Robert Irwin and Jimmy Bottle Feed a Baby Miniature Horse
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Robert Irwin and Jimmy Bottle Feed a Baby Miniature Horse

August 12, 2019

-I hate to ask this, but what animals did you bring
for us tonight? -It’s exciting.
We’ve got El Jefe. We’ve got Mishka.
There’s some pretty cool ones. -Yeah. I always think, the cuter
the name, the scarier the thing. [ Laughter ] -Well, first of all, I’ve got
a pretty interesting one. Now, this is actually right back
here. This is a millipede. Now, its name is
Millie Bobby Brown. Because millipede. And she actually recently
visited us at the zoo. But what you want to do —
Put your hand out. -Oh, no. -And we’ll actually use
kind of like a bracelet. -No. -Now, this is actually
a giant African millipede. And they’ll wrap around,
naturally, around your wrist. Now, the cool thing
with millipedes is they have about 400 legs. And when they get —
when they get stressed. -Oh, my gosh!
[ Laughter ] Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. -Now, they don’t bite.
They release an acidic smell. It’s like a terrible foul smell. That’s how they evade predators. So you’ve got nothing
to worry about. -Yeah, until I go out for dinner
after the show, yeah. -It’s amazing, yeah. But they’ve
got all those segments. And these guys
are one of the first animals to ever colonize land. They have a very important part
in our history. So, really fascinating animals. They feel like
a little toothbrush. Don’t you think? -That really is totally bizarre. -Look, he’s saying hi.
[ Laughter ] He’s like, “Hi, everyone.” -That’s so interesting
because I’m saying bye. That’s so, so interesting.
[ Laughter ] -All right, that was good. How cute is that? -Oh, my God, that was so gross. Oh, my gosh. Gosh! -That was great. -What was his name?
Did he have a name? -This is Millie Bobby Brown. -The cuter the name,
the scarier the animal. Okay, good. -For this next one, we are going
to go down onto the floor. -Okay, let’s go.
-I’m going to grab some milk. [ Audience aws ] Here we go. So… -Oh, my gosh. -This little guy here,
this is little Sebastian. He’s a little miniature horse.
[ Applause ] Sebastian. You’re welcome to hold
that bottle if you’d like. -Sure.
-He loves his milk, just like from the show
“Parks and Recreation.” -That’s how you named him?
-Little Sebastian. -Little Sebastian. -And he is a miniature horse, probably the most adorable
animal on the face of the Earth. -Oh, my goodness.
-He’s just incredible. -Just beautiful. -Now, the thing with these guys is they’re actually
really important animals because they act as
service animals. So often you’ll see them as
therapy animals or guide animals helping people around,
and they’re really interesting. You know, they don’t get
above 38 inches. That’s the highest one would
ever get — is 38 inches tall. Really, really small,
but they are just so cute. I’ll tell you another thing
that they like. When he’s done with his milk, you can get your face right up
close to his nose. And if you just lightly blow
on his nose, that’s like a form of greeting
for him. So you’re welcome
to give that a go. Just so he recognizes you.
[ Laughter ] Look over there.
Do you want to see Jimmy? [ Laughter ] There you go. So he gave you a little kiss.
-He gave me a kiss. -There you go. Good job.
[ Applause ] -Thank you, little Sebastian. -Good boy. -We love you, little Sebastian.
Come back. -All right, we’ll see you later,
buddy. -You’ll always be little
Sebastian. -Okay, there we go. -Robert, this is great.
Fantastic. Thank you very, very much. I love him. Thank you.
-Bye. -Oh, come back, please.
We love you. -Oh, that’s great.
[ Applause ] That’s awesome. -All right.
We’re down to our final? -This is our final animal.
-Okay. -I need a little bit of warning
for you — just follow my movement and
don’t make any sudden movements. [ Audience ohs ] Really nice and slow. Hey, how’s it going? Hi. This is a mandrill. Now, mandrills, they’re one of
my favorite primates. Here you go. Now, this little mandrill,
Mishka — Hey, Mishka. She loves her plush toys. She’s just like any other young
animal who loves her toys, and they really need that
for enrichment. They really need to move around
a lot to experience new things. And what we’ll do, if we get
some of her favorite toys out, she might be able to come over
here and say hi. What do you think, Mishka? -This is beautiful. Wow.
-Now, the mandrill — [ Laughter ] The mandrill is really
interesting. See, what they do
is they actually — Oh, he’s got some food.
She’s hungry. Now, what the mandrills do is they actually have that
really brightly colored bottom, and that’s how they signal
to each other. You can see she’s using
her hands there. You’re all right, little one. And she is incredible. The largest of the old-world
monkeys. Beautiful bright coloration. The males will get this
incredible vibrant red color. Oh, she likes her seal. Now, although these animals
are really nice and cute, they don’t make good pets. That’s a message that we’re very
passionate about is, you know, you need to be able to —
[ Laughter ] She’s sitting on him. That’s fine. That’s all good.
That’s all good. There you go. All good.
Just stay nice and still. She just wants to see your face. See how you’re going.
There you go. -Oh, my gosh.
[ Laughter ] I think it’s cute. Thank you.
That’s a great toy. I think it’s really nice.
I like this. Do you want another —
do you want a grape? -Yeah, grab a grape. -Do you want a green grape? -I think she’s out. She’s done.
What do you reckon? Now, yeah, they don’t make
good pets. They’re better either
in the wild or being cared for by someone who really knows
how to take care of them because they’re really
hyperactive. They’re really, really wild. -She’s just gorgeous.
-Oh, she’s beautiful. -She can come back
whenever she likes. Stay there and just have
your grapes and we’ll go out to commercial,
okay, buddy? -That’s Mishka. She’s so cute. -That’s Mishka.
Robert Irwin, everybody. -The first season —
[ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughter ] -Oh, wow. -Aww.
-Yeah. -There you go. The first season of
“Crikey! It’s the Irwins” is available on
the Animal Planet Go app. So cute.

