Rockin’ Rider Spring Horse Assembly Instructions
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Rockin’ Rider Spring Horse Assembly Instructions

September 6, 2019

This video will show how to fully
assemble your Rockin’ Rider Spring Horse. Please note that the Spring Horse in
this video may appear different than
the Spring Horse purchased. However, these assembly
instructions are used across the entire Rockin’ Rider Spring Horse line. Unpack the box, the contents of which
should include: one body, two frame ends, two frame sides, a box also containing two stirrups, two wooden dowels, four spring covers, four springs, four eye bolts, four dowel caps, four dowel screws, eight frame bolts, eight frame nuts, and eight frame lock washers. Confirm that all pieces are included in the box. If not, then please contact customer
service for replacement parts before proceeding with Spring Horse assembly. Tools required for assembly include a
Phillips head screwdriver and a crescent wrench. Overview of Steps 1. Assemble the Frame 2. Attach Spring Covers 3. Attach Dowels to Horse 4. Attach Stirrups and Safety Straps 5. Connect Springs 6. Care and Maintenance Step One: Assemble the Frame Connect the
two frame ends to the frame sides. First, line up the preexisting holes of
the frame ends to the preexisting holes of the frame sides. Then slide the frame lock
washer over the frame bolt and then insert the
frame bolt with lock washer through both the preexisting frame holes. Finally, secure the frames using the frame nuts, tightening them against the frame bolts and lock washers. Ensure that each corner of the frame is secured with two sets of frame bolts,
lock washers, and nuts. Step 2: Attach Spring Covers Slide the spring covers over
the safety straps and white caps of the four frames tops. Compress the spring covers
to reveal the white caps on the top of the frame.
Once the spring cover is compressed attach the spring into the white cap and
release the compressed spring cover. Step 3: Attach Dowels to Horse The wooden dowels have
four predrilled holes; two on the side and two on the ends. Insert the two wooden dowels through the black plastic
rings on the side of the body. Be sure to line up the holes at
the top of the black plastic rings with the predrilled holes of the
wooden dowels. Secure the wooden dowels to the body
with the four dowel screws. Step 4: Attach Stirrups and Safety
Straps Front Dowel: Slide the stirrups on each
side of the front wooden dowel. Place a dowel cap over the end of the dowel. Insert the eye bolts through the end of each safety strap then insert the eye bolts through the
pre-drilled holes on the end of the dowel securing the
safety straps and dowel caps. Use a screwdriver to tighten the eye
bolt into place Tighten the eye bolt so that the hole runs parallel with the floor. Rear Dowel: Repeat the process for the rear dowel: dowel caps, straps, and eye bolts. Step 5: Connect Springs Once all four straps are secured to the dowels proceed to connect the springs by
latching them onto the eye bolt holes. Slide the front spring covers to the stirrups. Slide the rear spring covers to the body
of the horse. Step 6: Care and Maintenance Replace batteries by removing the battery pack from the back up the horse’s neck secured with Velcro. The battery pack is preset in TRY ME
mode. Switch this setting to on to access full sound effects. Switch the parental volume controls to either low or high. Check the ear buttons, moving mouth, and sound effects. Check all nuts and bolts prior to use and
periodically thereafter. Tighten or replace as necessary. Perform ongoing care and maintenance
checks of the fully assembled spring horse to allow for maximum life span of the
toy. Your Spring Horse is ready for years and
fun and enjoyment.

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