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Rocker b Ranch – Quarter Horse Program

August 17, 2019

We feel like we’ve kind of set ourselves
apart from some other operations as far as we choose to do everything the
old-fashioned way. Our motto here at Rocker b is “Preserving the western
heritage for generations to come” and that’s one thing we really pride
ourselves on personally and we like to go out and share with people as we do
this how they did this a hundred years ago. Most everyone growing up want to be a
cowboy some time and some of us just never grew out of it. What gets me out of
bed in the morning is just the pure joy of being it on a big ranch in
West Texas. It’s a good feeling to be able to carry on that tradition. We don’t use ATVs, we don’t use
helicopters, we don’t use any of the more so to speak modern technology.Wwe rely on
a horse. And that’s where our horses become so important to us and so
versatile is they have to do so many different things. These horses are
saddled five o’clock in the morning.WeI go gather a pasture, we stripped cows on them,
we’ve dragged calves on them so they’ve seen it all. They have to be able to switch gears
very quickly. We need a horse that can can handle the rough terrain. Well we look for your disposition. I love a gentle horse.That’s one thing we breed for. I
look for a horse that is fast enough to outrun a cow. If he can outrun a cow that’s
fast enough for me. Our horse operation is actually coming up to be–to
excel anything anybody ever thought we would be on the outside. Internally we
want to see this horse operation just be one of the best around for producing
performance type ranch horses. The Rocker b-a traditional working
ranch in West Texas has a rich history. The Rocker b Ranch, formerly known
as the Bar S Ranch, was established in 1876 by the Sawyer family out of Oshkosh,
Wisconsin. At that time the ranch consisted of 8,000 acres and ten
thousand head of cattle. A tradition of only the best Herefords and quarter
horses continued for decades. Then Senator William Blakely bought the ranch
in 1954 and changed the brand to rocker b. We’ve continued to raise quarter
horses since then. Over time the goal of the quarter horses changed I guess you
could say. Back in the 50s when we first started there was a lot more
thoroughbred influence. After that most people started breeding their horses on
their own. They had a foundation of some of these bloodlines but they started
breeding more of a quarter horse which is what we’re breeding here today. In 1964 Blakely would deed the ranch to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for
Children in Dallas. Today the hospital continues to support the tradition of
running things the old-fashioned way, Horses on the Rocker b Ranch from the
early days have always been very important asset to this operation. Horses
are very vital to what we do. We use them every day. We tend to stick more to a
horse that has bone to it and when I say bone it has you know it’s not real fine
boned it has a good amount of bone it will hold up to go over the rocks and go
down in in draws and come back up and stuff like that. Kind of an average sized
horse-we don’t want anything too big but we don’t want to get too small either. We
want our horse to be able to to rope off of in the pasture we wanted to be able
to to cut do some cutting in the pens. We feel like we can take the horses that
we’re producing and pass those on to the public-they can take these ranch horses
and go into nearly any aspect that they want to do for themselves in whatever
industry they choose to go in. You’ll come out with an experienced horse. You know
a lot of buyers you know come out there and they want a horse I say that it’s
been through everything. We had Border Patrol by some of our horses last year,
you know they they they go all over. So whenever you have that you you get our name out there-that brands on their horses. So when people buy these
horses they know that this is a true ranch horse that is coming off of a true
West Texas ranch where we use them every day. We have drastically
improved the horse program. It has really exploded recently. With the growth
in our horses we’ve also grown our infrastructure from the horse program. We
now have a 150 foot cutting pen, two 45 foot bronc pens, a 75-foot cutting flag,
as well as an arena that wasn’t here before. And it’s given an opportunity for
our employees to help train their horses in a very safe manner for both employee
and animal. A lot of that has come with the addition of more outside
breeding. We have changed and improved our bloodlines. We expect a little more out of
the horses now. We take different things. Here with the more opportunity and the
facilities are better so I mean it’s here for us and and I certaintly take
advantage of it because I want my horses I want everybody’s horses to be
better for this horse program. We’ve gone from raising you know just more on
lines of ranch horses which there’s a lot of people out there who when you’re
talking performance horses don’t include ranch horses in that category which
is a mistake. It is a fault. Ranch horses in general do just as many performance
related activities as the weekend performance horse if not more by far far
away. A top ranch horse must possess specific traits and qualities. These are
evaluated by bone structure musculature and body proportions in relation to one
another. Besides confirmation one of the biggest things we look at is disposition. You don’t want a horse that’s going to fight you every step of the way, or a horse that’s going to be mean to you and put you in danger. We kind of have a
saying there’s too many good ones to put up with one that’s that’s trying to beat
you your whole time. So disposition is by far away a very very high thing on our
list. You’ve got to have one that’s tough but you got to have one-a horse- that’s
got a good mind on it you know. And it’s got that athleticism and cow sense usually helps. And that’s what we’re growing into here. Our bloodlines are
better. We have performance-based bloodlines. We have as good a breeding as
any cutting horse operation, reined cowhorse operation. You know we’re mixing it in
with our ranch horses As for the immediate future the ranch
continues to move forward with the breeding program. I see us down the road
being a a little bit bigger name that we are now. I think we can just keep moving
forward keep breeding the right kind of horse,s keep representing them well and I
don’t really see a limit to where our horses can go. Our notoriety has really
taken off and I see that only getting expanding more and more. This is our
heritage. This is where we want to be. No amount of money in this world will ever
change the way we feel about ranching as a whole. And the Rocker b Ranch in my
opinion is what ranching is about. You go back and look where we’ve been and where
we’re going and you kind of get the full picture–that’s where it gets really exciting

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