse Racing Developer Update Ep. 6 – Foals

March 4, 2020

♫ Intro music ♫Hello and welcome to the latest Rival Stars Horse Racing developer update video. In this episode we’re so excited to introduce you to one of the most anticipated updates of the year! You have bred, trained, and cared for your horses. And now we’re looking to take that to the next level. We will be introducing a brand new Foals update and we’re hope you excited about it.♫ Transition music ♫Before we dive into the Foals feature, we’ve got a few announcements to make. A few weeks ago, we ran our first Rival Stars Horse Racing Community Challenge where we challenged the community to breed five hundred thousand horses. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite make the final milestone, but I hope you enjoyed the rewards that you did get and we hope you take part again in the future. Lastly we have a few new customization options for the next updateincluding an exclusive set called Festive Dream just in time for the holiday season.How good does that look?Now let’s talk about Foals. You will notice that we’ve made some changes to your stable menu.You’ll see a button at the bottom right, and that will take you to your brand new Foal Stall.From here you can breed foals. You’ll be able to choose whether you care for your foal or skip straight to adulthood.Caring for your foal gives you the opportunity to earn additional bonus stat pointswhich helps turn them into better racers.To gain the extra points, you need to make sure your foal is well fed and cared for,or you can hire a caretaker to do it for you.Higher grade horses will require more time and resources to care for them so make sure you stock up on feed.Once they’ve grown up, you’ll be able to reveal its adult coat and start racing.To give us an inside look of the Foals design process. We have our art lead Victoria to tell us more about it. Hi, my name is Victoria and I’m Art Lead on Rival Stars Horse Racing. When we started looking at foals we looked at a lot of reference and a lot of thoroughbred foals to see how they moved and how they behaved because we knew we really wanted to get that right.As we looked at reference and studied their physiologywe started to gather what we needed to really nail how a foal looks in our game.We started to sculpt the foal, really paying attention to what makes a foal adorable and endearing and a thoroughbred foal that’s going to become champion.Once we’re happy with the sculpture made of the foal, we then made a simplified version of thisto go into the game. We then animated this and worked on getting the coatsand the colors of the foals perfect.One of the cutest differences between adult horses and foals, is the foals younger fluffier coat that they have when they’re first born.This is something we really wanted to put in the gameso we sculpt in the fluff and make a different shader for horse compared to the adult.We really hope you’ll fall in love with your foals and come back to nurture them and raise them and grow them into champion racehorses. Well, that about wraps it up for this episode. We hope you enjoyed the new features when we release this. From all of us here at PikPok Have a great holidays, and we’ll see you again next year. ♫ Closing music ♫

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  1. Looking for some friends to socialize with. I’m a retired Military Man and stay in the bed alll day while my poor wife takes care of me. Rest of my family not interested or don’t have time. I’ve been playing for about 6 months I think? Laying in bed makes you lose account of time. I have several issue the worst is A horrible case of stiff Person syndrome. Not whining,, most people just wonder. I’m not sure this is the proper place to ask this? Thanks John Henson 1SG Ret.

  2. Please forgive me if I'm missing the obvious, but mine doesn't have those symbols. When I'm in the stables, it only shows "add stable" and "add breeding stall".

  3. When are you releasing the update. They should also make it to were you can race your friends. Also maybe when you breed your own horses you would be able to breed them for free.

  4. Oml im excited for this update! One thing maybe to add to the update or for thr next update is genes. If you go to a website you are able to see what the coats of your foals could look like out of the parents. I think it would be cool if we could be able to see what variations we get and putting that into the game rather than incorrect outcomes. I'm pretty sure a roan/gray foal wouldn't come out of a chesnut and bay pair. Add this in and the game would surely come even more alive.

    Another feature you could add is actual stud/mare activities. I have a mare that I would consider around 5 years old in the game, maybe even age to the horses as well, and I would like to "retire" her. I think it would be cool if we could retire our horses and put them into stud and breeding program where we can breed them to any horse we like, and sell the foals we get. We have the choice of keeping them. If we dont keep them, you could add the scene of Keenland Sale. They get sold for any price. Boom. Realism! This would really add even more realism to the game. These are just ideas you could change or put into the game. Cant wait for the update!

  5. PLEASE Fix the story mode! Great game but lose interest having to get a horse to max level just to sell it!! also add multiplayer races surely!!