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  1. They should have their own wildlife show. Robert and Jimmy have great chemistry, Robert is the enthusiastic expert and Jimmy is always a bit scared but still interested in the animals. I'm sure if they had a show it would really take off considering both of their levels of fame. MAKE THE SHOW PLEASE 😀

  2. This isn’t a hate comment, but you don’t great any kind of horse , pony ,foal , Shetland or toy (very small Shetland ) by breathing on there nose and there not used as service animals either .

  3. He looks just like his papa. I can’t wait for the kids of this generation to view Robert the way we viewed Steve.

  4. Right before this I watched an older video of them and Robert was 13 and his voice was so squeaky and now it’s so different and deep all of a sudden lol

  5. Holy shit… He's his dad! Throw that 90's haircut on him and he's his dad down to the manner of speech and personality.

  6. funny Robert call the fisrt one Millepattes
    (1000Legs dratuctionin english of millepattes)
    like we say in French Canada n French europe Africa
    but english is centiped
    interesting Aussie call that Millepattes !!

  7. I’m amazed that Robert an appreciate even the scary-looking animals (i.e the millipede). I wish I could be as brave as him!

  8. You are making these wild animals uncomfortable tearing them away from there mother doing emotional damage to both of them. You have heard the protesters and you still do it stop harming these animals and encouraging others.

  9. Robert irwin make me love animals like steve irwin did when i was younger. robert is not a copy of his father but instead a wonderful legacy.

  10. I saw a picture with Bindi, Robert and Millie on it and immediately smiled : Three rolemodels for this generation in one photo ♡
    I grew up with crocodile hunter and I love seeing Robert and Bindi following their fathers dream.
    I suffer from depression and social anxiety since I am 13 years old. Watching videos like this help me to keep going and fight for me and others against this illness.

    (Sorry for all spelling and grammar mistakes I am from Germany)

  11. Something i appreciate about Robert is how he's continuing his fathers good work, spreading love and awareness about animals. Somehow, somewhere, i know that his father Steve is filled to the brim with pride.

  12. please stop exploiting these precious animals. noisy crowds & carting them around in cages for long periods of time is extremely detrimental to their health & can make them anxious.

  13. HOLY CRAP!!! I just watched an earlier appearance from Robert on that show… then this: Balls dropped deep man!!!

  14. Notice this type of monkey at 4:51 how she did a move to see how would the Host reacts…. lol pretty amazing they aren't Pets indeed my friend had 1 as a pet & it just Ran away outdoors lol… unless you're hyper active & yno when to Seal everything shut cuz they move fast 1 open door can easily Loose your Pet just like that

  15. We lost Steve but we have Robert who is a splitting image and a chip off the old block of his Dad. The Millipede was named Millie Bobby Brown. I sense Robert has a crush on her. They are both the same age. Let's make it happen people. Robert Irwin and Millie. And Robert Irwin is such an awesome person.

  16. BTW, I love Millipede. When I was a kid. I'm a girl with autism without any friends, so, I need to 'play' with millipedes instead

  17. Robert (Aka: Bob as his dad used to call him when he was alive) really knows his animals. He truly looks like his father.

  18. Robert we're on same age yet he seems madly brilliant and as if I had this strange feeling that I kind of want him to pet me.

  19. Dear people is how animal violence and cruelty looks like according to peta. Ofc they will not mess with china that cute bear pads and tiger’s penises.

  20. Don't listen to the neigh sayers Robert…How else are you to promote your animal causes if you cannot promote your animal causes? It is harming animals more by not giving them media exposure as how else would anyone know that the White Rhino is near extinction? PETA are probably a bunch of dumb ass freaks…They should just shut their stupid mouths and let you do what you are able to do…and are doing…far far far better than them. Keep up the excellent work. You are the true Wildlife Warrior.

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