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Road to SEA Games!

August 15, 2019

He was a good boy today Hello Riding vlog heck with the flown blobs boise blog ticketing blog show jumping blog alright alright It’s a vlog we get the point right okay. We’re exiting out of Mop place and we’re off to go Ride why am I like this? Why am I friends because I am taking a lesson after like months and months and months of not taking lessons? Not taking lessons. Oh my God. I don’t know how I’m gonna be oh shoot even when it’s trapping and I have to get to somewhere, and it’s already making me anxious to begin with Let’s go people. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go Can’t go on with the vlog if I’m just stuck here Alright people attach mater Okay guys, so we’re here and Joker’s making me jump after six months of no lessons what the ah? Okay, we’re gonna interview her later. She’s Gonna kick my ass today peace Hi, Marie were so young yo-yo with is Chris here from Christian thought vlogs and obviously here and cooper So we need to interview and not make cooper eat the wood. We’re interviewing a joker right now Sorry guy really excited there for the 2007 south at 17 Southeast Asian Games will be this august I Hope I can go cuz I need to like bug them and beam up on it and like watch them right here there It would be not wanted you guys. It would be him. I was there I didn’t prepare anything really you guys but she Has to me I know I know this is this is random, but it usually normally works out like that So he’s the chick beats my ass. She’s my trainer and and the world is right I’m not Gonna do it right? Yeah, and when there’s no sweat. There’s no pain, and when there’s no pain. There’s no progress. There’s no progress Really quick in the color favorite animal Prints, well there was a zombie apocalypse would you save a horse to save a dog? Oh actually, I think I was hiding it the youth did you cover your ears cooper? I’m sorry comfort between you and Billy There’s no contest oh, we should meet her dog – How many years have you been writing 20? 22 23 I know one crappy guy Holy a crap How high do you jump my job depends on the water? It’s a mean concepts done 150 bucks before we’ve got one good one fifty one sixty five It depends on the work Or are there days where you don’t feel like writing never? Except when I’m like really really like the flu sick and can’t get up but even then the first thing I think is Gonna work my voices See this is a difference between greatness and just great. Yeah So Joker want me to get into writing Kinda have dogs growing up Then I think horses are just sort of a natural running And I was never scared about when I was like a kid three four years old and everyone to the gate I always wanted to ride. I’m like native home. So when was your first ride a Little bit alike mean, it’s any nice stuff here. It was the good thing. Yeah for sure What was the name of your first horse? That I only for the first horse that I remember having like I had any values remember I mean the first words that I own is called, Minnesota who then went on to teach many Riders after me And he was just such a good egg and lasted for a long time until the big white Loving animals is like waiting for a heartbreak to happen seriously. I just tell myself concept this is the horse that This is the word that Joker’s Gonna take to the sea games All right, he’s like no no no no okay. Do you build upwards? see in this sport, whatever level you are whether it’s big like a beginner like me or like a like a serious high up jumping level like Huh like joker everyone still needs a bit of supervision Everyone in this board It’s all about perfectionism and being open to to criticism Constructive criticism so you can just improve your ride and ride better and ride safely Okay you

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  1. How did the game go??? Read her bio in wikipedia lol. She's the Ph national record holder in the Puissance Event 😳😳

  2. I actually tried riding a horse in Baguio before. And I fell from its back! Haha! Most painful thing I ever felt Physically and Emotionally. Hahaha

  3. Aw poor cooper, but come to think of it, dogs are the best companion in a zombie apocalypse πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  4. LOL I thought from the picture & the title ikaw ung sasali sa sea games! i was like wow go miss christia!

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