  6. 뿌엥 뭐라는겨 제발 한국어 지원 좀ㅠㅠ 답답해 죽겄네 대충 교배 시스템이랑 망아지 육성 시스템이 추가되서 이러이러하게 바뀐다는 느낌은 오는데 ,, 추가로 말 모색이 랜덤이 아니라 혈통과 연관성이 생기면 좋겠다 밑도 끝도 없이 갑툭튀말고

  7. Easy about being so happy about these new events and watching the little baby grow, it’s a racing game and everything they do is gonna come out of our pockets. Remember a few weeks ago you could train as soon as you horse was ready? I have 3 Horses that I can’t train cause two pieces. I should have won them just by racing as usual, not anymore. I wanna see how many horse I get up to with the two pieces the want me to pay a lot for the pieces to train my horses. Everything was good til first hose got too level 20? I Love the game but seems like all the others, more popularity, the more money they want? Just guessing.

  8. Este juego es una obra de arte … me encanta saber que no solo es correr carreras, sino también presenciar nacimiento, criarlo…seria genial también observar como interactúan nuestros caballos. Darle mas vida.. efectos especiales al finalizar la carrera… si tambien como facilitar un poco en conseguir materiales para subir de nivel… porque cuesta, a mi me cuesta mucho por ejemplo jaja… despues de eso… es simplemente admirable.

  9. A game of the most beautiful horse games and simulation of reality, but I hope that the Arabic language will be added so that 450 million Arabs can make it easier to play. I ask the support team to take this matter into consideration. Thank you very much.

  10. I truly can't wait and TBH I thought the graphics and the game play couldn't get better (because it's already a awsome) but I was dead wrong I'm so exited I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight!

  11. I'm happy and sad

    This is why 1:38 that horse looks alot like mine :.< my lil sis got my phone and deleted the game so i had to start all over…..

    But im happy that foals are being added thank you😁😁 it's out

  12. I don’t have the update!! Do u have to be a certain level or no? Also do u need to update your game or does it automatically update?

  13. I have a question. I got my first foal just now and he has quite god stat. His dam and fader is an lvl 8. The foul got stat 63 63 60 and 63 is the maximum stat of a lvl 8 horse right? So if i take care of him and he gets higher stat then a lvl 8 horse, will he be a lvl 9 horse with bad stat? :/

    Hope u understand the guestion.

  14. You guys have all these cute clips of the horses in pastures and interacting with one another, you have all that animation but you don’t actually implement it into the game? I love this game but I’d love to see more interaction when not racing, like turning the horses to pasture where they can graze with their foals or the other horses, that could be a way of building their energy and care up? It seems like a pointless addition but it would add a lot to the game to have all of these cute and cool animations and interactions with the horses when not racing them. With foals being added have the genetics been fixed? Because in reality the coat of a horse may be “random” but not nearly as random as the game makes it, typically a foal will get its coat from somewhere along the family tree rather than it being unrelated to any of them. Like I said, I love this game, I just believe it has a lot of room and potential to grow

  15. Awesome updates. I just want you to make a creative mode . Let us rise through forests or tracks but with a joystick. I would live to come back of this ,,trail ride" thing comes to life because in my opinion everything g is monotone. Thank you for the attention!

  16. I took a bit of a break for I think couple months, on and off little here and there. I then log in to find daily mail rewards (assume for December not read up on things) then noticed foals added and started logging in every day again since found them few days ago. I LOVE them SO MUCH! I also REALLY love the raise for 1 day and it gets more points! Also with amazing timing won a beautiful Stallion T2 from the Event! I hope to see live racing sometime if it's in plans! Anyways I love the improvements and new features! 😀

  17. Can you sell a foal or do you have to wait until it’s all grown up?
    I had to sell another horse to free up a stall so I could skip the foal to grown up and when I went back I could no longer skip the foal and was forced to nurture it before I could sell it.

  18. So what if you added hideous foals as breeding is the same? I mean, out of two cool, rare horse ointments a simple brown poop comes out?

  19. I wish that you can change the colour of the shoes because it‘s annoying when you have an for example green outfit but your shoes are always blue! Also it would be better if you don’t have to sell your horse always because it’s frustrating when you trained your horse and then you have to sell it.. ! Another point is that the track is so expensive like 35.000 coins… it’s too much !!!

  20. I Love this game but i hate that sometimes i need to wait many hours to copliete something as training or building something. It shouldnt be so long. I think the maximum time we should wait is 1 hour cuz already this is a long time.

  21. Hello, we can add the Arabic language to the game we are lovers of this game in the Arab world, but there is no Arabic language in the game please add Arabic language in the next update

  22. I love this game and I love when you added the foal !!! And can you make how to get the black video ? I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!

  23. You should make a new set of races, but with steeplechase jumps. Those few races could be the only ones you can jump in, or even make then where each race has a jump feature.

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