ROADSIGN and WOODEN horse armour, crafting improvements | Rust Update 20th September 2019

October 8, 2019

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax
here with your weekly round up of Rust development news and more DLC that you don’t have to pay
for.. Well unless you count ram of course.. And first up, as you can see, what counts
as high fashion for horses has now been mare-ged onto the staging branch, albeit in a very
early state.. There are two levels of equine armour there now, wooden and roadsign.. The former will be a default blueprint but
the latter will not.. Currently the crafting and protection details are yet to be set,
so there’s no point dwelling on those, plus I don’t know whether there will be skins for
them in the future either.. or jousting lances.. hint hint.. What we do know though is that now horses
have storage, and although this may change to be dependant on what armour they have equipped,
you can currently open a horse (eww) to see that it has 6 equipment and 12 storage slots,
which will definitely make them more useful..You can then simply right click or drag the armour
across to make them wear it.. As I mentioned last week, you can also lead
horses now, either to water (drinking not guaranteed) or to help them get their hooves
unstuck, and their idle animations have been subtly reworked to appear more natural.. Stay
tuned as I imagine by next week we should see some more concrete details on the armour
side of things.. The crafting UI has been getting a lot of
love lately with many many quality of life improvements being lavished on us.. Favourites
are now indicated by a little star to the side, it’s also possible to check and uncheck
favourited items in the quick craft menu. In addition to this, middle mouse clicking
in quick craft will order 5 of said item, and on the stack split bar the middle mouse
button will split the stack in half, with shift plus middle mouse, splitting it by a
third.. And as mentioned last week, all favourited
items will now show up in their own category, with auto turrets and windmills having been
shifted over to the electrical section.. Oh and soon you’ll be able to drop selected
items by pressing B although this seems to be on a separate branch for now. There is a lot of other work going on behind
the scenes which unfortunately I have no visuals for.. but here’s a quick round up.. Map improvements will see the ability to set
waypoints, with team members being able to see those that the leader has made. Your beds and sleeping bags will be visible
on maps, with different icons for each, and clusters of sleeping bags will be displayed
if there are a lot close together, to help with choosing which to respawn in.
Death marker skulls will be a thing it seems, although I’m not sure yet whether these will
give you an exact location for your bod or a general one, but it appears that the death
screen will have icons to show what you were killed by instead of just text, including
distance and the steam profile pic of your killer. Musical instrument work has seen more commits
related to models for cowbells and tambourines, along with IK settings for holding instruments
that require something in each hand, i.e. a cowbell and beater.. Plus it seems there will be 2 different types
of guitar in game, the existing acoustic one which many of you own skins for and a jerry
can version, which you may remember seeing artwork for a long time ago, although I’m
told the visuals on this have been updated somewhat. Vehicle work is still trucking along with
rules being set about what happens when modules get destroyed, and fuel use which apparently
will go up when you increase the throttle.. Who knew? Just like the real world, if you
remember what that is.. And a lot of work seems to be going on to
optimise LODs for pretty much everything.. LOD of course standing for Level Of Detail,
which changes depending on how far you are from an object, monument etc etc.. Some things are getting extra levels, and
others are just receiving optimisations, and although the exact impact on performance is
as yet unknown, hopefully we will find out soon. There are also ongoing optimisations
to skeletons for both players and NPCs although this too I will have to bring you more details
on later And lastly, if you are an admin or in the
business of creating cinematics like myself.. there were a few small but welcome changes
to god mode that you need to know about.. Finally, status effect overlays in god mode
have been disabled.. And by that I mean, cold, radiation poisoning, injured etc.. Food and
hydration depletion has been disabled in god mode too.. and a couple of handy new console
commands were added, namely heal and refillvitals which should make filling up your bars that
little bit easier.. Although heal only works for admins with god mode off. Right, that’s it I’m afraid.. But if you want
more then I’d recommend you follow me on Twitch, as a lot of people still don’t seem to know
that I stream three times a week, link will be in the pinned comment.. Join me also on
Twitter, Facebook, Discord and my Steeeeeam group for regular updates and if you want
to support my work then please consider becoming one of my smashing patrons.. which does of
course come with its own set of perks.. I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime,
keep calm and stay Rusty, cheerio.

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